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Favorite Pic of the Day ( 2) for December 31st

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Holiday 1975

Special Holiday Issue, January 1975
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Seasonal Sightings:


12 Days: David Duchovny in New Year's Day

'A man returns to his sublet apartment to find the previous tenants, three offbeat young women, still in residence, under the mistaken belief that they have the apartment until the end of New Year's Day.'

I sort of missed my window to really lust after David Duchovny. I was in high school when The X-Files fist came on, and never really got around to watching.  I tried a few episodes when I was a bit older, but just couldn't get into it.  I liked the cast, and the premise, it just didn't draw me in.  I've had people tell me that I need to give it another shot, maybe one of these days....

Now... if I'd been around when Duchovny was lifeguarding, (below) I certainly would have paid attention.  Sadly, I was just a baby back then.  I'm guessing by the shot below, when he was known as 'Cricket' and working as an Ocean Beach Lifeguard on Fire Island was in the late 70's or early 80's.  

I think I first noticed the actor when I finally got on-line in the late 90's.  My introduction was seeing grainy caps on the old Horsey's board of a nude Duchovny from VHS copies of The Rapture (1991) and New Year's Day. (1989)  New Year's Day was Duchovny's first real film credit.  His only other appearance before was a 'Birthday party guest ' in 1988's Working Girl.

It's not surprising the actor was up for a full frontal in his first big screen role.  Both The Rapture and New Year's Day did get better quality releases, but as it often goes, Duchovny's frontal did not make the cut..

The Rapture (1991)

Californication (2007-2014)

Thanks so some early cappers, there are a couple of fairly decent caps from the scene on-line.  Below are two of the best.  I've also included a clip, but the quality is not that great.  Most interesting to me, was discovering that the actress pushing Duchovny naked out of her apartment is Maggie Wheeler, who want on to play Janice on Friends

VHS Verizon


Champagne Showers: Hansel by Lights On Studio

'Tom wanted me to let it shoot all over everything and onto myself!'

For his Christmas themed shoot, photographer Tom Nakielski (Lights On Studio) aimed for something suave and sophisticated. (Dasher)  For New Year's Eve however, Tom wanted something more explosive. With model Hansel Wellington back in the studio, Tom decided it was the perfect time to experiment.  Most photographers would have been gratified with an orgasmic eruption of bubbles and fizz... not Tom.  He want to push a little further and decided to purchase some fireworks and see if he could capture them shooting out of a bottle of champagne. 

Now Hansel was fine with popping his cork, but when it came to explosives, he was a bit more apprehensive.  The fact Tom had a fire extinguisher at the ready didn't exactly help make him feel any better.   Hansel knew that feeling tense wouldn't help the situation. He knew he needed to remain calm and relax in order to a achieve a spectacular visual climax.

'We did the Christmas shots and kept it subdued. I was going for something more sophisticated and debonair. When we got around to the New Years shots I asked Hansel if he was up for something more combustive. Immediately he sprung to life.  Once we lit the fireworks he sprung to life with the joyful look of celebrating the stroke of midnight. We both had a lot of fun doing something involving explosives. LOL'

Hansel shares that he was super excited about doing another shoot with Tom and says that for the New Year's Even them, Tom really outdid himself! In addition to how much fun Tom is to work with, one of the things Hansel most appreciates about the Michigan based photographer is his attention to detail.  For this shoot, Hansel shares that Tom knew exactly what he wanted to capture.

'Tom wanted me to shake a bottle of champagne and let it shoot all over everything and onto myself! I felt just like Prince at the end of Purple Rain with his ejaculating guitar.' 

'The champagne went everywhere and it was the best mess ever. We also did sparklers that shot out of the bottle too, that was a riot!  It says in bold letters on the sparklers "FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY" and Tom was all set to do this in the studio anyway. I was like, ok, hope we don't burn the place down' 
I'm not sure what the alcohol content for combustion is, but the entire photo set was covered in it...'

With all the sparks emitted and the fluids ejected, by the time Hansel achieved his New Year's Eve midnight blast, the studio was a wet mess. Tom shares that this particular artistic encounter required more cleanup than any of his previous shoots.  As always however, Hansel not only assisted throughout the entire process, he even helped clean up the studio once the shoot had culminated.