Sunday, July 14, 2013

Favorite Pic (s) of the Day for July 15th

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Just Because: Favorite Pic of the Day #2

I know it may not fit the usual theme, but I love this image. After a facebook friend posted it the other day I could not help but staring at it, and then thinking about it for a long while after. I so love the dog's paw and look of total contentment and safety on the pups face. The can of dog food as one of few items kept next to the man.

The image is very layered to me. It speaks in some ways of how brutal we as human beings can be to one another. On the other side, it shows that even when a man is down and beaten by life, the capacity and need to love and be needed is still so crucial. On the heels of the Trayvon Martin verdict and Corey Montieth's tragic death, the photo somehow helped today.

Farwell Finn

There have been many celebrity deaths over the last few years, but for some reason Cory Monteith's is one of the sadder ones to me. Maybe partly due to his age of just 31, but for me it is also more about the respectful way he handled his demons. We all have demons, but usually by 31, most of us have found a way to get through the day without them getting in the way too too much. Some sadly, still struggle.

Celebrities are no different when it comes to having demons, money and fame is not a cure, in fact it can often make them worse. I don't need to name all the celebrities who take their demons out in destructive ways including using and abusing those around them. They seem to think they have a right to take their emotional struggles out on other humans with no thought those around them are struggling as well, just more quietly.

Everything I have heard and read from those who knew and worked with Monteith describe him positively. Kind and compassionate, pleasant and hard working. I respect that he struggled quietly. By quiet I don't mean alone, I hope he reached out to his family and friends. I mean quiet as in not loud. Not appearing on TMZ every other day in one story or another, not jumping on the cover of People magazine to discuss his addiction and not through bringing down others around him. R.I.P Corey, gone far too early.


I love when I find an old post written years before a model or actor gets hot in the business. Here is one from the current Kraft hottie Anderson Davis from 2009.

Thrills, Kills & Donna Brazile

I heard nothing about Sharknado prior to it's airing. Saw no ads, no magazine previews or reviews. Saw nothing about Tara Reid even actually getting another acting job. But that changed when the television movie aired this past Thursday on the Sci-Fi Network.

The person who turned me on to Sharknado, was not an actor (although she was on The Good Wife) or anyone involved with the show's promotion. It was political analyst and Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile whose twitter feed had me asking what the hell exactly was this Sharknado?

'And I thought mosquitoes were bad. #sharknado stand down!'
Donna Brazile

My love and respect for Ms Brazile, and her witty sense of humour, had me searching my tv for another airing. Thankfully there were many and I managed to find an airing to DVR that I watched when I returned home late last night.

The movie stars underachievers Tara Reid Ian Ziering. Reid still cannot act her way out of a paper bag, but Ziering seemed in on the joke and gave it his all. Surrounded by James Dean wannabe's on 90210, Ian never got the attention he deserved. Ziering always had a strong sexual aura, never so apparent as when he struts that sexy walk of his, across the screen.

Sharknado was bad, really bad. Cheesy dialogue, cheap looking special effects and more implausibilities than Tara Reid's acting career. Yet, it worked. It was addictive and fun and during the movies climatic last act I laughed more than I did at any comedy motion picture in years. It was horribly enjoyable!

Now Ziering has been quoted this week saying that he hopes Sharknado could be his Pulp Fiction and although I thought that funny at first, he may be onto something. I always thought Pulp Fiction was a bit overrated and found watching this two hours a much more pleasant experience.

If Ziering is hoping that this flick might lead him to more future work, then maybe he is right. Given his next two movies are titled: Biker Mice from Mars and Snake and Mongoose Ziering might be onto something by bringing back the summer B movie blockbuster! Good or bad, I look forward to the Sharknado sequel. The only thing that could make it better would re-casting Reid with the equally talented thespian, Ziering's 90210 co-star Shannen Doherty.

Above: Ian with James and Jaymes and the men of Chippendales!

Ziering in No Way Back (1995)