Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 13th

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Tugging At Your ❤️ Strings...

C’est l’amour!

Ron Keyes

Valentines is such an odd little holiday. In general, holidays seem at their core, a way to bring people together, yet for many, end up doing the opposite. When you're a kid, eating chocolate and giving cards to your homeroom class seems pretty harmless, but as you get older, Valentines takes on an edge. I remember some incredible February 14th's when I was in my late teens and through my 20's, romantic dinners, wine, flowers and chocolate, love, sex, the whole nine yards.

Jarron by Chris Freeman

I also remember a few that had me wanting to slit my throat. Painful Break-ups, relationships ending, unrequited love, especially when you're young, can make February 14th a painful pit of sorrow. You can't enjoy the day or stomach the food or even the candy. Being older doesn't mean the pain of a break up is any easier, but most of us have toughened up a it. Regardless of what we're going through, we've learned no matter how what's going on, no mater how bad it is... Enjoy the food, eat the candy, and most of all, if you're able, drink the wine.


💘  Happy Valentines to Everyone Checking into FH today! 💘


The Creamy Filling: Carl by Studio1x

'The taste of chocolate is a sensual pleasure in itself, existing in the same world as sex...'
Dr. Ruth Westheimer

I don't think Studio1x's Jim knew exactly what he was in for when he asked Carl to try one of the chocolates.  Jim says that this was his only prompt to Carl, and he thought he might end the shoot with one or two shots of Carl eating the chocolate.  Jim says the rest of what happened was one hundred percent Carl, and as you can see, he truly seemed to enjoy his chocolaty treat.

It has been scientifically proven that eating chocolate can release endorphins in the body. These endorphins as we all know, are chemicals in the body that make us feel better and often lead to an increased sense of pleasure. Those feelings can be so strong in some that they experience what’s been known as a chocogasm.  The near orgasmic feeling can occur when someone smells and tastes fine chocolate, and allows it to linger and melt slowly on their tongues.

It certainly looks to me from this set of images,  that Carl is in the throws of a beautiful chocogasm. From his first taste, to the explosion of flavor, the climatic swallow, and delicious but messy clean-up.  Although Jim may have only envisioned a shot or two, the result, was so much more.  Jim ended up with hundred of shots of Carl's chocogasm, making it impossible, yet enjoyable, to narrow them down to only a few.

Heart in Hand: Claudius by New Manhattan Studios

'Claudius is one of the very first models with whom I started corresponding, shortly after the studio opened its doors in New York City in early 2012. I can no longer remember who initiated the conversation, but early-on we agreed that we wanted to collaborate.'

Holidays have a way of nudging at your mind, prodding your thoughts to wander gently back in time.  Christmas and Thanksgiving usually have you thinking of family, Halloween has you remembering cold Autumn nights out trick or treating as a kid.   Valentine's... well those memories tend to be more emotionally sensual, with feelings and thoughts of past crushes, infatuations and passions overtaking your consciousness.

When I was thinking about pieces for this Valentine's, the first artist I thought to contact was Wes from New Manhattan Studios.   Wes has shot many of the Valentine pieces I've featured over the years including shoots with Bond, (A Valentine Unattire) Norm, (The Red Session) and a hot trio featuring Alex, Jay and Mike. (Enwrapped in Red)  It also had me thinking of the first time I featured Wes' Valentine themed images, 2014's Ambition.

I had actually posted Ambition in April, but it was shot on Valentine's day two months earlier.  The model for the shoot was Claudius, a model's who's work I had enjoyed featuring previously on the site. The setting, a New York hotel room, and as you can see from these images, with an incredible view,.  This series of shots were from the second part of Claudius' work with NMS, just before he had to fly back to Toronto the following day.

I have been recently talking with Claudius about a return visit to FH and we've been batting arund a few ideas.  Claudius has just returned to modeling and restarted his OnlyFans page.  Claudius has also scheduled several new shoots to add content to his already impressive portfolio.  When I asked Wes if he had any new imagery from the Valentine shoot to add to my favorites from the previous story. Wes graciously agreed to dig back into his archives to find and then edit some new material to feature this year.

Fingers crossed, one of those new shoots may include a return to New York and another collaboration with New Manhattan Studios.  If that occurs, I'll be sure to give you all an update!