Saturday, September 3, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 4th

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Wishing everyone a safe and restful Labor/Labour Day Weekend!

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A Vintage Vantage: Sept 6th, 1975

'More Beauty per Square Inch than the Grand Canyon!'

Not sure where you were back on Sept 6th 1975,  but the place to be seems to have been The Beacon Theatre in New York City. Promoter Rod Swenson, attempted to legitimize a little bit of Times Square tawdriness by bringing the strip show uptown and giving it the fancy title of Ms. All-Bare America. 

Hosted by shock jock Don Imus, with the Dictators as the special musical guest, the nude beauty pageant went on for several years with a focus on the female form.  There is even a video of the feamle portion of the show and the women taking it all off for the 1975 contest on Youtube. HERE:

Now I have no idea how, of if it happened every year, but the 1975 show also included a contest for men.  I have no idea if they were guys who entered or husbands and boyfriends of the female contestants, there isn't really much out there on-line.  After seeing one image I set out to find more, but these few were all that I could come up with.  If anyone knows anymore, or who was around to see the show, love to know, and of course see, more! 

Beau on the Go!

'The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.'

If there is any truth to the quote above, then Beau is an excellent surfer.  Beau, and more so those with him, seemed to be having a ball during their day on the water.  Well.. Beau also seemed a little embarrassed, but that only made his naked surf even hotter.

Given how low Beau's surfer shorts usually hang, it's no surprise they slipped off.  Some of you might know Beau from Beau and Nathan, a pair of Aussie buddies who've developed a large number of followers on TikTok and Youtube.   I actually found the hot pair on Instagram, where I followed a link to their Youtube page.

When I headed to their Youtube page, (HERE:) I of course took notice of the video titled Beau loses his pants while surfing.  Although we don't actually see Beau lose those pants, we do see him on the boat after, laughing and a little embarrassed.  That doesn't stop him from hopping back on his board and riding the waves in the raw.  That hot sun literally glistens off his wet white ass!

XL by Bob Burkhardt: Closed for the Season

'The morning had dawned clear and cold, with a crispness that hinted at the end of summer.'  
George R.R. Martin

If you live in the South or are on the West Coast, the pool never really has to close.  For those of us who live with more intense seasonal changes, Labour Day weekend often marks the end of pool season.  Public pools usually close as the school year begins, and the long September weekend is often a good time for home owners to that final pool party.  Then, it's time to set a date to drain the water, clear the filters, turn off the heater and pumps  and put on the cover before the leaves start to fall.

Like everything in life, seasons have a beginning, middle and end.  There's a reason that seasons are often used as a metaphor for life, and are used so beautifully in so many poems and songs.  There is an excitement at the beginning and meloncoly at the end.  Visually, seasons are usually at their most breathtaking in the middle.  They begin with colorful signs and change, and end with a natural expiration. 

With spring being the possible exception, all seasons end with death and disappearance. Leaves die, fall and disappear each Autumn, flowers die and return to the ground in Summer, snow melts into the earth, the lakes and oceans at winter's end.  Summer's ending is often the most difficult, not because it morphs into Autumn, but because winter is waiting in the wings.

One of the most distinct signs that summer is ending occurs when lying near a body of water.  I'm sure we've all experienced lying by a pool, lake and especially by the ocean at the end of August or the beginning of September.   It's still hot, the sun still beats down, but there's almost a layer of chillness just above.  As you lie on the sand, the sun beating down, you can fool yourself that fall is still far away.   By then you open your eyes, your rise just a little, and that layer of coolness brings you back to reality. 

That layer of chillness surrounds the breathtaking XL as he spends one last weekend in the pool before the pool is closed.  I've been fortunate to have been able to feature several of XL's shoots with photographer Bob Burkhardt over the years and he is definitely is one of my favorite models that Bob has worked with and shared with the site.  

I love the lines and curves that Bob captures of XL's incredible body and I especially love the personality XL express's through his face, eyes and poses. When I saw one of Bob's shots of XL posted on line, the shot I used as pic of the day with XL and his magnificent ass, climbing out of the pool, I had to get in touch with Bob about showcasing more from the shoot and more of their work together.

Bob's work XL proved to be the perfect set to celebrate, and commemorate the end of the summer pool season.  XL has also recently gone through some changes with his career, and an end to his season in the adult film industry.  After many years as a successful porn star, XL knew it was time to turn in his jockstrap and head into the next phase of his life. 

'Bob has photographed some of my best photos. Any idea he has, he implements immediately.  There’s almost a telepathic type of vibe we have whenever we are shooting.  I love the aura & energy Bob exudes.  He knows what I mean and it’s instant magic.' 

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