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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 18th

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I love me some Mr. Marshall, and featured him on FH earlier this year on the site. (HERE:) I also love these Christmas shots of the model and Doctor covered in holiday ribbons and bows!  I tired to find the artist behind them, but came up empty.  If anyone knows the photographer, let me know.

Not for Hallmark: George by Rogue Aperture Photo

'It was challenging to consider a Christmas themed study without seeming cliche and holiday card-ish. But it was a fun shoot.'

When you care enough to send the very best may be Hallmark's tag line, but they're not exactly boundary pushing when it comes to the creating their card and product line.  Kittens and ribbons, puppies and presents, snowmen and winter scenes abound.  Traditional Christmas imagery remains their visual staple.  When photographer Jesse Merrell from Rogue Aperture thought of his upcoming shoot with model and artist George, he knew he needed to do something different. 

FH are familiar with George's work both in front of, and behind the camera. (HERE:)  George is not exactly a traditional model and photographer himself.   He also loves to push the boundaries.  You won't see a lot of 'boy next door' type models in classical physique poses in George's port.  You're more likely to see a hot naked model crawling on the floor with a rat mask covering his face.

With George, I'm not sure Rogue could have gotten a traditional holiday card-ish vibe if he tried.  George may have a few of Santa's physical traits, but that's where the similarities end.  Although there is a Mrs. Clause, Santa Clause is usually depicted as almost asexual.  George, as you can see... is the polar opposite.

This wasn't the first time George and Rogue Aperture worked together.  The first time was a few years ago when they collaborated to create imagery for the annual Nudes in November exhibition in Fresco.  They got together again a few weeks ago.  Rogue loves to mix erotica and whimsey, using his digital art to tell stories. George shares a bit of the story behind this second shoot below.

'The second shoot was a few weeks ago in the studio/dungeon he made in the second floor of his garage. We started out doing some naked Santa shots. Later in the shoot he asked if I was interested in posing for some bondage themed photos. I agreed and he draped a chain across my body and shot some pics of that.'

If you check out the NEXT PAGE, you'll see a bit more of George, both his work in front of, and behind the camera.  In addition to some nude tree trimming, George shares a few of the naked naughty elves he's captured over the last few years.

12 Days: Gregory Harrison in The Nine Kittens of Christmas

'Zachary and Marilee are thrown back together at Christmas when they're tasked with finding homes for a litter of adorable kittens.'

I didn't DVR Hallmark's The Nine Kittens of Christmas because of actor Gregory Harrison, I didn't really even know he was in it.  I recorded the holiday flick because of two things, Brandon Routh, and kittens.  Turns out, as hot as Routh and those kittens were, the 71 year old Harrison still has it what it takes to grab my attention.

I'm a little young to remember Harrison from his hay day as one the eighties hottest television hunks.  I think I first actually first remember seeing him on television in the early 90's when he appeared on Falcon Crest.  I do however, remember seeing that handsome face and hot chest in movie and television magazines.  Since then, I've gone back to watch many of his early appearances on Youtube. 

It was on Youtube that saw Harrison as a stripper in 1981's For Ladies Only.  It was where I saw many of his speedo wearing appearances on Battle of the Network Stars.  I later found a copy of the actors first film, and only full nude scene, in 1973's The Harrad Experiment. You can check out all of pieces on the 80's icon HERE:

I've kept an eye out of the hot and talented actor since and enjoyed his appearances in several films and television shows.  Harrison however, has a very frustrating nudity record.  It's the actor himself, but because two of his most famous scenes of skin have not really been properly memorialized. 

Harrison had a quick full frontal nude scene in The Harrad Experiment, plus a longer nude scene along with Don Johnson and others during an outside nude yoga class.  Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a decent copy of the film available.  I've downloaded a few versions, and even ordered one on Amazon, but they all seem to be the same.  There has obviously been some work to improve the film's quality, but it appears it was done for a television version. 

 All of the scene appear fairly clear and cleaned up, all however, except the nude scenes.  You get a clear version of Don Johnson going into the shower, but a blurry version of his frontal coming out.  You get a clear version of the group in the pool, then it turns blurry just as Harrison's frontal occurs.  They're in the film, but they looked like they were edited after and never cleaned up like the rest of the film.  I hope some day this is rectified. 

The Harrad Experiment (1973)

The clearest view of Harrison's frontal comes from what appears to be a promotional image that looks like it appeared first on the old Campfire Site.  I've seen some caps from Dewey that look clearer than the other versions.  I'm guessing maybe they came form an early VHS copy of the film.

For Ladies Only (1981)

1981's For Ladies Only also never had a decent release.  The only copies I could find are on E-Bay and Youtube, and both have poor quality.  Even more frustrating, is that the film had a European version (below) in which Harrison ditched the speedo he wore in the US version (above) for a G-string in the strip scenes.  I've look, but have not seen this version anywhere to be seen.

Body Chemistry II: The Voice of a Stranger (1991)

Sooo.. that led me to find a copy of Harrison's only other on-screen nudity, his butt scene in the 1991 softcore flick Body Chemistry II: The Voice of a Stranger.  Again, not great quality, but because it's more recent, at least it's not blurry.  Hopefully decent copies of the other flicks, especially The Harrad Experiment, will one day be available. 

There Is Just One Thing That I Need... Alexander by Studio1x

'I don't want a lot for Christmas 
There is just one thing I need'

Ahh, if only all of our elves on the shelves looked like model Alexander Ray.  Wouldn't it be a Christmas miracle if they came to life on Christmas Eve to grant just one Christmas wish.  Although that may be just a fantasy, fantasy fulfillment is part of the magic a great model, photographer and image can evoke 

This isn't the first holiday that Alexander has helped FH celebrate.  Jim from Studio1x first introduced myself, and viewers of the site, to Alexander (Alex) two years ago.  For that Thanksgiving themed shoot, Alex wanted to shoot outside,  so Jim followed him on a naked walk through the forest. (HERE:) More recently, Alex joined the group of five for a Thanksgiving dinner and post-feast game of strip-poker.  Most people might decline playing strip-poker after scarfing down turkey and stuffing, but when you look like Alex, anytime is a good time to strip down and have fun.

Alex first connected with Jim through Instagram and really enjoyed both his work and his style of shooting.  Alex shares he doesn't really have a favorite moment of his time with Jim, as every moment they're working together stand out as favorite moments.  This Festive shoot was exactly one they necessarily meticulously planned.  Although Jim usually plans his shoots ahead of time, this one was a bit more spontaneous.

They were in the middle of shooting and both knew they wanted to get some holiday shots so Alex had brought along some of his own clothing just in case they were needed.  Among the things he brought were a pair of Elf undies that Alex loves to wear.  When Jim saw them in the mix, he knew they were perfect.  Alex's only regret was that he forgot to bring along his matching Elf ears as well.  If you check out Alex's Twitter though, (HERE:) you can see a shot of him with both the undies and ears. 

Given it's Christmas, and given the F in FH stands for favorite, I decided to ask our adorable Elf about some of his favorite Christmas things.  I was also curious about what (or who) he might like to find under his Christmas tree on the 25th..

What is your favorite Christmas movie? 
A Christmas Story for sure. You’ll shoot your eye out!

What is your favorite Christmas TV special?
I’ve always loved Heat Mizer and Cold Mizer from The Year Without Christmas 

Do you have a favorite Christmas song? 
All I want for Christmas. IS YOUUUUUU 

What celebrity would most like to find naked under your tree? 

Many adult sites do Christmas themed videos, have you done one, or would you want to? 
I would be more then honored too. I’ve always enjoyed holiday themed shoots

Which porn star would you choose to be the daddy Santa to your Elf in a video? 
I’ve always matched more as a naughty Elf, but that’s just me!