Thursday, April 29, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 30th

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Seasonal Sightings

Shirts & Skin

Do you have a favorite shirt? JockCollegeBro certainly does.  Luckily for his fans and viewers, he usually wears it 'Donald Duck' style. (shirt on, pants off)  Check out more shots of the shirt on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Doable Guys: Through The Glory Hole

 Romp In The Hay by Jerel Cardona

FH readers are familiar with Doable Guys.  No, I'm not talking about the many men I profile each day, but the homoerotic art collective celebrating the male form from artists from around the world.  Run by Kyle Anderson and Lena Green,  Doable Guys is inviting you to take a peek Through the Glory Hole at their first-ever homoerotic gallery exhibition. 

We are bringing together artwork depicting the male form, ranging from the explicit, to the tender, to the conversational; all showcasing unique perspectives of art and beauty. There will be a diverse mix of styles and mediums from an international group of over 40 artists, filling the walls with their interpretations of the most “doable” guys! We will also be featuring a collection of the work drawn at our weekly figure drawing sessions, as well as some of the original work from our first 5 volumes of our anthology!

Blue by Lucky Sanford

Through the Glory Hole runs May 7-9 in New York City’s Lower East Side, at 69 Eldridge St.  And for those who can’t make it in person, the exhibition will continue on our website (HERE:) from May 10-16!  All the work displayed will be available for purchase at a wide range of prices!

Brian in the Flowers by Daniel Carter

The Clumps: Ash by Andrew Bowman

'The Clumps have been the inspiration for poets and artists for many years.'

Although inspirational to me, the clumps in question are not Ash's incredibly sculped butt cheeks.  The clumps described in the quote refer to the Wittenham Clumps, one of South Oxfordshire’s most iconic landmarks.  Standing proudly beside the Thames. the Clumps offer stunning views over the surrounding countryside and are the most highly visited free to access greenspace in the region. 

I would argue that Ash's ass offers equally stunning views, and although I'm not sure how often they are visited, I know they've been photographed by several of my favorite photographers.  Most FH viewers are familiar with Ash through his work with photographer Mark Leighton.  I've been fortunate to have been able to feature Mark's work with Ash several times over the years. (HERE:) It was also through Mark's work that Andrew also discovered Ash and connected with him for a shoot.

Last fall, I began compiling a list of models for my Baker's Dozen series. I was fairly confident that Ash was going to make the list.   Although I have featured Ash multiple times, starting back in 2016.  he didn't quite make the 7 post threshold required for the list.  I was reminded though, that in addition to his work with Mark, I'd seen images of Ash in Andrew Bowman's portfolio, and especially loved this series of Ash having fun with hanging from the huge tree branch. 

When I contacted Andrew he was immediately on board, and generously offered to head back into his files and edit more images of Ash, images not yet released or seen before.  Andrew sent along dozens of images from their both studio work together, and their work at the clumps.  Ash traveled for their shoot, so they had time to shoot in the studio in the evening, then head out to the Wittenham Clumps the following day.

The name Wittenham Clumps come from the ‘clumps’ of beech trees which crown both hills; these are the oldest known planted hilltop beeches in England, dating back over 300 years.  The are is located only a few miles from Andrew and he often uses the location for outdoor shoots.  Given how popular the location is, especially for walkers, Andrew tries to schedule his shoots during the daytime hours.  Although he still may run into the odd nature walker, with kids still in school, there less likely to be large numbers of people around.

If you want to check out more of Ash, and his inspirational ass, check out some of Andrew's studio shots on THE NEXT PAGE HERE

Andrew Bowman on Instagram | ModelMayhem