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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 24th

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The Naughty List:

Original Artwork by badsign769

Naughty Elves are a seasonal staple, and sometimes... Santa has to take things into his own hands.  Visuals of St. Nick, spanking his most problematic of pixies have become a common, but favorite theme in art, cartoons, movies and of course in adult films.  Check out some of my favorite holiday reddened rumps on FH HERE:

I Wouldn't Touch You With a Thirty-nine-and-a-half Foot Pole!

We all know Christmas is a mixture of both good and bad, sweet and sour and naughty and nice.  As joyful as Christmas is for some, it can be equally difficult for others.  On Christmas Day, FH will (mostly) focus on the nice, but today, I wanted to get a little bit naughty.

One of the most iconic Christmas characters, and one of the naughtiest, is The Grinch.  The old cartoon version was my absolute favorite television special to watch as a kid and cried the one year I missed it.  I could think of a better way to start off today's naughty theme than with the Grinch.  I also couldn't think of a better model to inhabit the character than Dee Witt.

Over the years, I've featured Dee Witt taking on many iconic characters.  He's taken on the role of a hot leathered Easter bunny, (HERE:) he's played the sexy Beast from Beauty and the Beast, (HERE:) and played the big bad wolf on the hunt for a naked Red Riding Hood. (HERE:)  Today, Dee Witt brings  the Grinch to life with the talent and support of photographer and award winning make-up artist Charles Zambrano.

12 Days: Peter Gallagher in While You Were Sleeping

'A hopelessly romantic Chicago Transit Authority ticket booth operator is mistaken for the fiancée of a comatose patient.'

All good Christmas stories have a naughty character to balance out all the sugar and sweetness.  A Christmas Story had Scott Farkus, Home Alone had the robbers.  Miracle on 34th Street had the arrogant psychologist Granville Sawyer and It's A Wonderful Life had Mr. Potter.  It also had the mean old pharmacist Mr. Gower who abused young George. That's not even including Christmas' biggest naughty doers, Scrooge and The Grinch.

Every story needs an antagonist, and in 1995's While You Were Sleeping, that role goes to Peter, played by actor Peter Gallagher.  Although not really known as a Christmas movie, the film begins at Christmas time with Peter and Lucy, (Sandra Bullock) having their first meeting on Christmas morning.

Peter's role as an antagonist comes to light in as we get to know a little about the character while he lies in a coma.   Peter doesn't actually wake up, until near the end of the film.  The main love story is between Lucy and Peter's brother Jack, (Bill Pullman) but were initially led to believe she and Peter might be end game.  Most regular movie goers however, knew right away Peter was not the guy, we just had to be patient until being introduced to Jack.

I think I saw While You Were Sleeping years ago, on television, or maybe on video, but I didn't remember much about the story, other than it's how it ends.  When it saw it listed on film site as one of a long list of movies that take place at Christmas, but aren't Christmas movies, I decided to give it another look.  

It was as formulaic as a Sandra Bullock rom-com can be.  Sometimes it works, and it sort of did this time, but I don't consider this one of her best films.  The supporting cast was good, and Pullman and Gallagher made a hot pair of brothers, one nice, and one a little naughty, or maybe not so much naughty as just sort of a jerk.

Gallagher's hair however, looked great flying in the wind as he dashed for the train, and it had me wanting to include him as part of 12 Days.  It also had me wanting to research his on-screen nudity resume.  I knew about Summer Lovers, and given that, I expected he might have a long list of naked credits. 

Unfortunately, the list didn't end up being that long.  In addition to Summer Lovers, I could only fine one other official nude scene.  They both however, were worth a look, and a reason to do an Actors & Skin piece on  Peter Gallagher.  Check out Peter nude in Summer Lovers on the NEXT PAGE HERE: and in The Underneath on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Naughty Bits: Jessie by TR Pics

'He knows if you've been bad or good....'

When it came to choosing the perfect model for my naughty day theme, the choice was easy.  To start with, I know from the stats that model Jessie Smith is a FH Favorite.  It also didn't hurt that photographer Tom Rubeck, (TR Pics)  photographed Jessie wearing a 'naughty is the new nice' holiday sweater.  Of course it's made even naughtier given the Christmas sweater is the only piece of clothing adorning Jessie's hot body.

I think you'll all agree, that Jessie also has a spectacular set of naughty bits.  In addition to being incredibly hung with care, Jessie's beautiful bush has me wondering why anyone would want to manscape theirs off.  My favorite story about Jessie's bush is Tom's story about how they got the bow shot at the top of this post.  Despite the abundance of pubic hair, the bow would not stick.  Tom shared that hey had to use a paperclip to order to get it to stick!

One of the things I love most about Jessie is how timeless his look and sex appeal are.  Most certainly modern, his body hair an mustache also give off a bit of a retro vibe, and you know how much I love me some retro hunks. As we all get a little older, Christmas is all about retro vibes and given it's Christmas Eve, I decided to throw my FH Christmas quiz to both Jessie and Tom.

What is your favorite part of Christmas? 
The nostalgia of past Christmas 

My favorite part about Christmas is getting to see everyone I haven’t throughout the year

What do you usually have? Turkey, Ham, Goose or another main dish? 
Turkey. Sometimes smoked

I love ham

Who is the hardest person you have to buy a gift for? 
My adult nephews 

The hardest person to buy for is my father

What is the best gift you ever got? 
A cassette tape with family member's greetings when I first lived overseas and hadn't seen them for over a year. (This was before Facetime and iPhones, etc...

I think my best gift was a watch

What was your favorite toy you received as a kid? 
A Mickey Mouse fake pay phone 

My favorite toy I had as a kid was a scooter

What toy did you desperately want, but never found under the tree? 
Hmmm... Maybe a camera when I was young. 

I always wanted the newest gaming consoles but never got them

Favorite board games to play over the holidays? 
Uno. Rummy Cube 

My favorite board game is monopoly

Favorite Christmas movie? 
White Christmas

Harry Potter

Favorite Christmas song? 
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Baby It's Cold Outside

When you open that box do you for caramel, nugget, cherry or nuts first? 
None of the above! I want chocolate cream, or nothing! LOL


Celebrity you'd love to find unwrapped and nude under your tree? 
Jason Momoa 

Margot Robbie