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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 10th

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Happy Birthday today August 10th

See who is Marching into another year in my birthday post HERE:

Who Dat?

His first acting job in Hollywood happened the year I was born, his last the year I turned five. His career was not a long one, nor was it very memorable, yet it still, it deserves a nod. So many dream of making it in show business yet so few actually do. I have to wonder if it is worse never to get your big break, or to get it, and have it crash and burn so quickly.

Above: With Walter Matthau in Casey's Shadow (1978)

I had never heard of actor Steve Burns until last week. I purchased a large box of old magazine at a flea market and at the bottom of the pile, under the Newsweek's, Entertainment Weekly's and Premiere Magazine's were a few Tiger and Teen Beats from the late 70's. Near the back of one was the pin-up of Steve at the top of this post. So 70's sexy with his wavy hair and of course as was required in most teen mags at the time, shirtless in jeans.

Above: In the mini-series Centennial (1978)

My research came up with very little on the adorable shirtless Steve and his far too short five year career. His six credits on IMDB also included Lifeguard (1976) and a guest stint on The Incredible Hulk. If one were to determine from those few teen magazines in the box, one would have assumed Steve was a big star at the time. Then again, according to those same magazines, the biggest star ever was Leif Garrett... Anyone have any info on Steve or what he might be up to these days?

Stand Out: Derrek By YogaBear Studio

With all the models on Model Mayhem, it sometimes takes something big in order to stand out above the crowd. Derrek is with out a doubt a stand out and I have been enjoying and following his work with many of my favorite photographers for quite awhile now. Derrek is a natural in front of the camera, and clearly accustomed to drawing the attention of those around him. With over eight years of acting and theatre experience, the 20 years old model from Santa Cruz has a strong and solid presence in front of the camera.

Derrek says modeling is a motivator to keep himself healthy and continue going to the gym. He has the ability to take on many moods and looks and a quick glance at his Model Mayhem profile shows a model both versatile and fearless. On a recent visit to the Bay Area, one of my favorite photographers to profile, David Gray from YogaBear Studio recently spent some time shooting with Derrek.

In addition to his images, one of the reasons I love and respect David's work so much is his innate ability to seek out, capture and celebrate the beauty in all of the men he photographs. David is not interested in using his camera to create, edit or manipulate beauty within an image. Beauty is secondary to capturing the core elemental essence of the men he shoots.

When I recently profiled David's work, I featured his iimages of Samuel both on a train and on a mountain. In his work with Derrek, he returned to the studio with classical poses and a focus on capturing Derrek's face, personality and extraordinary physique.

I always question photographers who appear to only capture men of the moment. By this I mean models who currently have whatever look, hair color or body type deemed acceptable by the masses. Although there is nothing wrong with it, they are shooting for others, an audience, and not necessarily for themselves. David Gray, like most of the photographers I choose to cover on FH, shoot men who intrigue, stimulate and interest the artist themselves. When this is the case, we know the person behind the lens believes in what is in front of it. The risk becomes that it ceases to become art, and simply becomes a job. When shooting what your passionate about, images become intensely more beautiful, interesting and most of all, personal to those who view them.

YogaBear Studio on FH

Favorite Clicks of the Week:

Favorite Clicks of the Week:
Above: Loved this ad above from the Non c'รจ niente di speciale ad essere Normale facebook page.

non c'e' niente di speciale ad essere normale /There is nothing special to be normal
ogni tanto va innaffiato per crescere robusto/Every so often it should be watered to grow robust

New Jersey obviously doesn't share my love of sagging as a New Jersey shore town is looking to butt in on how people dress when they stroll the boardwalk.

My future husband, Dustin Lance Black is always speaking up for the rights of others as he Urges Hollywood to Confront Russia's Anti-Gay Laws.

I am usually not a big fan of the Bel Ami guys as they often all seem to look the same to me. Dolph Lambert however is making a splash and The Sword has a great spread feature the studio's star.

I have always been a huge fan of the work of Joseph Lally and thankfully have discovered his tumblr! Two recent posts, featuring incredible sets of model Don Hood (above) and Allen Lovell (below) are just the beginning!