Monday, November 6, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 7th

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I'm Late, I'm Late! For a very important Tate!

I haven't watched Days Or Our Lives in awhile, but I did tune in to the show's Halloween episode.  Now that it's on Peacock, there are no worries about catching it during the day, or even setting the PVR, it can now be watched easily at anytime.  Although I know many don't like the stand alone Halloween episodes, I always find them so outrageously corny, that they're actually sort of enjoyable. 

I had read that they SORAS, (soap opera rapid aging syndrome) the character of Tate Black, but I hadn't yet seen the actor who took on the role.  Although he plays a boarding school aged kid on the show, 20 year old actor Jamie Martin Mann is not only incredibly talented and hot, he has a wealth of acting experience under his belt. 

As a child actor, Jamie has a long resume of stage and musical theatre roles.  As a dancer, he has danced with New York City Ballet in The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Harlequinade; with Alvin Ailey at the Apollo Theater; and as the “Prince” (several times) in The Nutcracker at Westport Country Playhouse. Jamie also won rave reviews for his turn as Billy Elliot in Billy Elliot the Musical

Jamie's big break came playing the son of Eddie Cibrian's character in the short-lived Netflix comedy 'Country Comfort.'  Although the show didn't last long, it gave the young actor the experience to jump right into the demanding role on a daytime drama. From the little I saw, I'm predicting both Tate and Jamie will be hugely popular, and it won't be long before he departs for a role on a CW drama or Ryan Murphy series. 

Lucas Kubitschek: De-Sashed

I've been following the work of Brazilian model Lucas Kubitschek for a few years now.  I really love his look, especially in some of his most recent work, including his cover and inside spread by photographer AndrĂ© Carlos for Nudus magazine.

Lucas by Joao P. Teles

What I didn't know, was much about Kubitschek's past...  We've all readd, or at least heard the story of what happened to Vanessa Williams after her 1984 Miss American Win.  Long before we all had camera  phones and digital cameras, William's nude shots, later published in Penthouse, caused her to lose the crown.   Something similar happened the stunning Mr. Kubitschek.

Back in 2013, Kubitschek was named the winner of the Mister Brazil male beauty pageant.  Shortly after, Kubitschek was disqualified for having breached one of the rules of the contest.  The rule prohibits the male contestants from being photographed or filmed nude, or even partially nude.  It doesn't seem Kubitschek needed the title, or the sash, and went on to be a successful model, working both in, and out of his clothes. 

Next 2 shots by Sergio Costa Vincent

Lucas by Anderson Matta

Nudus Magazine

Lucas by AndrĂ© Carlos

Structural Elements: Jimmy by Male Beauty by bengie

'Before too long, I was photographing hundreds and hundreds of guys.'

I understand why Male Beauty by bengie wanted to shoot Jimmy after discovering his images on a modeling site.  As soon as I saw bengie's shots of Jimmy on his Purple Port site, I knew I wanted to feature their work together.  I was instantly taken with the structural elements that converge together to create Jimmy's stunning look.

I love how visually striking Jimmy's facial structure is, his beautiful dark brown eyes, and the lines and curves he creates with his body.  In this series of images, bengie captured so many great shots of Jimmy's structural elements, and even more during an outdoor shoot, which I'll feature more of later.  The Italian model now lives and works in London, and travelled by train up to Chester to shoot with bengie.

'Jimmy was really nice guy friendly to work with, very good looking and fit. We got on really well.'

Jimmy has been modeling for over a decade, which made for both a pleasant, and an issue free shoot.  Jimmy knew how to pose to best show off his features and physique, and was up for all of  bengie's ideas and instruction.   Jimmy was also very easy to talk to, which made the time, and the shoot, fly by.  Given how well the shoot went, and how issue free it was, I decided to pick bengie's brain with some other questions about his work.  FH readers have gotten to know both bengie, and his work through my previous post spotlighting his work, but thought I see if we could learn a little more.

When did you work with your first nude model? 
I looked after 3 people, my Mum, my sister, and a old friend. They all sadly passed away within an 8 months period. A friend talked me into getting a computer and a digital camera to fill my time given I no longer had any one to look after.

How did the first shoot come about, and how did you find the model? 
As soon as I had the computer, a friend asked me to take some photos for him. He wanted to post them onto a guy dating site.  His name was Joe and he was based in Manchester he was in his early 20's and blond and very fit. There wasn't much planning for the shoot, as I just photographed him in different locations in my home.

We met up a few weeks after he posted them, and he said that the photos had gone down very well, and the guys on the site were asking him who took them. He asked me if he could tell them it was me and I said yes.  This was a time before mobile phones had cameras on them, The more guys I took photos for, the more guys asked if I would do photos for them. Before too long, I was photographing hundreds and hundreds of guys

How nervous were you during the first shoot? 
I have never been nervous doing nude shoots, I think that came from going to life classes and art collage

Did you ever struggle at all asking a model to take off their clothes? 
I have never struggled asking a model to undress as they know that is the type of shots they have come for, some guys are shyer than others and they maybe new to modelling so we just take our time.

Shooting outside on your property, you must have struggled with weather, animals, anything? 
No problem photographing outdoors. I live in the countryside and the weather can be a problem. There have been times we have to change are plans if the weather is bad. 

Have you ever been spotted by neighbors? 
As far as I know my neighbors have not seen any of my shoots. I don't think it would bother them if they did.

What is the most embarrassing thing that's happened during a shoot?  
I think that I have been very lucky, I cant think of any embarrassing moments during a shoot.

Do you discuss erections with models, or just go with the flow in the moment? 
I do ask models if they would like some erect shots, some say yes some say no, and the same for cum shots, some want to do one, and some don't and that's fine.

Any shoot you cancelled and didn't go through with? 
Not really.  There was one model I did a shoot, and the expression on his face never changed no matter how many shots I doo. It was not a good expression...

Do you have a favorite shoot or model you've worked with? 
Yes, I do have a few favourite models, One we will call Mike, as he is a friend now. I have been photographing him for over 19 years now, he is very fit and very good looking, he only models for me now.  He lives around 200 miles from me, he comes up to see me a couple of times a year as he loves being in the calendars I create.  They are not for sale, but to give as presents. One calendar is full of erect shots and the other soft,