Saturday, June 7, 2008

Favorite Pic of The Day for June 7th

Favorite Birthday Boy#1 for June 7th Daniel O'Neill

You have to admit there is something pretty special, and hot about English actor and stuntman Daniel O'Neill. Daniel turns 28 today.

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for June 7th Bear Grylls

English television host and adventurer Bear Grylls turns 34 today.

Also Celebrating Today June 7th

Happy Birthday also today to:

Anna Kourinkova turns 27 today.

Grease show winner and Broadway's Austin Miller turns 32 today.

New Zealand actor Karl Urban turns 36 today.

Dave Navarro turns 41 today.

I used to watch Entertainment Tonight each and every day, but I stopped years ago. Even so, Mark Steines is a great looking man. Mark turns 44 today.

God I had such a crush on Liam Neeson! He is still looking fine on his 56th birthday.

Favorite Guy Changing of the Day: Anas Sharbini

The lovely bod of Croatian football midfielder Anas Sharbini was on display recently in Austria were the Croatian national team is waiting for their 1st game against Austria on Sunday in European championship.