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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 2nd

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What Goes Up....

 Must come down...  

But, taking down the Christmas tree can be as fun as putting it up...  if done correctly.

Just Because: Itzan Escamilla

When I put together my New Year's Sex in Cinema post, there were a few scenes of male skin that I didn't have room for.  Check out the scene featuring Elite star Itzan Escamilla on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Sitcom Skin: Jonathan Watton

After Schitt's Creek left the air, I decided to give another Canadian sitcom a try. Kim's Convenience was paired with Schitt's Creek on CBC in Canada, so I downloaded the first season. Although it didn't have brilliance and humor of Creek,  but it was pleasant enough to enjoy a few episodes, and to crush over co-star Simu Liu.

It didn't really grab my attention however to watch more than a handful of episodes, even the engaging cast wasn't enough to make-up for the lackluster writing.  The show was in the news again last year when Simu Liu spoke about his feelings about the show and with it's cancellation. Although I respected what the actor was saying, especially about inclusion, I didn't necessarily respect some the bitterness he lashed out at the show who put his name on the map.  I mean Liu was about to head to big screen Marvel fame, and his former co-stars didn't have the same platform.

One of those co-stars was Nicole Power, the only Caucasian regular cast member on Kim's Convenience.  Power was also the cast member the show decided to spin-off with her own series.  Liu wasn't that happy about that, and vowed never to appear in the new show.  That new show is a workplace based sitcom entitled 'Strays' and over the holidays, watched a few episodes on-line.

Strays is again, no Schitt's Creek, but I actually enjoyed it more than I did the show it was spun off from.  It's hard not to like a show set at an animal shelter and it also has a great supporting cast.  It also has one of the most diverse cast ensembles I've ever seen on a sit-com.  It's not great, but it's pleasant, and there was a nice love story starting between Power's character Shannon and single dad Jeffery.

When Jeffery first appeared on screen, I knew I recognized the handsome face, but had to head to IMDB.  The actor is Jonathan Watton, an actor I remember seeing in a Christmas movie a few years ago.  The Newfoundland born actor has appeared in a number of movies and television shows including stints on; Supernatural, Covert Affair, Haven, and most recently on The Handmaid's Tale and The Mayor of Kingstown

Map to the Stars (2014)

'A tour into the heart of a Hollywood family chasing celebrity, one another and the relentless ghosts of their pasts.'

I'd forgotten, that I'd not only seen Watton's face before, but pretty much all of him in 2014's Map to the Stars.  It's always great when you spot an actor you like, then discover a great nude scene from his past.  In the David Cronenberg directed flick, Watton's character Sterl has a threesome with the characters played by Julianne Moore and Sarah Gadan. Thankfully for viewers, he gets a phone call while in action...

Anthony Fluder: Totally At Ease

'I've always been proud of my body, so I was never really shy about showing it off. So naturally when people asked if being naked was okay, I was totally at ease.'

What better way to star a new year, than by featuring a brand new model.  A model so new, he hasn't yet had the opportunity to step in front of the lens of a professional photographer.  Milwaukee's Anthony Fluder is so new modeling in fact, he was worried his lack of experience, and of quality images, might be a deterrent to a FH appearance. 

Anthony needn't of worried, I loved his look and the shots that he sent on, as well as the ones I saw on his Model Mayhem profile.  Most were taken on Anthony's phone, by either himself or a friend, but they did a great job showcasing his great body and handsome face, especially his beautiful blue eyes. 
It was actually Anthony's boyfriend who inspired and encouraged him to give modeling a try. 

Last month, Anthony joined Model Mayhem, excited to get started and to make some new connections.  He headed straight to the high diving board, submitting some shots into the site's male 18+ pic of the day contest.  It was there, that I first saw, and was drawn to one of his images.  I was interested to find out what motivated to have him get started, and what he loves about being in front of the camera. Anthony graciously answered my questions, sharing his experiences thus far.

I know you're just starting, but have you had a favorite modeling moment?
That's a tough one. I think it was the time I was at the beach sunbathing nude.  All these guys kept asking for my picture. I think that was when everything clicked. 

What has been your experience on MM been like?
So far my experiences, though few, have been really chill, but once I submitted for "Pic of the Day" I had A LOT of people reach out. Felt good!  So far everyone has been really kind and supportive. Nothing odd or out of the ordinary. I haven't started any shoots yet, but that might change when I finally get new pictures taken. 

What feature or part of your body are you  most happy with?
Hmm, I would say my eyes. I feel like they are the most expressive part of my face. 

What factors did you weigh before deciding to model naked?
Hmm, I was worried at first about some people finding out, but then I realized God made me this way and I shouldn't be afraid of showing what he gifted me.  My family as of now doesn't really know I enjoy this, so that mountain will be climbed at a later date. My boyfriend though has been super supportive of me. Also, I think he enjoys watching haha! 

Any photographers on your list that you want to work with?
Gosh there are waaay too many! I would one day love to work with Mark Henderson or someone like that! 

Would you ever consider a couple shoot?
As of now, I am only comfortable doing solo shoots and with my boyfriend watching for support. 

Where would you like modeling to take you?
I would love to make money one day, who wouldn't?! But for now I am just exploring where this might take me. 

Any dream scenarios for a shoot?
Hmm...I love the water! So maybe something by the pool or in the shower. Wearing white and letting the water slowly get soaked into the fabric, would be beautiful! 

Why do you think you enjoy modeling?
I've always enjoyed photography and I've always enjoyed fiddling with a camera. So it's nice to try and be on this side of things.

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 1st



Happy Birthday today January 1st

Happy 41st to actor Jonas Armstrong!

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Hit & Miss (2012)

The Bottom Line:

 Actor Julian Morris was one of the highlights of my 12 Days Series. (HERE:)  To celebrate New Year's, his partner Landon posted this shot of the happy couple on his Instagram.  


'I just want to be able to play, and not just stay on the bench.'

Highlights from the Colts Naked Charity Calendar

Images via MichaelAndrews73a Naked Calendar Site

Itzan Escamilla in Elite Short Stories: Samuel Omar

'When Samuel is threatened with eviction from his childhood home, Omar proposes an alluring idea to raise money.'

Law & Order isn't the only series that uses stories 'ripped from the headlines'.  Elite Short Stories: Samuel Omar features a current story, right up FH's alley.  Spanish actor Itzan Escamilla plays Samuel, a guy in need of some quick cash.  He decides to set up an OnlyFans and has one of his friends take some shots for his new page.


Elite Short Stories: Samuel Omar

Itzan Escamilla on Instgram

Thanks to DaveID for the video clip