Thursday, June 14, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 14th

Trevor Adams takes on the FH favorites questionnaire, check it out below!
Image by Rick Day

Happy Birthday today June 15th

Happy 39th to Greg Vaughan! (Can never get enough of this Poison Ivy 3 scene)

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Do You Believe In Magic....

Magic Mike is not out yet, but the trailers are already providing a fair bit of heat. Glad to see a bit of Alex Pettyfer who thus far has been noticeably absent from much of the movie's publicity.

Alex Pettyfer

Matthew McConaughey

Channing Tatum

Matt Bomer

Favorites Of Favorites: Trevor Adams

'Was bored one day so I decided to dye my pubic hair black. I left the solution on for about 45 mins (20 mins too long) and had 2 degree burns around the whole area. I was bed ridden for 3 weeks and ended up getting huge bed sores on my back as a result. Btw, don't dye your pubic hair.'

'For a fitness model, the body is not the showcase for a product, it is the product. A body cannot handle the pressure of being in peak condition at all times. Body’s need rest and time so they can be at their best for shows and shoots. When you see images of fitness model Trevor Adams what you see is not just the result of a skilled photographer and great stylist. What you see is weeks of training and dieting to have his body in peak condition. His hard work, dedication and professionalism have led Trevor to become one of the most popular fitness models on the net. Trevor combines fitness with erotic creativity to generate incredible and powerful images of confidence and strength.'
Tye Briggs tMF #4

I loved being surprised, and fitness model Trevor Adams is full of them. I had the pleasure of interviewing Trevor last winter for the spring issue of tMf. Going into the interview I was certainly aware of Trevor's incredible body and strong face (I think he could have easily played Captain America!). Trevor's ass is a true work of art and a favorite for anyone who admires the male form. What surprised me in reading about, and interviewing Trevor, was not just his intelligence, this excludes from anything he writes, but the way in which he has mapped out his on-line presence and persona. What most impressed me about Trevor was his perspective and his ability to use his intelligence, along with a large dose of humour, wit and intense hard work, to get through not only a difficult business, but a challenging life. If you have not read the article, check out the tMf site. Yes, ordering the issue will get you all the great images, but the interview is able to be read in it's entirety in the free preview. Trevor talks about his life, his struggles and the strange and wild world of being a male model.

When putting together the interview, Trevor sent me on so many incredible photos it was hard to simply just press 'delete'. Trevor graciously agreed participate in Favorites Of Favorites and support FH in sharing a few more favorite images. I love this series shot by Rick Day and think his side shots of Trevor are incredibly strong and without a doubt, some of my favorites!

Trevor Adams
Favorites Of Favorites:

Favorite Site you check out daily on the net?
Facebook or my Model Mayhem page
Favorite Meal?
Blackened Talapia at Pappadeaux's Seafood Restaurant.
Favorite TV Show?
Family Guy
Favorite TV show guilty pleasure?
Jeopardy - I never get any of the questions right - even the $100 questions.
First celebrity Crush?
Hasn't happened yet, I like the Abercrombie and Fitch look and none of them come to mind.
Celebrity you would go on a date with if you could?
No one comes to mind, I already have someone I like

Favorite Thing to do when home alone for a day?
Relax and watch TV
Favorite Part of your job?
Getting paid
Favorite Project you have been a part of?
Did a shoot recently for a line of fitness equipment - that was neat.
Favorite Body Part (yours or on another):
I'm an ass man
Favorite Piece of Clothing you own?
My True Religion jeans
Music that was blaring when you were a kid, when you closed your bedroom door, grabbed something as a mike, and pretended to be a rock star.
Bon Jovi

Be sure to spend more time with Trevor on ModelMayhem and his official site HERE:

José Galisteo: Mis trampas

José Antonio Galisteo García gained his fame by placing 5th on the Spanish television reality show Operación Triunfo. Operación Triunfo, a cross between Idol, Star Search and Big Brothers looks to find the country's next big solo pop star.

José, pictured here for Primera Linea magazine went on the following year to record the best selling album Remember. These shots, from last fall, were new to me and highlight some of Spain's most incredible curves.