Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday today August 18th to:

Happy Birthday today August 18th to:

Andy Samberg turns 32 today.

Christian Slater turns 41 today.

Edward Norton turns 41 today.

All time favorite Playgirl Guy, Brian Buzzini turns 48 today.

The wonderful Robert Redford turns 74 today. Robert directed one of my all time time favorite flicks, 'Ordinary People'.

Blog Break

Well, it is that time of year again. Starting this Friday I will be taking my annual blog break until sometime in September. I started vacation and will be away off on over the next few weeks camping and spending some time at the beach with some family and friends. I am one of those people who does not carry their cell phone everywhere they go, nor do I take my computer with me when I go camping (though I might take it to cottage...)

I will still be posting when at home, just not on a daily basis til I return fully from my break in September. Please keep checking back as there are some posts and profiles I know you will like I have been working on to post over the next few weeks.

Thanks to everyone who stops by FH and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Photo Source: Beach Boys

'Fearless' at the Beach

For many, this time of year is a sad time with summer coming to an end. To others, who mind the heat and humidity, the end of summer is almost like the beginning of a year. The fall and it's cool whether almost feels like the start of something. Funny how the same time of year can be the end for some and the beginning for others.

Summer is ending, but 'The Fearless Project' is really only just getting started, so much still to come.

There are only a matter of weeks left of good beach weather and for many the beach can be a place where fears arise. Fears of exposing what they feel are their 'not so perfect bodies', fear of the water, fear of looking silly playing in the sand like you did when you were a kid. 'The Fearless Project' is also about facing these fears and looking at them in new ways. 'Fearless Project' creator Justin Violini recently woke up from a beachy nap from the slapping of paddles and instinctively grabbed his phone in a daze...'it was very surreal.'

As adults we convince ourselves beaches are 'for the perfect', but if we can take ourselves back to when we were younger, we know it really is just the opposite. Beaches when your young are about endless summers without teachers and schools, staring at someone your crushing over as you pretend to read your book, carefree time with friends and family vacations. Many have their first erotic or sexual thoughts or experiences on or in sand... The beach has nothing to do with how you look, it is all about how you feel.

The guy in these shots doesn't care about anything about living the moment. Fear frequently makes us miss moments. With only a limited amount of beach time left FH and 'The Fearless Project' challenge those who avoid the beach to try have some fun in the sun before the fall comes. Wear that bathing suit you have avoided all summer, build a sand castle, run in the waves like you don't have a care in the world, be fearless!

Max Kalash by Alan Armijo

The Muse:

When I first saw photographer Alan Armijo's portfolio it was his shots of Max Kalash that stood out.. There was something about them, maybe a bit more attention put into them, a bit more time, a bit more caring. That is usually what occurs when photographer and muse collaborate. There is usually a trust that pushes the one behind the lens to be 'just that much' more creative.... and in turn, the one in front of the lens to take more of a risk than their comfort zone usually permits.

'In photography, women can be transformed with hair and make up, sometimes getting lost in the "costume". With men, the photographer has to find the strongest trait and use that to bring out the sensuality and strength in the subject.'
-Alan Armijo-

Alan Armijo hails from Boston but currently lives and works in Montreal. Alan graduated from Montreal's Dawson College in Commercial Photography. He has shot commercial work, including; Architecture, Portraiture and product. Currently, as you can see from these shots of Max, Alan is focusing on 'the male image and is looking for models interested in collaborating as part of this series. Alan specializes in Men's fashion/editorial and loves his personal black and white work. As well he is working on a book series, and currently working on a winter collection shoot for a local designer.

It is easy to see how Max became a muse. Besides his great physique, Max has a great face, with features I would describe as both strong and delicate Max's 'sensuality and strength' were beautifully captured by Alan's lens.

Alan says that when he first saw Max's profile on MM, he had a few shots he took with a camera phone and knew right away there was something special.

'I knew there was tons of potential and as soon as I could get him in the studio, magic happened. He is not just attractive on the outside, his personality, smile and laughter complete his package and draw you under his spell.'

Alan feels the pictures capture this and has had more comments on him than any other model. 'He is a pro in front of the camera, doesn't have a bad angle and light moves over him like snow on a hill - a photogs dream! We will work together again soon and I will forever look at him as my Muse.'

Please check out more of Alan's work, including additional shots of Max at his MM page HERE: and his website HERE:

Thanks Alan and Max for sharing your work together with FH!

Favorite Video of The Day: Matt Maggiacomo gets Vajazzled

Above: Matt by Rick Day.

OurSceneTV's adorable host Matt Maggiacomo recently participated in a segment that proves 'Vajazzling isn't just for the Ladies'. Matt, who is both hilarious and hot in this clip, certainly helped put any/all thoughts of Jennifer Love Hewett, who like a bad pop song, has been stuck in my head since all her vajazzle talk! Thank you Matt for changing the narrative.

Above: Video from OurSceneTV.

Below: Matt by Kevin McDermott. (See my previous post about Kevin's upcoming show which opens this Friday HERE:)