Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day (2 )for December 18th

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Last day of Hanukkah

'Colorful candles burning bright, each lit on eight very special nights.'

With the 18th being the last day of Hanukkah, there are some truths we all must acknowledge.  Regardless of our faith, there is something we all have in common.  Aunts give crappy gifts and ugly holiday sweaters are not exclusive to just those who celebrate Christmas. 

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

If you follow model Ron Casella on social media, or check out my previous piece, you know he doesn't always wear underwear when he's working.  But.. when he does slip on some skivvies, he seems to have a pleasurable preference for snowy white. Ron enjoys donning Calvin Klein briefs almost as much as we enjoy watching him wear them.

Ron Casella on Instagram 

A Baker's Dozen: Matt Eldracher

The best part was certainly the exposure and that it pushed me into the world of modeling. Without it I'm not sure where I would be.' 

Next 2 images from Chris Teel

The top image of model, actor and dancer Matt Eldracher, many FH readers have seen before.  It's the first image of Matt that I remember seeing, and one of the images the Toronto based entertainer submitted when he entered FH's 2011 Model Search.  The contest, co-sponsored by photographer Chris Teel, elicited hundreds of applicants with Matt quickly and easily becoming a finalist and favorite.

Although new to modeling, especially modeling sans clothing, Matt was a natural.  One of his first shoots with Chris included the popular series I dubbed Canadian CarnageBased on the character of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, Chris created the series in part due to Matt's love of horror movies.  Matt's acting and performance background made it easier for him to slip into character and the shoot remains one of my all time favorites. 

Next 3 images from Carlaw Studios | Toronto 

2014 -2020 


Remaining images from Chris Teel

After winning the 2011 model search, Matt continued to perform on stage and modeled with many well known photographers including several more shoots with Chris Teel.  I was going to add some recent shots Matt sent on, but since this piece is about looking back, I'll save those for FH viewers to look forward to checking out in January! 

'The first shoot was exhilarating! Working with Chris Teel always feels natural but that first time we just got started and the was no anxious feeling only adrenaline and excitement picture after picture idea after idea. It is how I base what all shoots, both past and future, should be like.'

Strung Out

Kayden Gray

'Let there be light!'

In addition to ugly holiday sweaters, both Christmas and Hanukkah share a passion for light.  Whether on your house, a tree, or wrapped around a naked body, there's nothing better to put you in the holiday mood than a sparkly set of lights.   Over the years I've gone from only wanting white lights, to only wanting red and green, to mulit-colored and back to white.

I don't have a tree up yet this year, not sure if I will or not, but I do have lights up in every room of my house.  There's white lights in the living room, multi-colored on branches in the bedroom, and a set of red and green lights running along the top of my kitchen cabinets. 

I featured images of naked male models in Christmas lights almost every year and I always wonder the same thing... Before they had LED or mini-lights that didn't heat up, did photographers still ask models to drape strings of colorful bulbs on their bare skin...  I'm sure there were few work related burns on sensitive area's before mini-lights were invented and became popular in the seventies and eighties.  

Next 2 shots from Fotorebelxt Photography

Pup Dahlia by MW Photo MD

Dylan Green