Saturday, January 8, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 8th

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine gets a little help from girlfriend Anne Lyalitsyna for Everyman.

No Birthday posts today!

Just Because: Cher & Kathy Griffin

Here is who should co-host a morning talk show! Between the two of them, no one in Hollywood would be safe!

Above: Pals Cher and Kathy Griffin on vacation in Hawaii this past December.

Favorite Click of The Week: Jim Wilkinson Images

This past October I profiled the work of photographer Jim Wilkinson and his work with muse Eric Glenn. (Check out that post HERE:) Although Eric is pretty close to perfect, Jim's focus is on shooting 'real men' and capturing that special essence that makes each man a 'living, unique work of art.'

Above and below: Eric Glenn

Jim recently began his own blog to showcase his work. In addition to great looking guys, Jim also shares shots from his other projects including his book; NAKED TRUTH
Exposing Men's Souls. (You can preview the book HERE:) The images from Naked Truth are raw, funny and often heartbreaking. Be sure to check out Jim's blog HERE: to see more.

Getting To Know Our Winner!

Model Search winner, 20 year old Matt Eldracher and photographer Chris Teel are still working out the concept and details of their upcoming shoot. In the meantime, lets get to know our winner a little bit better. Given FH is about Favorites, here are a few of Matt's!

Matt Eldracher

Favorite Colors: Blue, Red, and Black
Favorite Time Of Year: Summer
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Favorite Movie: Black Swan
Favorite TV Show: FRINGE, LOST, Will & Grace, Friends
Favorite TV Show when you were a kid: Duddley the Magic Dragon
Favorite Actor: Tom Cruise (He does his own stunts)
Favorite Actress: Dakota Fanning
Favorite song to blast when driving: Raise Your Glass P!nk
Favorite Piece of clothing you own: My underwear collection ;P
Favorite subject in School: Phys Ed, Dramatic Arts, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology
Favorite Photographer: Chris Teel, Anthony Gayton
Favorite Part of Modeling: Taking on a different role

Favorite Scene of the Day: Desmond Harrington in Dexter

Dexter's Joey Quinn is a great character. Some week he is incredibly hot, and other weeks totally replusive. I guess that speaks to the talent of actor Desmond Harrington. Desmond, who has juggled roles on both Dexter and Gossip Girl the past few seasons is one of televisions most interesting and talented actors. Thanks to Braxnis for sending on the caps below!