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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 3rd

Marcelino R by Kurt R. Brown
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Happy Birthday today April 3rd

Rugby's Jean-Marie Bisaro (above right) turns 36 today.

Above: Wonder where this bar is...

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Blue Briefs:

Above: Christopher by Antonio M. Rosario Photography
I have written a couple of times about favorite actor & model Christopher Schram's movie Requited. (Check out previous posts HERE: & HERE:) Although a few months away, I wanted to report that Requited is scheduled for DVD release on June 26.

Following on the heels of its successful release of Black Briefs, leading gay film producer and distribution house Guest House Films will continue its series of gay-themed short film compilations DVDs with Blue Briefs. The new collection, featuring Requited, will focus on relationships and the pain that often accompanies true love. Check out the cover below featuring Christopher and see more details on Facebook HERE:

Christopher Schram Official Site:

Measures of a Man: Marcelino R. by Kurt R. Brown

Historically, men have been measured by body, strength and their ability to provide. Today thankfully, there are a broader spectrum of ways to measure the character of a man; The company he keeps, treatment of his environment, integrity, honesty, degree of empathy, trust, intelligence, creativity and his willingness to be there for others.

Which ever measurement tool you choose, photographer and artist Kurt R. Brown is at the high end of the character spectrum. I first contacted Kurt last May. I was doing a piece to promote the first issue of tMf and wanted to pick Kurt's brain about working with Dylan Rosser on the first issue. often happens with busy people, page one of your e-mail quickly becomes page two, and some e-mails get lost in the shuffle and move quickly out of site. In March of this year, when Kurt was doing a little e-mail spring cleaning, he saw my e-mail and responded. Although too late for my piece for tMf, perfectly timed for a feature on FH.

Kurt immediately welcomed me into his vast portfolio of work to find the perfect subject to showcase his work. Although the choices were vast, the decision came easy. I have loved the work of Marcelino R. since first seeing his images and have featured his work several times on FH. I think I first saw Marcelino's shots with photographer Scott Hoover back in 2009 and have followed his work since then. Marcelino has both the looks, both sexy and distinctive and an expressiveness which creates a beautiful aura that permeates within each image.

Although I did not know it initially, Kurt and Marcelino have worked together many times and have become good friends. Marcelino provides an outstanding video testimonial on Kurt's site about the measure of the man, and the artist. In going back to again read Kurt's interview for tMf for my research, Kurt speaks equally as highly on the measure of Marcelino.

'I'm guessing Marcelino is probably the model I've worked with the most. We became friends after our first shoot together, and he has actually helped me on many shoots with other models and helped me stay focused on completing all my photography books, while providing valuable feedback. He's fun to be around, is willing to do whatever it takes to get the shot without questioning me about everything, and he is very photogenic, what more could I ask for?'
Kurt R. Brown

'He is.... honestly one of the kindest and most reliable person I know. Just the biggest heart and always tries to help anyone in need. I consider him my twin brother from another mother. We have a lot of things in common like our obsession with superheroes. Then his photography.... He is a miracle worker. He can see a picture edited and how he wants it before the model even steps in the shot. He is incredibly gifted with a lens and photoshop. It's always a pleasure working with him and definitely looking forward to working with him again. He always makes me look good! Which is a very hard thing to do. I was a big fan before i ever met him and it was an honor to be shot by him.'
Marcelino R

Kurt is known for his majestic exterior work and I love these location shots of Marcelino shown below. I however equally love the creativity of the images above in the empty apartment, especially the refrigerator shot. Takes me back of my first night in my very first apartment. There is an powerful sense of Independence which overtakes you, and as importantly, an erotic freedom to have your own space to do as you please without the restrictions one has living with a parent or someone else.

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& Check out Kurt's most recent book, Earthly Beauty on Amazon.

Check out the spring edition of Icarus (shot by Kurt R. Brown and painted by David Gilmore) for a great interview with Marcelino where he discusses everything from modeling to his upcoming novel.

Beware: The Morphing Machine

The entertainment industry is on high alert this week after members of the Merry Morph Machine syndicate have been spotted in Los Angeles, New York, London & Atlanta. Sources close to the case tell FH that at immediate risk appear to be actress Octavia Spencer and award winning singer Adele. Both have refused to enter the machine and insist on accepting the dangers and risk by refusing to pull a Hudson and sell out to Weight Watchers and are holding on to who they are and what they stand for. Both women have been encouraged to move temporarily into the Clarkson Cabins Safe house in Canada (named after founding member Kelly) but reports say although Octavia is open to protection, Adele is standing her ground and refusing to live a life of fear.


Our mission: ' To turn all females within the industry from women of substance to women of fantasy. With Barbie as our spiritual leader, we strive to suck any form of individuality, spirituality and exceptionally from the individual and then, by using big (usually blonde) hair, vapid facial expressions and sometimes leather, we want our women to be human dress up dolls so that regardless of whether our members are gay or straight, the woman can serve our purpose.'
Members of the Morph


The syndicate has been forcing women in the business to go through their machine for decades, but lately with the rise of reality television, they have been more aggressive in their pursuits. Although most women initially reject the transformation, with the cancellations of daytime dramas, increasingly actress's have joined the slew of Housewives (both Desperate and State named) who are willingly standing in line to go through the machine.


Although around for hundreds of years, the group, mostly made up of out of work make-over artists, plastic surgeons, network executives and politicians, took the secret society public with the dawn of Technicolor in 1917. Although some actress's like Bette Davis and Katharine Hepburn fought hard to boycott the group during the 50's, both, facing a blacklist, backed down. In the 60's, the group again began to expand and by the early 80's, with Joan Collins and Linda Evans as human billboards, they could no longer be held at bay. A brief dwindling during the second 4 Clinton years and public outcries led by Alanis Morissette and Meryl Streep were short lived . Having Roseanne rally against the group was also unsuccessful and instead of decreasing members actually led to an increase in support for the group. By 2001, with endorsements by both Celine Dion and Nicole Kidman, no female celebrity, even ones no one cared about, could sleep in safety.

Morph Members

The recent alert was raised after members were spotted in and around The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas during The 47th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards this past Sunday night. With most of televisions Housewives already Morphed there is a focus on hitting the women of Country. You might recall the near disaster from 1985 involving country superstar Dolly Parton. Half way through her transformation, Parton changed her mind, dragging herself backwards out of the machine. Parton's transformation, only partly finished, (body complete, but personality still her own), still haunts many Morph members who were present that fateful day.

Carrie (before & after the Morph)

After the successful morph of Carrie Underwood in 2007, the group was encouraged to continue to focus on Nashville's finest. You might remember Underwood, a healthy spirited country girl during her time on American Idol. Since the morph she has been a source of pride for the Morph's, almost erasing the memory of the Dolly debacle.

Tragically it seems the country girl at the top of their list was sucked through the machine sometime over the past couple of months as evident from appearance this weekend.

Taylor (before and this past weekend)

Once an example of how to avoid the group, Taylor Swift appears to have been taken. Rumor has it the transformation actually began a few years ago when Swift was dating John Mayer, a well known advance scout for the group. After their break-up it was thought Swift was out of the woods, but her appearance this weekend again raised fears it may be too late.


A side note to Men: Although members of the Morph have in the past generally targeted women, they have also been quietly working on perfecting a Man Morph Machine. Although an earlier version was tested in the mid nineties, the results (Kevin Bacon, Tom Cruise) proved too erratic to continue. The MM 2012 is expected to be fully operational this fall and word has it the waiting list is already beginning to fill.