Thursday, January 12, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 13th

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Happy Birthday today January 13th to:

Happy 29th to actor Julian Morris.

See more of Julian on FH HERE: and more of today's birthday boys; Brad Hawkins & Keith Coogan HERE: and Orlando Bloom, Victor Pecoraro, Patrick Dempsey, Kevin Anderson & Enrique Alcides HERE:

CRASH! At The Carwash!

Now I know most of you have already seen the commercial for Andrew Christian underwear. I know this because...

-It has been posted pretty much EVERYWHERE!
-It is HOT!
-It features Quinn Christopher Jaxon (whose work with Bacchus Stuart) I profiled this past weekend.

& Lastly, the video is SO hot and SO popular, the heavy views on the Andrew Christian site has currently crashed it!

Here is the censored Youtube version but Andrew Christian's site promised the uncensored version will be back as soon as the acquire a new web host! Enjoy it again!

Images of Quinn by Bacchus Stuart

Just Because: Manu Bennett

Ok all you FH blog readers...

There are thousands of you who check in each day and I really should not forgive you... Usually I depend on readers to e-mail me about hunks to keep an eye on and why is it no one let me know about actor Manu Bennett and his ummm part in Spartacus?

Soooo...fill me in, worth a look? (yeah I know from the caps yes, but any quality, spill?)

Right Before The Lens: Vincent WolFang by TR Pics

Even those of us who really should know better, we often still continue to assume any model, especially models who chose to do nude work, have a healthy dose of self esteem about their body and their looks. As I have learned interviewing both models and photographers over the years, this is frequently not always the case. Sometimes the camera can highlight, acting as a bit of truth serum, a strength or even a perceived flaw. Sometimes through the lens of a skilled photographer the perceived flaw can even become an asset. A great image, and great response to it can transform how one not only looks at the flaw, but themselves as a whole.

'It has been a bit of a struggle to deal with the fact that I have hair everywhere and that it is dark and thick. I always thought that my hair was too much and that I needed to get rid of it all. I was rather ashamed to show it off since it seemed that an attractive gay man shouldn’t have hair. Through countless reassurances from friends and lovers I’ve come to realize that my hair is rather beautiful. I came to accept that I have a great natural look that people actually like. It is a bit of a rare look still these days but I hope to become a bit of a role model to those who are hiding their hair and let them know that it can actually be attractive.'
Vincent WolFang

It should be difficult to understand why a man as incredibly sexy as Vincent would have body issues, but sadly it is not really that complicated. Even the most beautiful models are often edited, airbrushed and photoshopped to death. It boggles my mind when I see a nude shot of a model with a beautiful body and penis morphed by another photographer into something more suited to a science fiction porn movie than reality. Sure, airbrush out that pimple, but the stupidity of some photographers to follow the same path that caused so many self esteem issues in women is beyond moronic.

When spending some time with images of 24 year old Vincent you cannot help but quickly becoming infatuated. Great face, piercing brown eyes, that sexy smile and killer body highlighted by his amazing chest. Tom Rubeck from TR Pics captures every inch of Vincent beautifully with his energetic and creative eye. I say energetic with intent as I always love going back to Tom's portfolio as I always find new images to love and even images I am already familiar with, I often see in a new light.

'Back in the late Spring of 2011 I was supposed to take a trip to the Tennessee area for work, and so as I sometimes do, I did a search on Model Mayhem to see if there were any models in the area that might be up for a shoot. This is how I found Vincent Wolfang. At that time, he only had a few images on his page, but had a look that I definitely wanted to explore with my camera. So I contacted him, and we chatted for a bit, but it just didn't work out. There was no way the two of us could meet up in the short time I would be there.'

'Jump now to August of 2011 and I get an email from Vincent saying he's going to be visiting a friend where I live in Dallas, and was wondering if I was still wanting to shoot with him. I send him an eager yes, we we set up the time and date. Well, we hit it right off the bat. My experience shooting with him rivaled the greatest ones I have ever had. Instantly, he seemed like my new muse. He was willing, eager, looked great... and our little hour-long shoot soon went close to four hours. We shot all over the studio, and I loved just about every click that came out of my camera.'

'But wait, there's more....! I have a good friend who had always been wanting to shoot a Male-with-Male scene. I had wanted to try something here, as well, and so I called up John and told him about Vincent. I rang up Vincent, and told him about John. The two met, we three got together, and an afternoon at my house turned into another great marathon photo session. Love what we got there, especially by the pool.'

'What I love about Vincent is that he is totally earnest in his work. Yet instantly, this cute boy demeanor transfers into this sexy mo-fo right before the lens. He knows how to give you his best look, and he is not shy about showing any and all. He is still relatively new to modeling, but I would suspect he could go a long way, if he wanted to. I am sure if we lived closer, I would bug the hell out of him to shoot and shoot and shoot.'
Tom Rubeck

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