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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 31st

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Happy Halloween!

'The reason I love Halloween is that unlike most holidays, Halloween is one you can make entirely your own. There is no pressures to decorate (which I do), or cook, (which I don't) there are no family meals or visits from the cousin you choose to avoid most of the rest of the year.

There are no gifts to buy and there are not battles over whether the religious connection should or should not be in the play and you eat things you mostly try to avoid the rest of the year. Halloween is also the night you can dress as you would the rest of the year if only you could get away with it!'

to everyone who loves, likes, contributes or, or just occasionally drops by FH!

The Great Pump-King by Byron Power

The Evil Protege

Never heard of The Evil Protege, no worries. The original title of the 1982 horror flick was The Night Warning, but it's better known as Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker. That was credit for the film when it aired on TCM earlier this year. The TCM airing finally gave me a decent view of 70's teen idol Jimmy McNicol's only on-screen nude scene. Check it out on PAGE 2 HERE:

You Cannot Hold What Isn't Really There....

'Am I the ghost that makes this room so cold?
It haunts the whitened mirror when I wake

The Topless Poet on Twitter | Instagram

Perfect Stranger: Wesley by Studio1x

'You see him after midnight
On the city streets.
He turns away
To hide his eyes from those he meets.
Strangers in the darkness.
You see them everywhere.'
Gary Moore

One of the trademarks of many sites focused on the male form is reveal.  Stories are set up, showing viewers images of a hot guy with a beautiful face and body.  Most of the images are tease shots, underwear or implied nudes.  Then... at the end of the post, they encourage viewers to see more 'after the jump'.  Clicking on that was always a risk.  It may lead to a reveal, or maybe to an artist's website, book or project.  Sometimes however, the reveal isn't exactly what was expected.

Although I use tease and reveal on FH, I try to feature as much of my subjects, both image and story wise, as I can.  Typically, reveal has meant showing the goods, the penis.  With FH, I strive to have the reveal not so much about hiding, and then revealing a body part.  My goal, is to reveal more  about the artist, the model and the process that led to the creation of the images that I present.

As beautiful as they may be, penis' on their own don't have the power to tell the entire story.  For that, you need much more to be revealed.  Traditionally, Halloween costumes are about masking the truth and hiding who's behind them.  As I get older however, I've learned masks just as often tend more to reflect truth more than hide it. Although costumes and  masks may physically cover, for some who put them on, they become a powerful instrument of freedom release.

True reveal involves both body and soul.  I discover most about about a model from seeing their face.  I discover most about an artist, with their choices about how include, or to not include, a model's eyes and face within their shots.   It is in our nature to want to see what ever is hidden.  With a clothed body that we're drawn to, we fantasize about what's underneath.  With a masked face, we want the same exposure.

When Jim from Studio1x sent on this series of images of Wesley, I immediately saw a perfect stranger, a stranger I wanted to discover more about.  I started of course with what I could see.  Wesley has an incredible body and from his elegant poses, it appeared Wesley enjoyed the cape and character he stepped into for the shoot.  Behind the rather sinister mask, you could get a small hint of Wesley eyes, but only just a hint.  Although Wesley's full body is on beautiful display, initially, there is little revealed.

I next went to Jim for a bit more info.  Jim shared that he and Wesley had worked together a few times but most of the shoots had taken place outdoors.  This time, they decided to do a studio shoot.  On the day they got together, and began discussing what they were going to do, Wesley mentioned he wanted to something different, something unique or with a theme.

'I immediately got a big smile on my face and pulled out the masks and capes. Art was about to be created!

Jim shares that Wesley is a very open person, and always willing and up for trying new and different things.  Jim shares he's very comfortable being nude, especially when creating artful imagery.  Jim says due to their experience working together, this shoot was seamless and magical and that Wesley and he were in creatively in sync and Wesley moved into the direction and into pose before Jim even had time to say or suggest it.

With nude modeling, the discoveries aren't just the ones I make while putting together stories for FH.  So often, it's the model's self discovery through the process of shooting that has the biggest impact.  That was certainly the case with Wesley, who uncovered things about himself behind some of the masks he was wearing.

To learn more about what Wesley discovered, and to see the face behind the mask, check out the reveal, (ok you knew it was coming....) where else, but  after the jump to PAGE 2 HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 30th

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Trick & Treat

Little heavy on the eye-liner guys, but looking good!

Scared Stiff

Fright Night by Prairie Visions Photography

Although FH had a few different incarnations in the beginning, it was in October of 2007, that the current version officially began.  Given it was October, within a week or two, my first Halloween posts began to appear, including my first Horror Hunk, featuring actor Eric Thal from The Puppet Masters.   Regular readers quickly saw how much I loved holiday imagery, especially Halloween.

Flyfoto does Halloween!

In those first few years, I scoured the net looking for Halloween images.  They weren't always easy to find.  Social media sites were still fairly new, and most the images came from old Yahoo groups.  With a few years however, mostly thanks to Model Mayhem, I began to find photographers who loved Halloween as much as I did.  I was thrilled to discover holiday themed shots from Flyfoto,  Prairie Visions and Chris Teel, all who had holiday themed shots on their Model Mayhem pages and websites.

Joshua Gagnon: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Over the next few Halloweens, I searched for new and unique holiday and horror themed images and discovered a wealth of artistic visuals by models and photographers who loved to explore the wild and the wicked.

Differently Demented by Birds Eye Studios

It was in 2012 however, while searching for naked ghosts on Flickr, that things officially changed.  I came upon the image below on Frisky Frolic's page and fell in love with the artist's holiday imagery.  Frisky Frolic's work not only became a regular part of the site, especially on holiday's, it also inspired me to want to seek out original holiday imagery for the site.

The Phantom Phallus by Frisky Frolic 

From then on, I was looking for original interpretations of Halloween's most popular characters for the site.  Many photographers graciously shared worked they had shot with a Halloween or haunted flavor.  Some photographers took pumpkins along to shoots, in the hopes a model might take a shot or two at the end of their shoot.  Some photographers took up the challenge, shooting original content exclusively for FH.

Full Moon by Richard Rothstein

Over the last couple of Halloween season's I was on a witch hunt!  Frisky Frolic shot my first original witch in 2017, and Studio1x completed the coven of three with two more hot witches in 2018.  This witch hunt (unlike that other one we hear about...) was real.  Studio1x's Jim didn't have an easy time finding models to put on the hat and take off his cape, but part of the fun was the process of finding just the right model to whip out his broom..

Witchful Thinking by Studio 1x

Studo1x, Light on Studio, New Manhattan Studios, MW Photo MD and others have shot many holiday day themed for the site, including multiple shoots for Halloween.  FH now boasts it's own original witches, mummy's, ghosts, goblins and ghouls.

Hansel by Lights on Studio | Mason by New Manhattan Studios

I know holiday themed images aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I look forward to finding fun and festive visuals whenever a holiday is coming up.   Halloween on FH usually starts in the summer, as finding models and coming up with themes can take months to arrange.  Coming up with not just idea's, but costumes and props can be a chore.

Zach & Cody by Frisky Frolic

I know a few photographers have rolled their eyes with my idea's and desires.  (A certain photographer has spent time looking for a turkey, a live one, for a Thanksgiving shoot,,,)  The results for me however, have always been worth it.  Not content just to copy, paste and post images seen elsewhere, I love and appreciate being able to share images not seen before. Thanks to all the artists and models who have shared holiday images, either from their archives, or with FH in mind.

Photo Credits:
Top Row Brett Kiellerop | byKent | Mount Photography | Chris Teel
Bottom: Erocktography:   MW Photo MD | Naked Ambition | Cooks Photography

Horror Hunks: Jimmy McNichol in Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker

'She was lonely. He was all she had. No-one would take him from her - and live...'

Seventeen year old high school senior Billy Lynch was raised by his maternal aunt, Cheryl, with who he has lived since the age of three, when his parents died in a tragic accident. As never married Aunt Cheryl has not dated over that time, it has been only her and Billy in the big, old house next to the woods.

It's not so surprising that Aunt Cheryl develops a bit of an obsession over her 17 year old nephew.  Billy is hot, and Aunt Cheryl loves waking up the shirtless hottie each morning.  Although he plays 17, teen idol Jimmy  McNichol was 20 when the movie was filmed.  Susan Tyrell, known for her quirky roles is brilliantly creepy as Aunt Cheryl who goes to great lengths to keep Billy all for herself.

Up until seeing this film earlier this year on TCM, I hadn't actually seen Jimmy McNicol in any film or television show.  My knowledge of McNichol came from the net, and seeing old shirtless magazine pin-ups from the 70's.  I instantly was in lust, McNichol has an incredible body and an intense sex appeal that come through in his images.  I had heard of his turn in this film, but only last year managed to finally see it.

Although there is a gay subplot that has attracted some critical reactions, I can overlook given it was made in 1981, and is not a huge part of the main story.  The movie was actually much better than I expected, and McNichol's tight butt gets a decent amount of screen time when his aunt interprets his shower.  There was also a surprise (to me anyway) nude scene with actress Julia Duffy's (Newhart) breasts.

In addition to Duffy, Bill Paxton (below) also makes a brief appearance in one of his early films.  I was surprised to see the film was airing on TCM, but then read it got some decent reviews when it was released and won a Saturn award for best horror film in 1982 from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films. 

I'm glad I caught and DVR'd it from TCM's Friday night cult classic themes.  I've caught some great classic horror films from the 70' and 80's, many I'd never heard of, and most, I likely never would have seen if not for the network.  So many of my favorite Halloween flicks, and so many of my favorite Horror Hunks have come from watching and recording TCM.

McNichol with Julia Duffy

There's an aunt in the shower!

Intimate Stranger: Wesley by Studio1x

The whisper of strangers
Intimate strangers
Caressing thoughts
as they turn the lights down low
To soft to show
To close to know
Suzi Quatro

If you ask most people what an intimate moment is, may will bring up sex.  Sex can be intimate, but many of us have experienced sexual interactions cold and distant, the opposite of what intimacy and connection are really about.  Many of us have also experience an intimate moment with a stranger.  A brush of arm as you pass someone getting into an elevator.  That brush may be nothing, or may ping down and through every inch of your body as elevator beings to rise.

Intimacy is often situational, and can overcome you when you least expect it.  It;s tradition in many movies for two masked strangers to meet on the dance floor.  They fall instantly into a deep cloud of passion while held close and dancing with a perfect stranger.  The intimacy stems from self confidence and a willingness to take a risk to fall for whomever might be behind the mask.

What Jim (Studio1x) found so wonderful about working with Wesley was the changes he saw in him through their work together. When they first began working together, Wesley had been going through some life changing events.  By taking the risk, and through the experience of doing nude shoots, Wesley discovered his self confidence, his empowerment and realized his self-worth again.

'Not only did we create beautiful art, but by doing these types of shoots, Wesley rediscovered who he was and that is more then any photographer can ask for. To see where Wesley stands today is very heart warming.'

Although I loved the more Halloween themed mask in the first set, I think Wesley looks especially hot in the red cape and the second mask which shows more of his beautiful eyes and face.  Given the changes Wesley experienced throughout the course of shooting, Jim asked him to share a few thoughts about his experience with the process.

What made you decide to get into modeling?
Wanted to try something I have always wanted to do but never had the courage to actually do it.

What were your thoughts about posing nude?
What I was doing is to me was art, not sexual. It didn't bother me, or make me feel at all uncomfortable.

What made you decide to do these type of photos?
I Wanted to try something new and exciting.

What were your feelings before and after the shoot?
I felt very comfortable, but it was a little awkward at first. You can tell when I would get more 

Would you recommend others do these type of themes and shoots?
Yes I would because it makes you feel sexy about your body and who you are as a person.