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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 28th

Chris by macpics
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Back At You

Back Issues: All American Man, 1988

Check out some of the highlights from All American Man (October, 1988) 

Rick Giannini

Quaternate: macpics

'I don't look for a particular type, it's what- or whoever catches my eye.'

I remember back in 2011 when the images from Ian (macpics) first caught my eye.  Although skill and creativity and how a photographer shoots is important, I am equally, or sometimes even more so, drawn to who a photographers chooses to shoot. In addition to his vibrant red background, and all those steamy shower shows, when I think of Ian's work, I also think of the variety of men he captures.  The who often tells you more about the artist than the how.

From agency signed commercial models, to men who've never stepped in front of the lens before.  Although much of Ian's work was shot in Australia, where he lives, many of shoots have been with models Ian connected with and shot while traveling.  Check out my previous features on Ian's work below, and a new shoot with Chris on PAGE 2 HERE:





Favorite Import of the Day: Chris Milligan

We all know soaps love their shirtless scenes, and if you watch the Australian soap Neighbours, you know they equally love their scenes sans pants.  I have never actually seen an entire episode of Neighbours, but thanks to the net, and various incredible fans who cap the scenes, I've managed to keep up over the years.

I featured many of my favorite hunks from Neighbours over the years; Jesse Spencer, Luke Mitchell and Jay Ryan are all covered, and un-covered on FH.   One of my recent favorites is Australian actor Chris Milligan who's been playing Kyle Canning off and on over the last ten plus years.

Being the soap for over a decade means that Milligan's been ripping off his shirt, and taking off his pants, from the ages of 19 through 31.  Although the early Chris caboose is adorable, I think I love the more meatier version (especially in just a tool belt...) that I recently spotted in a clip and in caps on Casperfan.  You be the judge, but you really can't lose, no matter which version you prefer.

Images & Video below via Casperfan

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 27th

Chris by macpics
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macpics: Character Studies

'I call these informal character studies, but I suppose the less pretentious way of saying that is snap-shots of people in spontaneous moments. I just like to catch people in gentle, sweet or amusing moments. I enjoy the moment of taking shot as much as I do looking at the shots later.'

Although there are no hunks in this series of images, when Ian sent on these images of such beautiful and compelling faces, there certainly were some favorites.  When I mentioned in the previous piece how much can you learn about an artist by their choice of subject, I wanted to to include of some of Ian's images not focused on the male form.

I've written many pieces about how much I love faces, and that I struggle to enjoy, and fully appreciate images in which the face is covered.  As much as I love the male form, a form to me is not complete without a face, a pair of eyes, a person and a soul attached.  Theses shots are full of beautiful faces, beautiful eyes, and beautiful souls.

'I'd tried to take a shot of her at a distance, but she spotted me, frowned and wagged her finger at me, so I decided to cut to the chase and pay her. 20 Baht would have been plenty, but I only had a 100 Baht note, so I gave her that. That's a pittance to westerners, but it it'd be a fair amount of money to her. Anyway, the instant she got the money she was all smiles and happy to be shot'

Young man: Why don't you and I audition for 'Thailand's Got Talent'?
Monkey: The very idea!

So, that's what became of Dr. Strangelove!

Say Anything? Chris by macpics

'I don't remember Chris saying no to anything.'

Whenever you're inexperienced with something, especially something unknown, or new, it's important to surround yourself with professionals that you can trust.  This is the case in all professionals, modeling, maybe more than most.  I remember starting out in my own profession, doing a placement as a student.  The response from the seasoned workers were shockingly vast.

There were people who friendly and helpful, people who'd been in my position before and saw the advantages of supporting me in my learning..  Then, there were others, people who just wanted to use me to do the tasks they hated, or to work out their own issues, by taking advantages of the newbie.

Ian (macpics) remembers vividly his shoot with Chris.  Chris was new to modeling, very inexperienced, and more than a little tense.  Normally, Ian would have suggested rescheduling, giving Chris time to either change his mind, or gain a little more confidence or experience with being in front of the camera, especially or a nude shoot.

Ian sensed something else, something beneath Chris' inexperience and his initial nerves.  Ian found Chris to be incredibly determined, with a desire to succeed and create great images.  Chris also voiced being full prepared, both mentally and physically.  He'd been working out for the shoot, and had prepared his body to be camera ready, even fully shaving himself the night before.  Although nervous, Chris was committed, and was ready and eager to get started. 

'Chris was willing and cooperative, and he turned up fully prepared, both mentally and physically. I don't remember him saying no to anything, but because of his inexperience, I also didn't ask him to do anything I thought he might be uncomfortable with.'

Chris was fortunate to be working with Ian.  Although Chris seemed eager to shoot almost anything, Ian relied on his intuition and paid attention Chris' comfort level more than his words to form the direction and boundaries for their work together.  Although early in his modeling journey, you can see the determination Ian described in Chris' eyes in many of final shots.

All American Man, October 1988

Don Hogan

All American Man

October, 1988

Kirk Fitzgerald

Reon Rasheen

Ron Streetcar

Tony Lamas

Cover Model John Davenport