Monday, January 23, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 24th

Calvin Martin by Lewis and Marshall
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Happy Birthday today January 24th

Happy Birthday to Michael Ontkean (below in his famous scene from Slapshot) who turns 66 today. See more of Michael on FH HERE: & HERE:

MichaelSlap by trevorbriggs

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Kudos to Helen Mirren & Glee

As someone one with a close family member with Downs I thought Helen Mirren killed it last weeks Glee. I was a bit hesitant to watch Yes/No as I only watched last night and already read quite a few reviews both pro and con. Many of the cons were critical of 'using' Becky' and sharply criticized much of her dialog. For me, the writing was spot on.

I have been quite critical of the ups and downs of the Fox show but the writing this week by Brad Falchuk was spot on and laugh out loud hilarious. I think people not familiar with being around someone with Downs assumes they are all like the 'Life Goes On' portrayal. The few I know are as capable of every emotion as we are, they can be sexual, kind and mean and many have a keen sense of sarcasm. Given what they have to cope with, they is often desperately needed to handle the crap dumped on them daily. Becky, and Mirren presented it beautifully.

Nene Leakes was good in her one scene. (although Overstreet's nipples looked pretty balanced to me) It was also nice that the closing musical number gave a bit more meaning to Sam's joining of the synchronized swimming team than just an excuse to see those aforementioned nipples.

Lewis and Marshall: The Darker Side Of Beauty

The image of model Calvin Martin I used as 'pic of the day' was one of those images that upon first glance had me stopping in my tracks. The idea of using the headphones, the pose and the eye catching red boxer briefs create a pleasurable and memorable impact.

2 shots below:
Calvin Martin

Creating the distinct and the memorable have always been the goal of Lewis And Marshall. Using his own photography within the process however, is relatively new. Lewis And Marshall says he is new to shooting and is primarily focusing his attention on learning and improving his photography skills. He is also committed to learning about the industry as a whole as best he can.

Edward Loscalzo

Being new to the field of photography, Lewis and Marshall have high aspirations on becoming renowned and a sought after fashion photographer. Lewis and Marshalls main focus is on light and shadow and how they beautifully script his stories; by gently or vigorously embracing his subject.


Born and raised in New York, the artist has faced his fair share of life's challenges through the years. These challenges have led to a love of seeking out and capturing what is really one of the most interesting aspects of beauty, the dark side. Capturing the darker side of anything usually requires a sharper eye, a clearer focus and desire to go beyond what is presented on the surface.

Kitt Bua

'Be on the look out in 2012 for Lewis & Marshall to grace magazines like DNA and GQ!'

Victor Brandao

Lewis and Marshall on ModelMayhem

2 shots below:
Wem G


Import Of The Day: Vinzenz Kiefer

German actor Vinzenz Kiefer dreamed of being a action hero on the silver screen since he was a boy watching his parents VHS collection. Batman and Zorro were two of his favorites. Vinzenz's dream was touched by fate when as a kid he was taking a studio tour in Cologne. Vinzenz was attracting the attention of many of the teenage girls on the tour, most who assumed he was a star and wanted his autograph. The attention he was receiving did not go unnoticed by some people in production and before too long he was being offered roles in television. Although he initially resisted, upon completion of school, he relented and began his first professional roles on television.

As began working in the business, Vinzenz continued to study, this time with a focus on acting. He studied with some of the best acting teachers in Germany and came to the US to spend time at the Strasberg Institute in New York in 2002. Although mostly known for his roles in German television and film, the young actor did appear in a small role along side Emile Hirsch in 2008's Speed Racer when the film was shooting in Germany.

Glück (2012)

With Miroslav Nemec in Liebe ist nur ein Wort (2010)

Mallorca (1999)