Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 30th

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Into His Woods...

'Just trynna make a pretty penny ;)'😜

Like so many these days, 19 year old Connor Woods is just trying to make a buck.  With his great face and hot body, and Onlyfans seems a good way get the most bang for that buck.  I know many of you are already familiar with Conner, but if you haven't had the pleasure, I'm pleased to introduce you. 

In addition to his face and body, I enjoy following Connor's Twitter posts due to the variety of images he posts.  Sure, there are plenty of hot selfies and tease shots, but Connor also strives to produce creative visuals in different locations and with different themes.  There are plenty of mirror selfies, but also a lot more to visually enjoy.   

A Vintage Vantage: Joe Robinson in A Kid for Two Farthings .

'Joe thinks that a unicorn can grant wishes, so the hopeful lad ends up buying a baby goat with one tiny horn, believing it to be a real unicorn. Undaunted by his rough surroundings, Joe sets about to prove that wishes come true.'

I can't even count the number of posts on FH inspired by something I watched on TCM.  It's still funny for me to think that when I started the blog, I hated old movies, especially anything in black and white. I don't think it was until Elizabeth Taylor died, that I really started to get in to older films.  I remember thinking at the time that although I knew a lot about the Hollywood beauty, I couldn't remember actually seeing any of her films.  I remedied that quickly, and have had a passion for older movies, and TCM since.

TCM introduced me to many classic Hollywood hotties, and actually also used to show quite a bit of nudity.  I used to love when they had regular nights featuring cult classics, and when they had their TCM Underground series.  Sadly financial restraints cut some of the  more off-beat programming, but you can still find and discover many actors who without the cable channel, I probably would never have seen or been exposed to.

A few weeks ago, TCM posted an image for an upcoming showing of a film on their Twitter page.  The movie was called A Kid for Two Farthings, and image featured actor Joe Robinson in his tight little wrestling briefs.  I'd never heard of the film before, or of Joe.  I thought the title sounded out,  at first reading it as fart-things, and not far-things.  I decided to PVR it after reading a bit about the film, and about Joe on-line.

Robinson originally began his career as wrestler, making him perfect for the role of Sam in the film.  He was once known in the wrestling world as 'Tiger Joe Robinson' and won the European Heavyweight Championship in 1952.   Robinson was also interested in acting, and studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.  After a back injury during a wrestling match, he decided to get out of the ring and concentrate on his acting career.

Robinson worked steadily in films through the sixties, but retired in the early 1970's after appearing in the Bond film, Diamonds Are Forever.  His role in A Kid for Two Farthings was actually his first professional role, and he does show off his body in many scenes throughout the film.  In one of his first scenes, we get Joe in just a pair of leopard briefs. 

TCM Promo image

  The movie also marked the first time I saw blonde bombshell Diana Dors on film.  I heard about the 'British Marilyn Monroe', but not seen her work.  She and Joe certainly made an incredibly hot pair on screen, even though the movie was sort of family friendly, so the focus was more on the kid and his goat that any steamy love scenes between the adults.  It was still a fun watch, and I enjoyed my introduction to Joe.

Not sure if there are more nudes, but it wasn't that unusual for wrestlers and body builders to have nudes taken in the 1950's.  Love to know more about the shoot and image below, but thus far, I couldn't find anything other than photo.

Thigh & Mighty: Mike by RMark Photography

'Mike was the first model to pose in my new home in Ohio.'

It's been almost a year since I last featured Roger's (RMark Photography) on the site.  For Roger, it's been a year of changes, some of which I know many of us can relate to.  Due to his mother's failing health, Roger made the move from Savanah to Ohio to help with her care and transition her into a nursing home.  

Prior to the move, Roger frequently took the 14 hour drive to visit and be there for his mother.  Having gone through something similar myself, I know the toll it can take on the caregiver, both mentally and physically.  Roger also had a heath struggle of his own, but after having surgery in the spring, is now feeling better and settled into his new home in Ohio.

With all of the issues he was dealing with, photography had to take a back seat until things were settled.  It's now that time, and Roger is back shooting, and I'm enjoying seeing, as well as spotlighting some of his new work. This shoot with Mike was Roger's first shoot after his surgery, and the first model he shot in his new home studio in Ohio. 

'Mike was great to work with - friendly and pleasant and enthusiastic.  He was open to trying different poses. As is evident, he works out seriously. '

Those work outs certainly sculped a pair of incredibly hard and mighty thighs, and I love the way Roger captured Mike's magnificent body through a series of classic physique poses.  I love the lines and curves they captured and created.   As hot as Mike looks completely naked, I also like him in his cowboy hat and a little leather.  His jockstrap looks like it's hanging on for dear life wrapped around and framing his beautifully beefy behind.

I also find Mike's facial hair especially sexy, and he reminds me a bit of Norwegian actor Kristofer Hivju who played Tormund Giantsbane on Game Of Thrones.  I always though Tormund was hot and he was certainly full of lust after all that time wandering through the cold and snow. Roger shares that Mike is currently taking a bit of his break from modeling, but he is hoping to shoot Mike again if he decides a return to modeling is in order.