Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 25th

What a breath taking pic of 25 year old model Paul Masse. So beautifully lit and shot.

Favorite Birthday Boy for November 25th

So beautiful and so freakin talented. Can't wait to see the roles talented actor Gaspard Ulliel will be playing in the future. Gaspard turns 24 today.

Favorite Classic Soap Hunk of the Day: Michael Leon

I remember back 80's, during school vacations sitting with my mother while she watched 'Days Of Our Lives'. Actor Michael Leon played Pete Jannings, who in hindsight was one of a small group of men introduced at the time simply too remain shirtless as much as possible. It was not that the actor who played Pete, Michael Leon was not gifted, he played a gang member turned good boy really well, but you always know when most of his promotional shots were shirtless, and when your character is made a stripper that your appeal is more than just your acting skills.

Michael is half Sicilian Italian and half American Indian and one hundred percent full of sex appeal. Michael got his start when he met Bill White, a producer at CBS while trying to fix his motorcycle. This led Michael to his first agent and his first role in the 1980 John Ritter flick 'Hero At Large'. This talented actor has been mostly focusing on writing and producing with his last acting role being a couple of years ago in the Christopher Atkins flick 'Playback'. There was not much on Michael on the net, but there was a nice site which helped me fill in some facts I could not remember HERE: Certainly looking at these pics of Michael bring back some nice memories.

Leon in Playgirl, April 1985

Favorite Import of the Day: Israel Rodríguez

26 year old Spanish actor Israel Rodríguez is simply adorable. With that winning smile and great acting chops, he has been working for over 10 years now in movies and most recently on the Spanish television show 'Yo soy Bea'. Some of you may know Israel from his role in 'Clandestinos'. Not only is 'Clandestinos' a great flick it also showcases Israel's acting, not to mention his amazing nude scene. Check out more about this great guy by checking out his website HERE:

Israel in 'Clandestinos'. You can watch this scene HERE: