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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 21st

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Happy Birthday today December 21st

Happy 62nd to comedian and actor Ray Romano!

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The Power of No (2005)

I crushed over Ray Romano, or maybe I crushed over Ray Barone during his Everybody Loves Raymond days. the actor's only nude scene (Vinyl) didn't show much, but it certainly seemed to make him nervous.

Vinyl (2016)

'Too much is horrible, too little — you got to find the level. And being naked is horrible. But drunk is more stressful.'

Flash Brown Santa

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Secret Santa

Any Christmas movie (or horror movie) fans recognize the hottie behind the white beard?

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After Hours: Pup Dahlia by MW Photo MD

' In art, dahlias represent elegance, inner strength, and creativity. I took the name of a flower to break away from gender roles and define myself by the qualities I wish to emulate.'

The office Christmas party....

So many decision to make...  What dish to bring for the buffet, What gift to buy for that someone I barely know for Secret Santa.  Most importantly what to wear!!!   You want to wear something people at the office haven't seen you in before.  Monday through Friday, you head to work in jeans and comfy dress shirt. Professionally casual.  For the office Christmas party, you want to switch it up!

Work doesn't always provide a great deal of flexibility with gender role expression.  It's usually easier to mostly stick with one, and be consistent with wardrobe choices.  For the office party, you could lose the jeans and go for dress pants, maybe a dressy (but not Christmas) sweater..   You could wear your good blue suit,jacket you always get compliments when sporting that jacket.  Well from your mother anyways...

The blue suit is more summer than winter though, and it's material a little light for a cold December night.   How about wearing your blacks suit?  Formal, classy, great for weddings, funerals and every thing in between.... You look hot in the black suit, channelling your inner James Bond.

The black suit fits well, form fitting where it should be, but with plenty of room to feel comfortable and dance the night away!  The suit however, might be too formal for the Motel 6 banquet room....  You always want to use this after hours opportunity to express yourself and share the fluidity of gender qualities I define myself and wish to emulate.

You consider expressing yourself in small ways, maybe like you do for work, by wearing pink undies under your jeans.  Problem is, you know know they're there, but no one else will, just like Monday to Friday.  This is the office Christmas parties, it's after hours and if you're wearing your pink thong, you're wearing it so everyone can see it!

Pink thong it is!

The pink thong always makes you feel sexy and desirable, and most of all, it feels right.  Although it's just a bit of material, the thong makes a statement.   The pink thong will turn heads, have your co-workers talking, and let that closeted hottie in accounting know that life is a blast, and there's nothing to be afraid of.

If the pink thong isn't fancy enough for the Motel 6, you can always dress it up with jewellery, a Santa hat, or a string of Christmas lights.  This Christmas, pink is the new red and green. Fun, festive and most of all a great way to free yourself from the constraints of the oppressive office dress code and the tedium of the Monday thru Friday routines.

FH readers may remember Pup Dahlia, our pink thong wearing party boy, whose first shoot with MW Photo MD I featured last month. (HERE:)  I loved the first set of images so much, I was excited to see what Pup and Mark would create on their second creative collaboration.  Pup strives to live an 'after hours' life regardless of societies restrictive boundaries and the many rules and demands to conform.

'I had an awesome time with Pup!  It was extremely fun to shoot with him again. He got some music going early in the shoot, showed off some dance moves and his pleasant voice and our 2 hour shoot flowed very nicely and he came up with the idea for some motion shots which was new for me in the studio and I think they turned out great! Pup brought along the pink thong  which was a really nice compliment to his skin tone and the Christmas themed ideas.'

'I decided to try doing motion shots for the first time with this shoot, as Mark mentioned. The inspiration came from seeing how some other models do camera work. So I put on the outfits, selected some music that reflected the kind of attitude I was looking for, and just danced around a little and enjoyed myself. It produced a lot of new things I hadn't ever seen myself do- the motion, the body language, the facial expressions, so on. I can't wait to try it again from a new angle to see what other things I can produce.

The pink thong didn't really come as a "I'm going to use this for Christmas shots", it was more of a "pink thongs are in right now, and it makes my ass look great". So I threw it on and tangled myself up in some Christmas lights, and you can see how much fun I was having with that scene in the final product.'

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 20th


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Photographic Porn Stars: Flash Brown

In addition to looking spectacular in the red velvet and white fur, Porn star Flash Brown also has an interesting back story about his entry into the business. A successful high school basketball player, Flash went on to play in college while working on his education degree.  After graduating, he played professionally in Ireland and China as well in the US  Birmingham, Alabama and Nashville and Memphis in Tennessee.

When his basketball career began to wane,  his good looks, and great body led to various offers to model.  It was while working as a model that one of the photographers he was working with suggested he give porn a try.  After working in adult films for awhile, Flash began his own studio, Flash Brown Productions in 2015. 

Flash has continued to work behind, and in front of the camera and has worked exclusively with Blacked for the last several years. His name, like the superhero, 'The Flash' came from his speed, for Flash Brown, it was his speed on the basketball court.  Brown is a shortened version of his real last name

12 Days: Silent Night, Deadly Night

'Little Billy witness his parents getting killed by Santa after being warned by his senile grandpa that Santa punishes those who are naughty. Now Billy is 18, and out of the orphanage, and he has just become Santa, himself.'

After last weekend's Hallmark news, I decided to take a break from the channel. This proved to be a good thing, and had checking out holiday films the network would never air.  I love the hybrid of Halloween and Christmas in film, and am always looking for films which blend the two.  This week, I went back to 1984 with the holiday slasher flick Silent Night, Deadly Night.

I actually really liked the premise, and the set up for soon to be slashing Santa.  A childhood Christmas trauma mixed with a Satanic Mother Superior prone to spanking, proved a deadly combination.

There were two (sort of) male nude scenes in film.  I say sort of, as you don't really see much of anything.  The first one featured actor Paul Mulder, credited as 'teen lover at orphanage.'  Our little Billy catches our teen lover in action, and both teen lover, and child watcher, are punished for their sins.  I couldn't help but think this leather wielding nun may have inspired another spanking nun many years later.  See what you think in the post below...

Flash forward to Billy at 18, now played by the adorable Robert Brian Wilson. Billy's boss, not knowing his ghosts of Christmas past, asks him to play Santa.  Big mistake.  The red flannel and white fur didn't bring out the best in young Billy....

Robert Brian Wilson

It was interesting to have such a wholesome looking young actor play the big baddie.  Wilson also had a 'sort of' nude scene, this time a dream turned horrible nightmare.  Although the director didn't show much, it did linger for a few seconds over Wilson's furry butt cheeks.

Sadly, dispite his good looks and on screen appeal, Robert Brian Wilson didn't work much in the movies after this flick.  After a few soap roles, his career sort of dried up after a guest shot on Jake and the Fatman in the early 90's. Interestingly though, he did return for a cameo in another Christmas film in 2016.

Director David DeCoteau, known for his soft core gay films, brought Wilson back for the TV movie A Husband for Christmas. Wilson, along with actor Eric Freeman, who played his brother Ricky in the 1987 sequel, had cameos in the Christmas film playing two office workers boxing up gifts.

Not Julie Andrews

'This is not a meat locker. Here, you will repent for your crimes to the only judge that matters: the Almighty God.'
Sister June

My favorite season of American Horror Story was by far Asylum, the shows second season.  Jessica Lange put in a tour de force performance as Sister June and the horror in Asylum was both supernatural, and terrifyingly real.  Not only did Asylum have a Satanic Sister, it also had one of the most horrific Christmas episodes I've ever seen on TV.  Ian McShane was incredibly terrifying as Briarcliff inmate Leigh Emerson.

After seeing Silent Night, Deadly Night, I can't help but wonder if Sister June's riding crop spanking came from the 1984 film.   Many of you may remember that early in the season, Sister June forded Lana (Sarah Paulson) choose the riding crop she would use to punish Kit Walker. (Evan Peters)  To promote the show, Evan discussed the scene, and his wardrobe malfunction, on Conan.

'I basically am leaned over Jessica Lange's desk in a hospital gown, bare assed. I put the cock sock on, we did the scene and afterwards Sarah [Paulson] came up to me and kisses me on the cheek and was all, 'Sweetheart, it's ok'. I was like 'What, was I that bad?'  I look over and Ms. Lange is telling the PA that apparently my balls were in her face for the whole shot.'
Evan Peters