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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 1st

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Cracks in the Pavement

Normally I'm a fast walker and like to pass anyone strolling at a slower pace. If however x1.pablo3 was strolling in front of me, I'd slow down my pace and enjoy the view.

Apa's Autumn of Orange

With Autumn just around the corner, it's time to look forward to seeing more orange's and reds. For fans of Riverdale, that means promo's for the new season featuring a shirtless KJ Apa.

Prior to the shows first season premier, the net was a buzz with images of Apa's abs in early promos and and behind the scenes shots like the image below.

The producers began season 2, but putting KJ in the shower, and releasing teaser images and video help to ensure we all tuned in.

With season 3 just over a month away, the shirtless teasers are coming fast and furious. This year the promo video has Archie out of his clothes more than in.  Shirtless in bed, on the footfall field, in his car, at the lake.... Not to mention they also put him in handcuffs...  KJ Apa is one of televisions hottest actors and doesn't (yet...) seem to mind the eye candy exposure.

Apa and co-star Charles Melton meet a fan at the park.

Quaternate: AANE Photography

I first got in contact with ANNE Photography's Mike back in 2015 after seeing one of his shots of B-Rad wearing nothing but a Ushanka. Mike had shot the Missouri based model while on the road. Mike defined for me what it meant to be a traveling artist. His job at the time required him to travel the globe for work. Mike decided he wasn't going to waste his evenings sitting around his hotel room and instead, arranged to meet models while on the road and spend that time focused on his passion for photography.

The first couple of years, each time I featured Mike's work, it was with a different model in a different part of the world. When i featured Mike's work with Kedori in 2016, the Australia shoot would prove to be his penultimate trip with his job. This fortunately didn't end Mike's focus on capturing the male form and Mike along with his creative partner and editor Fred, (THOM Graphophoton) have continued to create, shoot and of course, travel.

2017 / 2018



ANNE Photography on Instagram ModelMayhem

Cool, Calm & Collected: Josh Mosier shot byKent

'I have always had that devil may care attitude and not caring what others think and just having fun with the shoot. I have also always been pretty open about my body and nudity in general.'

The web is full of millions of images of hot bodies and great faces. Tumblr makes it easy scroll through thousands of shots in a matter of minutes. The longer I work on FH however, the more I love and appreciate discovering something visually new. Earlier this summer I was excited to come across the work of byKent. There was something about Kent's work that drew me right in.

Kent's images have a beautifully organic eroticism, not overly manufactured or contrived. Kent wants you to see what he see's, the natural essence and beauty of person and body in front of his lens. Part of this may be because Kent is not just a photographer, but has also captured the male form as an artist and painter. Kent has also work closely with art models, supporting, teaching and coordinating their work in the Kansas City area. Kent is also a model and posed extensively himself for local artists.

Many of you may remember my post last month introducing FH readers to Kent's work featuring his work with Zat. (A Twitch of the Eyebrow) I loved the creativity and energy in Kent's shots of Zat and was eager to feature more of Kent's work. When it came to choosing another model to feature, I wanted to find a model and shoot with different look and vibe, and Kent's images with model Josh Mosier were exactly what I was looking for.

Zat's energy was kinetic and dramatic, channeling his experience as an actor into his poses and facial expressions. Josh's energy is more focused, more thoughtful and completely relaxed, almost like that chilled feeling after a long exhale. I also loved Josh's look, great body and face and even wearing glasses, his beautiful hazel eyes still penetrate through. I also love that Kent's work with Josh embodies two themes that I love exploring on FH. I love featuring art models and Josh has modeled nude for both artists and for art classes. This is also Josh's first professional photo shoot and although he's done art modeling, his work with Kent was his time modeling nude for the camera.

It was those art classes Josh posed for that led to his first meeting Kent. If you check out the second two images in this set, (with Josh in the tan plaid shirt) you'll notice a few of Kent's drawings of Josh. Despite this being his first nude shoot, Josh says it was a great experience. 'Not only does Ken do really great work, he made me feel incredibly at ease' I was curious to ask Josh more about his thoughts on nude modeling, body image and fitness and how exactly he would describe his look....

'My look, I would not know how to begin to figure that out. I guess if I had to describe it, maybe stoner with a bit of metro upkeep lol or I hate to say it... but hipsterish lol'

What attracted you to modeling?
'Going though college the first time for graphic design I was in a sculpting class and was interested in the concept of being on the other side of the creative process. I think I enjoy the freedom modeling offers, being able to make money while doing something I enjoy and also helping an artist with there work and seeing the final outcome. I have done some cool shoots and I enjoy a lot more of the outdoor stuff. Once while shooting naked outdoors I had a biker come across the path we were shooting on. I just kind of sat down, covered myself and waved lol.'

The Tats:
'The one on my arm is a Where are the Wild Things, sort of a symbolism piece of going out of childhood into manhood and because it was my favorite book growing up. The eagle on my back is a memorial piece for my grandfather who passed when I was young.'

Thoughts on nudity, body and fitness:
'I have always been pretty open about my body and nudity in general. I do yoga and run to stay in shape, occasionally I hit the rock climbing gym. I wasn't really nervous the first time I posed nude, I more excited at the opportunity, I was a bit worried about my family, I come from a super religious home. They don't look at most my work but are aware what I'm doing. I am most happy with my eyes, but would say that when posing nude the thing that gets the most attention from others would be my penis. During a recent art class gig I heard an artist say, 'Wow he has a large member.' lol

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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 31st

boombazookaboy by Joey
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Happy Birthday today August 31st

Happy 69th to actor Richard Gere!

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Cougar Club LA: Straight Up!

I always think it's a bit odd (or immature) when gay sites and forums give a 'warning' when female genitalia is featured. Images of breasts and vagina's are even sometimes met with 'Eww' and 'Gross' in the comment section. I wouldn't want or expect male genitalia, or images of gay erotica to me with similar replies. I clearly love the male form, but I also love breasts, and appreciate the beauty of the curves of lines of the female body.

I think some of it may have to do with age. My teen years spanned the late eighties and into nineties and I didn't have a computer of my own until I was in my twenties. Like many teens of the time, and many more before, my first images of the nude male form came from magazines like Playboy and Penthouse and softcore movies shown on cable, or ones I could safely rent from video stores.

Some of my favorite, and first masturbatory sources were straight sex scenes, and I still appreciate a good one. Thanks to the great posters at DC, I just discovered a good one, from a reality show I'd never heard of. For one season in 2016, The Playboy Channel aired Cougar Club LA about a group of older women and the young studs they're on the hunt to devour. In episode 3, one of the heard meets the incredibly hot actor and model Michael Hornig and after a steamy hot shower, they head to the bedroom.

The scene is incredibly sexy and is edited between another cougar and her cub going at it in another room. I tried to find out more about Michael, but didn't have much luck.

Cougar Club LA (S01E03)

boombazookaboy: His Naked Truth

'I absolutely adore posing for artists, either for 1-on-1 sessions or for group sessions. I love to see the work these guys create, it gives me yet another outlet to express myself through nudity.'

Although the model is the visual focus, in classic art, they were traditionally thought of as the instrument of expression for the artist. Today, having the ability to not only take just a selfie, but to capture original, creative and artistically erotic imagery, many models take on the role of creative director, deciding exactly how they want their images to be created and produced.

I was first introduced to boombazookaboy through an image, an Instagram shot that appeared on my feed that someone else had tagged. There was something about the shot that went beyond just enjoying boombazookaboy's adorable face and smile and incredibly hot body. I could see and feel that his images were more than just quickly taken nude selfies, their purpose was more than just body shots to tease and tantalize the viewer, (although they certainly do that!) they were expressions of sexual confidence and pride from the model in front of, and the artist who created the image.

I quickly discovered that boombazookaboy was actually actor and singer Joey, and the Instagram handle was part of his desire to create a space where body positivity is encouraged, while wearing any sort ofclothing is highly discouraged. Focused on theatre and dance since high school, Joey went to make musical theatre his primary focus, receiving a B.M in Vocal Performance. Joey has appeared on stage in numerous musical and theatre productions including roles in; Titanic, The Wedding Singer, The Fantasticks, Shrek, The Producers and Hello Dolly.

Demonstrating he puts his money where his mouth is, Joey has found the perfect way to combine his love of Musical Theatre with his passion for expressing himself through nudity. Joey is currently performing Off Broadway as part of the cast of Naked Boys Singing at the Kirk Theatre in NYC. For someone who loves being naked, it would seem having a job sans clothing would be a dream! I took the opportunity to throw a few questions Joey's way about his role in NBS as well as a few other topics, all things naked of course!

Was it difficult to decide join Naked Boys Singing, and what factors did you weigh before you could decided you'd put it all out there night after night?

Honestly, the biggest factor in deciding whether or not to join Naked Boys Singing was deciding if I was ready to take my equity card (and join the Actor's Union.) The nudity was a non-issue. In fact, it was one of the things that attracted me to the show!

I imagine there are some funny stories backstage or with audience reactions to the show, any you can share?

Our audiences are mostly bachelorette parties, tourists, and gay men, but every once in a while we get a different type of audience member. One time a married man was caught by our usher fingering his wife in their seats during the show. Another time, a woman brought her two year old daughter to the show. She laughed and clapped for the first 15 minutes, and slept through the rest.

You had the opportunity to perform for George Takei on The Howard Stern Show. First, what was that experience like and secondly, were you all really completely naked?

The show gave us a decency blur, but yes we were completely naked. We've actually been on Howard Stern 3 times in the last year or so, and their staff is incredibly kind, professional, and good to us. Howard himself has been such a great guy to work with. He's a master at what he does, and though he's usually a sarcastic ass (in the best way) to most of his guests, with us he takes a more self-deprecating approach and he's really nice to us. The time we were on with George Takei was the first time, and it was an absolute blast. George was hilarious and was like a kid in a candy shop when we came out. The show airs so early, so the strangest thing is being naked on air at 7:30 in the morning.

You opened for the incredible Joan Rivers, was there a moment, or something about her that really surprised you?

'I did an opening act for one of her performances in Maine with three other guys. Joan was kind enough to come watch the end of our dress rehearsal before her mic check, and she heard us do a couple of our numbers. Before she went to do her mic check, she came over to us and said: "You guys are great, you sound fabulous. If I could take you on the road with us for the rest of the tour we would but we've got openers already lined up. I just want to say, no one is here to see you. We are in Portland f***ing Maine. There are no producers, no casting agents, no talent scouts; you aren't going to get ANYTHING from this. So don't be nervous. Just go out there, give 'em hell, and warm that stage up for me." It was the funniest, bluntest, kindest, best way to pump us up before the show. We got a great photo with her after the fact too. I will always cherish that moment and that gig.'

Mirror Image

If you could switch into any show on Broadway, which would it be, and what role would you take?

'Woof. That's a tough one. The recent revival of Angels and America came and went, and I would have given my right arm to be in that production. As a younger gay I thought I was a Joe, but as an older gay I'm likely more of a Prior.'

I love your mirror image shots. Have the illustrations mostly been done from photos or have you posed in person for any artists?

'90% of the art pieces of me have been in person posing sessions. I absolutely adore posing for artists, either for 1-on-1 sessions or for group sessions. I love to see the work these guys create, it gives me yet another outlet to express myself through nudity, and the pieces are gorgeous. Group sessions lend themselves more to more traditional poses, but I enjoy pushing the eroticism when I'm posing for a single artist. As my social media presences and following has increased, there have been artists who have wanted to draw me or I have asked to draw me that don't live in NYC, so I will send a photo for them to turn into art.'

Painting by fabianfidelart

Your Instagram layout is so visually creative, do you have a background in design and how hard is it to maintain?

'When I was deciding what college to go to and what major to pursue, it was between musical theatre and graphic design. I ended up with musical theatre. I taught myself HTML and Photoshop in middle school 18 years ago (an all but obsolete coding) and made websites for years. Now, everything is so user friendly that anyone can do anything, but I think my passion for that as a kid made for my eye for aesthetic. It is definitely a good amount of work to maintain, and I'm constantly changing the layout and creating content to keep it fresh and interesting.'

Is there an image you have posted that's gotten the biggest or best response?

My most recent nature shot (below) actually got some of my biggest response.

'I started a new IG page with handle @my.naked.truth. It's a page for anyone who wants to participate to share a nude photo (or as nude as they are comfortable with) along with a #NakedTruth, which is a secret, revelation, or honest reflection about themselves that they want to share. It does not need to me about nudity or their body (though many of the revelations have been about that), it can be any sort of truth that they would like to expose. 

Primarily my submissions have been from men, but I would love to expand the page to women or any other gender identity, as well as people of all races, ages (18+ only), body types, etc. It has been getting a really lovely response so far, and I really love having a place to share these people's stories and encourage as many people as possible to express themselves through nudity.'