Friday, January 2, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 3rd

Oh if life were made of moments, Even now and then a bad one!
But if life were only moments, Then you'd never know you had one

Check out today's birthday boys HERE:

The Cow As White As Milk

I Wish...

You wish to have
The curse reversed?
I'll need a certain
Potion first.
Go to the woods and bring me back
One: the cow as white as milk,
Two: the cape as red as blood,
Three: the hair as yellow as corn,
Four: the slipper as pure as gold

Bring me these
Before the chime
Of midnight,
In three day's time,
And you shall have,
I guarantee,
A child as perfect
As child can be.

Go to the wood!

It was this revelation by the witch that sent the Baker into those woods. It was those lyrics, which I heard first from Bernadette Peters, that had me searching for the four items, FH style. 1, the cape fell into my lap. 2, with the help of Mark Grantham, Mike Tossy and DAVISICON were easy to obtain. The last object, the cow as white as milk proved more difficult. I thought of asking some of the artist's I have featured, especially those who often shoot out side if any of them had any images of a model with a cow. Then, I looked at that question actually written down and decided it too weird, even for me.

I came up with an alternative for the cow and the other contributors were not aware of what I was working on, only the color, or object I asked for help with. Here are those four objects in my tribute to Into The Woods, FH style of course!

Images above from the original Broadway Production.

The cow as white as milk,
The cape as red as blood,
The hair as yellow as corn,
The slipper as pure as gold...

White: Ryan Reynolds in Buying The Cow

'Into the woods to sell a friend...'

Trying to find a photo shoot featuring a hot male model posing with a cow proved an impossible task. Not that google searching hot men with cows didn't turn up some interesting results..

I think these shots of Ryan Reynolds, and his rather milky white behind are a nice substitution. From the 2002 film, Buying The Cow, there is also a bit of connection (stretched I will admit) of Ryan sort of looking like he is descending down a tower, a brick one in this case, via Rapunzel's beautiful long hair. (sheet)

Buying The Cow caps via Restituda1's World of Male Nudity

The Cape As Red As Blood

Red by Matt Eldracher & Carlaw Studios | Toronto

'The way is clear,
The light is good,
I have no fear,
Nor no one should'
Little Red Riding Hood

It was my interview (Matt's Back) with Matt Eldracher last month that really began to pull today's posts together. I had the idea a couple of years ago to do an Into The Woods Theme day, focusing on the 4 items the Baker and his Wife had to obtain. I saved a couple of images, but ultimately found nothing to inspire continuing at that time.

Then, when Matt sent on his images from Carlaw Studios, there it was, the cape as red as blood. A beautiful red which looked even that much more beauteous laying against Matt's skin. I asked Matt if I could leave the cape shots out of the piece and do something separately down the road and he gave his full support. With the cape found, I was then left to find the cow, the hair and the slippers.

The Hair As Yellow As Corn

Yellow by Mark Grantham & Mike Tossy

'Always ten feet below.'
Rapunzel's Prince

Two Images below from Mark Grantham

Yellow proved a bountiful surprise thanks to photographers Mark Grantham and Mike Tossy. Mark and Mike have always been generous in their support of FH, but I wasn't sure I would be able to get in touch. Often when I contact the Santa Cruz based photographers one or both are off on some adventure, I believe it was Cuba Mark was heading to early in December.

Thankfully, both were home for the holidays and quickly responded. I have featured many incredible blondes on the blog, but I needed to find one whose locks were long enough, and beautiful enough to give Rapuzel a run for her money! I remembered a blonde, one who would be perfect in a piece, The Orange Couch, I did featuring Mark's images earlier in the year.

Paul in the pool by Mike Tossy

Mark shared that he and Mike shot the bewitching blonde just the one time, and believes their shoot with Paul might be the only time he has been in front of the camera. I also remember Mark commenting on his love of Into The Woods in the past, having seen the show twice, so including he and Mike's work made for a natural fit.

Below: Mike shooting Mark, shooting Paul

Remaining Images from Mark Grantham

The Slipper As Pure As Gold


'He's a very smart Prince,
He's a Prince who prepares'

This one started out as a challenge, until that is I found my focus. I started by searching for photo shoots involving male models in slippers. Slippers however, aren't high on the priority list of fashion accessories with photographers shooting the male form. After saving, then deleting a few images of models in PJ's and slippers I realized the direction I needed to go.

As soon as gold became the focus, I knew just who to turn to. Gold, silver, bronze and platinum are often shimmering within the images of DAVISICON.  I remembered a couple of previous posts from in which William, who has an eye for delicate beauty, incorporated the precious metal I was in search of.