Thursday, June 9, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 10th

Charlie by Nick S82
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Happy Birthday today June 10th

Happy 61st to actor Andrew Stevens!

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Going Green: Stevens with Sam J. Jones


I have always found CNN's Jason Carroll very good looking, but for some reason, this past week he was looking extra hot...  It might have been the casual white shirt he was wearing covering the California primaries.  It might have been that Jason was given some prime assignments, Trump in CA and the death of Muhammad Ali.  It was not a surprise reading his bio, that Jason was scouted by modeling agencies out of high school

Below: On assignment with Anderson Cooper

Media Males: Jefferson West

'Let your colors bleed and blend with mine.'

Now chemical engineer student, oh, and and male model Jefferson West looks pretty amazing with little or no clothes on, but one of my favorite images of Jefferson is the image above. His beautiful face and that sexy smirk of his hits me harder than some of his modeling images, amazing!

Jefferson is incredibly hot of course, but when spending time on his social media sites, I also loved his wit, charm and the quotes he often included with his images.  This man has it all and shares it with those who wish tumble with him, tweet him, or enjoy his visuals on Instagram!

'Find what you love, then let it kill you.'

Jefferson by Tony Duran

Jefferson by Scott Teitler

Head Turner: Charlie by Nick S82

You want me to pose completely Neekid?'

'Ok Ok, maybe I can do.... Y
eah, I can do it, I can do it!'

'Ok, my pants are now down around my ankles. 
Is it workin for you?'

Yeah, I would say it's working Charlie, working pretty damned well!   When I first saw Nick S82's images of Charlie, I knew I wanted to feature them on FH.  Nick has a knack for choosing incredibly naturally hot and interesting looking men, then letting his camera and skill do the rest.  Nick uses minimal props and post editing, and wants to share what he initially see's in his models transferred on for viewers to enjoy.  

'Personality-wise, he's very laid-back and quite cheeky, easy to work with. He also quite a sexual person.'

Charlie is one of those guys sure to turn heads when walks down the street.  Great face, hot body and a sexy vibe you can almost feel coming from his images.  Originally from Norway, Charlie is a student, and new model that has a clear focus on fitness and maintaining his physique.  In addition to wanting to showcase Charlie's body, I also wanted to showcase that cheekiness that Nick referenced. Although I can't be sure what was going through Charlie's head in those first few images, I loved his expressive and hilarious facial expressions, as much as I enjoyed the full body shots, so wanted to ensure to include them. Check out more of Nick's work with Charlie in his flickr albums HERE: