Sunday, December 18, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 19th

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Happy Birthday today December 19th

Happy 36th to Jake Gyllenhaal!

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Jake in last years Demolition

John-Paul Lavoisier: Gift Wrapped

Actor John-Paul Lavoisier is one of the most watchable actors working in soaps. His theatre background is evident in his quirky line delivery and interesting acting choices beyond the typical melodramatic, and often bland choices, made by many actors in the genre. I have not been watching much TV these days, but I did watch this episode of Days Of Our Lives on line after seeing an image of John-Paul, shirtless, drugged and tied up last week on the show.

Sadly the show has chosen to let the talented actor go, a bad decision given the most of the actors in his age bracket, currently on the show, lack in their ability to emote much, or create much energy while on screen. I also love John-Paul's beautifully lined face and great body, and if there were a fan club for his hair, I would join it.

Christmas Countdown: Big Red Balls by Fotorebelxt Photography

Some of us are old enough to remember when our parents used to have those horrid thread balls. They always started unraveling, and if had a cat... good luck! My mother bought them in bulk in the late 80's, and they hang on, til the last one was finally thrown out by the time we celebrated Christmas in the 90's. Thankfully, tradition won out, and the shiny 'glass' balls made a comeback. I have tried themes. Gold, silver, even blue ball themed Christmas tree's. I always however come back to green and red, the color most colors associated with Christmas.

Not everyone got into the 'fad' of buying those horrid thread balls. While our tree was full of them, my grandparents stuck with tradition. Not only did they have shiny glass balls, but big balls, bigger than anything you could find in the stores. I used to love visiting the at Christmas, and seeing ornaments so large, and so fragile, we were never allowed to touch or hang on the tree. When my last grandparent died, the only thing I wanted was one or two of those old ornaments, but sadly a greedy cousin of mine, took them and refused to share with the rest of us.

I have written a lot lately, how certain props, locations and even colors can trigger memories, especially in art. While going through Alwin's (Fotorebelxt Photography) holiday images, those memories of my grandparents Christmas tree came flooding back. Alwin's imagery always brings me joy, especially his creative and colorful way of capturing the male form. I am not sure if it's coincidence or not... but each of Alwin's Christmas elf's are sporting a beard... Not sure if it's a sign of things to come, or if they're all Santa's in training, but either way, they seem to very natural holding thier big red Christmas balls.

Not the Least bit Shy: Scott by Gordon Nebeker

'Don’t let the fresh shaven, sweet, innocent look fool you! Scott “just loves sex!” and he was not the least bit shy during our shoot about taking it all off and showing it.'

I don't know if that sweet, innocent face really fooled me, but when I first saw a few of Gordon Nebeker's images of Scott... that face, and that body, had me wanting to see more. I didn't know when I first contacted Gordon, that Scott Harbor wasn't only a model, but an adult film actor as well. I was forced then of course, to check out, for research purposes only... one of Scott's films, Stepfather's Secret. In the scene tjat I previewed, Scott is a mechanic, and covered in grease and dirt, gets splayed across the hood of a car by his co-star Dirk Caber.

This shoot actually took place in the spring of 2014, before Scott became well known for his work in the adult film world. His plans at the time, were to return to the Northwest and to school to finish his degree. Gordon is sure from their last communication, that Scott followed through with his plans, and although he found time to fit in a few films over the last couple of years, is still working on his educational goals.

One of the things I love so much about Gordon shots of Scott is the green t-shirt he slides so beautifully out of. It is fascinating that sometimes, a specific piece of clothing, or a specific color shade, can add so much to an image. I am sure I would have loved the shots of Scott if the t-shirt sliding up to show his stomach, belly button and beautiful backside, wer a different color, but... that particular green, especially with Gordon's lighting and shots along with Scott's poses, really stand out.

Gordon was introduced to Scott by a couple of his friends who had been to a party that Scott was entertaining at. After he contacted him, Gordon says that Scott was only to happy to set up a shoot, and loved the photos they created. Gordon was only able to to this one shoot,, prior to Scott heading back North for the summer.

'Scott is a very nice guy and was very easy to work with. He was always ‘on’ and full of energy! When he first arrived for the shoot, he had a beard. While it is a “look”, he was quite willing to shave it off at my request for the rest of the shoot. I think he looks a lot better without it. Don’t let the fresh shaven, sweet, innocent look fool you! Scott “just loves sex!” and he was not the least bit shy during our shoot about taking it all off and showing it.'