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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 22nd

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Happy Birthday today July 22nd

Happy 59th to actor Rob Estes!

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As You Wish...

Farm boy, polish my horse's saddle

As You Wish

Snow White wasn't the only Disney princess who knew that one day her prince would come.  You don't have to be a beautiful princess, or even female for that matter, to dream of a male member of a monarch.  A handsome prince, sweeping you onto his horse and taking you away to a life of wealth, happiness and incredible sex.  

Whenever I think of the perfect prince, and whenever I catch The Princess Bride on TV, I think of Westley.  Now Westley wasn't actually a prince, he was a farm boy turned pirate which is really... even hotter.  Westley did marry the princess bride though, so on paper, if he and Buttercup are still together, he is legally, a prince. 

Like so many, I LOVE The Princess Bride, a film I enjoy re-watching again and again.  My favorite scenes are the ones when Westley was partially paralyzed after being tortured by Prince Humperdinck, (Chris Sarandon) It was seeing The Princess Bride on TV when I was a kid that began my crush on both Westley, and his portrayer Cary Elwes. 

Speaking of crushes, 1993's The Crush marks one of Cary Elwes two officially credited nude scenes.  Although I always thought the beautiful butt flashed briefly in The Crush might have been a body double, Elwes does have one other nude scene on his resume. You do get to see Cary's caboose briefly in 1986's Lady Jane.  Check out caps and a video clip on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

The Crush (1993)

'You shouldn't be here. I've gotten in enough trouble.'

Wild Flower: Jonathan by Briancan Photography

' I would love to explore other interesting mediums to add colour and texture such as coloured chalk, water, honey, or other elements that capture well on camera.'

FH readers know how much I enjoy visually celebrating the holidays with themed images of the male form.  When it comes to holiday themed shoots, I often have to plan months in advance.  Artists need time to find just the model and theme, not to mention the props and location to fit the theme.  

This year for Canada Day, I contacted Brian (Briancan Photography) early in the spring about a possible shoot for the July 1st holiday.  Brian came through with not one, not two, but three shoots and three different models to commemorate the anniversary of Canadian confederation.  As some readers might remember, I featured Brian's work with Shane on the day. (Northern Exposure)  

Brian's shoot with Shane took place just a short time before the holiday, but earlier in the spring, he shot two other other models with a red and white themed outdoor location shoot.  When I was going through those shots, it wasn't the red and white that initially grabbed my attention, it was the purple and flowers surrounding the stunning Jonathan that really caught my eye.  I thought they, and Jonathan, deserved a day of their own to really fully bloom.

From my research, I'm thinking the purple and white flowers are the wildflower Dame's Rocket; (also known as Dame's-violet, Mother-of-the-evening)  Dame's-rocket is an old-fashioned ornamental  (weeds to some) that was introduced from Europe and escaped from cultivation. It is common in damp soil along roadsides, rivers, fencerows and ditches and in waste areas, forests and abandoned orchards in southern Ontario.  

The Scarborough Bluffs, which run about 15 km along Lake Ontario,  make the perfect home for this get away wild flower.  They also make the perfect location for Brian to shoot Jonathan, another wild flower who strips down and models nude in part, to breakaway and heal from the restrictions of his  past and his upbringing.  Jonathan graciously shared his journey into modeling and his experience of working with Brian.  Jonathan also quoted Moira Rose, which I really loved.  Anyone who knows Moira Rose know that both she and Schitt's Creek are both intrinsically Canadian, and incredibly healing as well. 

What brought you to modeling?

I grew up in the Christian church where you are taught to feel a lot of shame towards your body, sexuality, nudity, and sensuality. I had a photographer reach out to me online, and ask if I wanted to model for them. So I thought I’d take the opportunity, and since then have used it as a form of healing from my upbringing to give myself a sense of confidence and joy in my body. 

Was modeling nude always part of the plan?

Absolutely not lol. The first time I modeled nude wasn't exactly planned.  We had intended to just do underwear, but then as we got more comfortable the photographer asked me if I’d be open to it, and so we tried it and it turned out great.  The photographer made me feel safe and respected which was incredibly helpful 

How did you first connect with Brian?

I had seen some of his photos online and decided to reach out on Instagram as I had wanted to shoot with him myself 

Tell me about the shoot and working with Brian.

It was a hot day and we went to the Scarborough bluffs. Wandered around and took pictures where we could, avoiding people when they would walk by the trails, and after the shoot I walked along the beaches back to the city.  Brian is a super easy guy to talk to, and creates a very stress free environment.

What do you love about modeling?

I think it's the confidence I’ve gotten from it. There’s a quote from a tv show I like that basically said “when you’re young you should take 1000 naked pictures of yourself, in 30 years you’ll be happy you did”. I’m already happy I have, and I get to continue to explore modeling with a medium that I love, and that is closely tied to my work as a fashion designer: underwear and lingerie'

I mentioned that Brian shot three models for the holiday, and certainly can't leave anyone out.  In addition to Shane and Jonathan, Brian also Cayden, whose work with Brian I've previously featured on the site.  Check out more of Brian's work at the Bluff's, more Dame's rockets, not to mention Cayden's rocket as well, on the NEXT PAGE HERE: