Saturday, December 9, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 10th

Graham by msbimages

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Seasonal Sightings:

Courtney Vance: No Mystery

'One look at Courtney and it's certainly no mystery why we're drawn so to him.'

Courtney Vance
Picture Perfect
Playgirl: December 1994
Photographed by Greg Weiner

Given we're now well into December, it won't surprise too many FH readers that I've been on the hunt for holiday images.  One of the places I always go to, is classic issues of Playgirl, especially from the 70's, 80's and 90's.  Those decades are when the publication featured many holiday images and pictorials within the magazine's pages.

While I was looking, I stumbled upon this set of images from December 1994.  They may not be holiday themed, but they did put me in the festive mood. The shots are of the severely stunning Courtney Vance were taken by Greg Weiner one of the most famous, and one of my favorite, Playgirl photographers. If you were instantly drawn to Courtney and Greg's images, check out much more from the shoot on FH HERE:


I know I'm not the only one following the hot Disney Prince on The Amazing Race.  I've posted already about Corey and his dad on this season of the show. (HERE:)  Thankfully, the owner of one of my favorite sites, ausCaps also follows Corey and the show, and featured caps from the episodes. 

I noticed that the racers went shirtless on last weeks episodes from images on ausCAPS, but just got time to catch the episode this afternoon.  Corey didn't didn't disappoint.   As hot however, as he looked shirtless, I thought he was even sexier doing the Riverdance, another challenge when they were in Ireland for the race.  Check out a video clip below. 

Favorites: Trevor Wetzel

Ford Models
Height: 6'2" ½ 
Hair Color: Dark Blond
Eyes: Blue
Waist: 31" 
Shoes: 11 ½

Trevor Wetzel, born and raised in Howell, Michigan went from engineer to model over night.  Trevor's blond hair and sharp features contrast beautifully with his bright blue eyes, showing off his strong German descent.   Trevor has a deep love of the art captured by the camera and has the highest ambitions as his modeling career continues to grow.  If he' snot occupied with work, he'll most likely be learning a new hobby or capturing moments with his own camera. 

If you're going to post a sunset ass shot on Instagram, it's always great when it's the first picture you post on your page.

Next two shots from Guanchen Liu

Trevor by An Le

Trevor by JeanToir

Trevor by Jesse Foy

Remaining Images by Leslie Kee

Tribute to Richard Avedon

Super Magazine: Fashion by Thom Browne 

Photographed by Leslie Kee