Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 10th

Trevor by Steve Jerome
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Happy Birthday today January 10th

Happy 74th to Rod Stewart!

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At The Ballet

Yes everything was beautiful at the ballet.

Schitt's Creek: The Crowening

Season 5 of Schitt's Creek aired last night and fans of the show finally got to see Moira on set in Bosnia for The Crows Have Eyes III.  The Dan Levy written script had the incredible Catherine O' Hara's Moira rise above her character's circumstances, and her crow feathers.

'You should look at every opportunity as a pearl, in an unshucked oyster. '

Since I came to Schitt's Creek late,  I had the joy of being able to binge the first four seasons and think I might struggle having to watch one episode per week.  I may have to save up a few episodes and watch them together together after they've aired.

The season 5 premiere also found David and Patrick (Dan Levy and Noah Reid) joining Ted and Alexis (Dustin Milligan and Annie Murphy) on a adventure date.  If you checked out my previous posts on the show (HERE:) you'll know I am a huge fan of the show and all of the cast, especially the incredibly talented and hilarious, not to mention incredibly adorable, Dustin Milligan.

I saw the short video dubsmash video on Dustin Milligan's Instagram awhile ago, but thought the season 5 premiere was a good time to share.

Student Athlete: Trevor by Steve Jerome

'The beauty of youth sings through loud and clear in the images of Trevor Smith, who is on a mission to become a serious athlete.'

I vividly remember the first time I toured my University campus.  It was late August, a few weeks before classes were to begin.  Although most students were still not back on campus, or in the dorms, many of the college's athletes, especially college football players, were back on the fields getting ready for the start of the season

I remember driving by those players on the field, their fit bodies in motion with an air of mystery given their heads and faces were hidden under their helmets.  Although I played basketball and hockey in high school, I was never that competitive, and annoyed more than a few coaches with my love of the game and the play more than any innate desire or need to win.

I think it was that innate desire and competitive passion that me, and so so many others, lusting over those student athletes.  Sure, many turned out to be assholes, but out on that field, their faces covered, they were certainly the object of fantasy and desire.  It was fun to think about how they looked beneath their helmets, jersey's and tight fitting uniforms.

Thanks however, to the many photographers whose focus is the male form, we often get to satisfy those carnal cravings through their imagery. For this shoot, and series of shots of 20 year old Trevor Smith, photographer Steve Jerome, gives us more than just a quick peek, but a sensuous and lengthy look at the hot student athlete both off the field and out of his uniform.

The first time the San Diego based photographer met Trevor it wasn't with the intention to shoot.  Trevor accompanied one of his friends who was at Steve's studio for a shoot.  After his friend completed his shoot, Trevor made a comment to Steve that he might be interested in doing a nude shoot himself.

'I wasn't sure if he was serious, but he undressed and asked what I thought of his body and looks. I was honest with him and encouraged him to return as long as he was comfortable with nudity.'

Even with his clothes on,Trevor's great looks could not be hidden.  Slim and toned and a great face and smile, not to mention those incredibly beautiful eyes.  I'm sure we'd all have loved to have been in the room as Trevor undressed and had Steve's difficult task of giving feedback on his body and looks.

Having never modeled before however, Trevor didn't really prepare as she should have for his shoot, showing up a little tired and apologizing to Steve for his lack of energy.  Like most athletes however, Trevor rallied and Steve shares he got re-energized as the shoot went on, getting more comfortable and even flashing that great smile of his now and then.

'Trevor was a real gentleman who shows confidence and pride in himself, Trevor was an amazing model to work with because of his willingness to take direction.'

As you can clearly see from Steve's fantastic shots, Trevor did indeed get more comfortable, and re-energized.  So energized in fact, Trevor's work hard is evident in many of Steve's final images.  So hard in fact, you may went to head over to Steve's site (HERE:) and see more!   You can also check out Steve's benbox site (HERE:) and check out many more of Steve's hard working models in full portfolios available for purchase.