Friday, November 7, 2008

Favorite Pic Of The Day for November 7th

Favorite Birthday Boy for November 7th Dirk Shafer

I was in my late teens when Dird Shafer was Playgirls 1992's Man of the Year. I was instantly taken with Dirk, his lean body, unshaved chest and beautiful face and hair. Dirk has gone on to write, direct and produce a couple of interesting movies. The beautiful and talented Dirk turns 46 today.

Also Celebrating today November 7th

Also celebrating today November 7th:

Model Rick Malambri turns 26 today.

Brazilian actor Dudu Azevedo turns 30 today.

Jason and Jeremy London turn 36 today.

Christopher Daniel Barnes, who I lusted after when I was a teenager turns 36 today.

Model and actor Chris Winters turns 38 today. (See my recent post on Chris).

Todd McKee turns 45 today. (See my previous post on Todd).

Peter Brady, actor Christopher Knight turns 51 today.

Favorite Underwear of the Day:

Any pair worn by hot new model Mike Spadino!

Goodbye Marcus!

Marcus Lehman got the boot last night on Survivor. Even though he was playing an almost perfect game, he made a couple of mistakes last night that cost him the million. I will miss him, especially his interactions with Charlie. Marcus seems like a great guy, not to mention being the first Survivor hunk to draw me into the show in a few seasons.

(Special thanks to the orginial cappers of many of the above pics!)