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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 14th

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The Shape of Things to Come...

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About A Young Man

'Niklas, who, together with other young men of his age, must undergo the compulsory medical examination preceding the obligatory military service.'

This summer, I've been exploring the themes of cmnm and cfnm on the site.  Given this, the 2014 short film About A Young Man seemed the perfect project to spotlight and share.  Thanks to photographer and Dreamcap poster kalilover, I learned about, and was able to watch the full 22 minute film. 

Most cmnm and cfmn films are rooted in vulnerability, embarrassment and even humiliation. In porn films, the feelings of the vulnerable, are often exaggerated and exploited for the enjoyment of the viewer.  In these films, we know the actors signed on the dotted line, and playing a role for viewers to enjoy.  In reality, feelings of vulnerability and humiliation are usually not enjoyable, especially if you're the one caught in an embarrassing and unsafe situation.

In About A Young Man, the vulnerablity stems from a medical exam, but director Gabriel Daniel Dorobantu does stop there.  As the film goes on, poor Niklas experiences one moment of humiliation after another.  Having to get a compulsory medical exam is stressful enough, but that is just the beginning.  The medical offices are staffed mostly by females.  Female doctors, nurses and receptionists, all appearing to enjoy the views from their desks.

As soon as the film begins, director Dorobantu ensures we're viewing the medical through Niklas' eyes.  Although the vulnerability stems from Niklas being totally naked, it's really through his face, and especially his eyes, that we feel his vulnerability and his trauma.  Actor Simon Broström plays Niklas, and even with minimal dialogue, he's able to pull the viewer immediately in.  Through his eyes and facial expressions, we know exactly what he's feeling, and what he's thinking.

Niklas' naked physical isn't the only obstacle he has to deal with.  After being told to undress, completely, he's forced to wait, quite awhile, in a hallway where clothed doctors and nurses walk by, most eyeing up and down and asking him questions.  Once he finally enters the office for his physical, the humiliation factor only intensifies.

Niklas recognizes the young female doctor who is about to exam him.  She's a neighbour he see's daily when he comes and goes from his apartment.  Niklas says hello to her now and then and has developed a crush.   The female doctor shows little to no concern for Niklas' obvious embarrassment with the situation.  Although he attempts to keep his junk covered as much as possible, she makes is difficult.

Every time Niklas covers his penis with his hands, she seems to relish in asking him to remove them.  Over the course of the exam, she continually requests he put his hands on his hip, or raise his arms.  To make the situation worse, other female nurses and assistants come into the room randomly without any concern for Niklas, or the fact that he's completely naked.   The experience takes it's toll on Niklas, and when it's over, and he's once again dressed and alone, we see how deeply impacted he was by the trauma. 

I really felt for Niklas, and loved how the writer and director took what we often consider an erotic experience, and shows us the emotional impact it can often have.  Working in the field of psychology and social work, I have seen the impact of trauma first hand, and know not everyone is comfortable being sexualized, nor handles vulnerability the same way.  We never know one's previous experiences, or childhood traumas, or how they impact how we respond as adults.  

Given how beautiful Broström is, one can't be blamed for enjoying seeing his naked body, but I guess that's part of the film's challenge.  He is indeed incredibly hot, but those eyes, and what we know he's feeling, force the viewer to look beyond just what we're seeing, and understand and emphasize with what he's feeling.  If you want to see the entire film, you can rent or buy it on Vimeo HERE:

Stripped & Ripped: Kings by Studio1x

'Once Kings got comfortable, he was a natural just having fun and getting great shots.'

Earlier this year, I featured images from Kings first nude shoot with photographer Jim from Studio1x.  I was amazed how comfortable Kings was in front of the camera, especially given it was his first time shooting.  As a photographer himself, Kings certainly had knowledge and experience with the shooting process.  

As a first time model however, I was struck by his natural ability with movement and pose and especially his ability to sensually exude so intensely in front of the lens.  With Jim's direction, Kings seemed to instinctively know how to best align his incredible lines and sensuous curves.

In the previous piece, (Studio Sessions) I focused on how much I love Jim's studio work.  One of his goals, especially with a first shoot, is to capture as many looks and moods as possible. Jim's camera is always clicking,  capturing hundreds of images in each shoot.  I'm always amazed how almost each and every one is portfolio ready and worthy of spotlighting and sharing.

I always love a slow strip, and one of my favorite sequences from this shoot was Kings ripping off his wet t-shirt.  There were dozens of shots from this series and it was difficult to choose and narrow down the ones to use.

Some of you may have noticed the layer of water drops glazed in front of Kings beautiful body. This series was shot completely behind a plate of clear glass creating the effect.  Once the t-shirt was ripped off, and Kings was unencumbered by the wet cotton clinging to his body, Jim continued capturing even more of Kings lines and curves.  Check more on the NEXT PAGE HERE: