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Seasonal Sightings:

 It's almost harvest time, time to plow the fields!

Boat Day!

If you follow any of the members of British diving team, you know they're currently training in California.  Many from the team recently took a Boat Day and shared some of the fun on social media.  

The hot Seamen on the trip included many of my favorite divers, some of which I've featured previously on the site.  They include Tom Daley, Matty Lee, Jack Laugher, Matthew Dixon, Kyle Kothari, Anthony Harding and Daniel Goodfellow.

Laugher, Goodfellow and Dixon

Kothari & Lee

Daley, Goodfellow, Laugher, Dixon

Laugher Daley, Lee, Goodfellow & Kothari

Texas.Phoenix: A Visit to Hanlan Point Beach

'I want to thank you to everyone who follows my adventures. I also encourage everyone who shares a similar taste for nude adventure to take steps to find the opportunities. Find nudist friend groups, find clothing optional beaches and campgrounds, develop your confidence to be comfortable in your body. We all see our own flaws but don’t let that stop you. Enjoy your journey, be kind to yourself, and live your life.'

Some of you might recognize Conner, (Texas.Phoenix) from his previous nude adventures on the site.  I've featured his work with photographer Gordon Nebeker, both Conner's solo work, and his couples shoots with Nico and Tim.  (HERE:)  When I noticed Conner posting images and video from his most recent au  natural adventure, I wanted to see, and learn more.

Previously, most of Conner's exposed excursions, took place near his home in Florida.  This particular journey, took place a little further north.  For the last several weeks, Conner has been in Toronto for business.  As you can see, he managed to also find time for a little pleasure and relaxation.   This time however, Conner didn't have a photographer, or another nude male model along.  I shot Conner a few questions to help me with the post, and he sent back such great responses, the remainder of the story, just like this journey, belong solely to him. 

When did your nude adventures first begin?
It’s hard to say when I first started to enjoy being nude outdoors, but it flourished when I moved away from home and came to Florida. I had some nude adventures back in Texas, but I never took photos or anything since the landscape where I’m from is plain and not prime for being discrete. While I’ve been in Florida, I have slowly developed my body confidence and found safe places to be nude and to be more comfortable sharing

This particular photoshoot was all me. I came out to Toronto Island by myself to have a solo adventure. I had heard that there was a clothing optional beach that I wanted to explore. I am traveling with friends, but I don’t know them well enough to know how that conversation would go over. So, I came out and found the beach entirely to myself. Which was nice for me to be comfortable to remove the clothes but also allowed me to take photos without infringing on the privacy of others. I was able to prop up my camera for several photo spots. I found that a shoe can make a great tripod for a camera phone when needed. 

Toronto Island is across the harbor from Toronto in the waters of Lake Ontario. Of the three beaches on the island, Hanlan Point Beach is the only one that is clothing optional. It was very reassuring as I approached the beach that it was clearly marked as clothing optional so that I would not run into any problems. 

I came to the island around midday on a weekday. I would have liked a little more sunshine, but the overcast weather was not too bad. This was my first time visiting the island and the beach, so it was nice to see how spacious it was but that it also had some trees and short walking paths within the clothing optional area. They also had some nice recreational items on the beach. On a more packed day, there could be sand volleyball happening or lunches being eaten at one of the picnic tables. 

I was glad that the beach was empty when I got there only because I was already nervous being in a new place in a new country. Once I walked around for a few moments to get a lay of the land, I decided to enjoy the clothing optional option. I was able to get quite a few photos and photo spots in. 

Then around 30 minutes later, a few people came onto the beach and strolled around. While they were all clothed and didn’t stay long, I stopped taking photos but also just enjoyed the beach as if I was still alone. I came back later in the day and found more people on the beach. This time there were a couple of other nude people around, so I didn’t take any more photos. But I enjoyed the beach all the same. 

How did you get the confidence to share your adventures:
Growing up, the idea of being nude outside always interested me even if I didn’t have the courage or the place to explore it. As I grew in my confidence, I figured that posting online would just be the next step in helping me to get comfortable in my body. I started off small. I would post photos without my face or any identifiers. I probably went through 3-4 Instagram accounts like this before I gained the confidence to post my face and “own” my body on the account. My current account is private because of my family whom I prefer not to find it but also that way people must request to follow. Therefore, giving their consent to view my photos. 

I was always nervous when I first started posting photos. This came from worrying how people would interpret them. Would they say it was attention seeking or not good or just use them against me. As time has gone by and social media has shown nudity to be more common, I grow more comfortable to post my artistic nudes. 

There are still small amounts of hesitation, but I like to post what I like. I like to post these also because it encourages others who are curious to explore being nude as well. I get messages now and then from people asking how I found my confidence or saying they wish they had my confidence. I always tell them that it was a long road for me to get where I am but it’s all about baby steps. Start small and find a good community to support you. 

12 Days: Notes Of Autumn

'Ellie, a pianist gave up her passion and works for a hotel. Leo, a famous author with writer's block who can't finish highly popular book series. They both decide to swap places ending up completely lost in new surroundings.'

I watched my first Hallmark movie of the season this weekend.  After seeing the cast list, I set the DVR to record Notes of Autumn when it aired on September 16th.  That cast included three of my favorite actors, and three of Hallmark's hottest.  I've featured each of the three, Luke Macfarlane, Peter Porte and Marcus Rosner on FH before, and it was great seeing them all in the same film.

Like so many Hallmark films, introducing new things into their traditional films is done very slowly.  When they first introduced Hanukkah into their films, they ensured one person in the relationship celebrated Christmas as well.  This way, they could add menorahs and Hanukkah themed decorations, but surrounded them Santa and snowmen.

When Hallmark first introduced LBGTQ characters, they were mostly characters who were friends of the one of the straight leads.  Even when couples first appeared, they were secondary characters with a straight couple to balance them out.  I think last seasons, The Holiday Sitter may have been the networks first Christmas film with two gay men as the lead romantic couple.

Notes of Autumn takes a tiny step background by adding a straight couple in the mix, but Leo and Matt, (Macfarlane & Porte) are certainly the focus.  Macfarlane and Porte are both openly gay, and yet have both played the straight romantic lead in numerous Hallmark films.  I think the network must be given credit for hiring both popular actors to play straight roles, given they're both out.  Although gay actors play straight all the time, it's still rare to see gay actors be cast as lead in a straight romantic lead.


Rosner is married and straight, but has not shied away from playing gay characters in the past.  I've crushed over Rosner for years, and make a point to watch or record his work, especially his holiday films on Hallmark. 


I have to especially give a shout out to MacFarlane, who've I've loved his turn as Scotty on Brothers & Sisters.  After playing the straight lead in over a dozen Hallmark romances, Notes Of Autumn marks the first time the network has supported him playing a gay role.  I just hope Hallmark continues to cast him in both straight and gay roles, as his appeal goes far beyond just his sexuality.

I hate to admit it, but I have yet to see Bros.  I plan to, maybe over the upcoming holidays.  I think I was turned off a bit by some of the promotion, in particular some of the comments from writer and star Billy Eichner.  I loved Eichner on Difficult People, but after listening to some of his interviews over the last few years, my opinion of him dipped.   I shouldn't hold that against MacFarlane however, and will make it a point to check it out.