Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day (2) for January 1st

Jean-Michel Villette
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New Years 2001: Jean-Michel Villette

Jean-Michel Villette
Man of the Year
January 2001
Photography by Dean Keefer

New Years 2007: Brett

'I want to show off my great looks to Playgirls all around the world!'

December 2007
Photography by Studio 1435

'I'm definitely romantic.  One time, I decorated a woman' room with pictures of me.'

New Years 1984: Kory Wolf

'1984 will down in Playgirl's annals as the Year of the Wolf, Kory Wolf that is.'

Kory Wolf
Man of the Year, January 1984
Photography by Don Saban

'The brooding blond with the smoldering eyes was a near unanimous choice for our new Man of the Year. Frankly though, around here we've known for some time that thee was something sublimely special about him; and that he was destined for big things. As soon as his 6-foot-3-inch physique ignited Playgirl's pages in an August pictorial, the fan mail started pouring in.'

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New Years 2003: Daniel Jacobs

'Daniel Jacob brings in the New Year with a bang!'

Daniel Jacobs
New Year's Centerfold
January 2003

'Daniel went from skivvies to skin, moving like a seasoned pro, all the while cracking jokes that had us all laughing. We we finished every roll of film, we did our countdown to 2003. Three, two, one-Happy New Year!

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