Thursday, November 8, 2018

Anthony Timiraos: expose more

'What you will find in expose more is not just the male body exposed, but elevated, treated with dignity, and allowed to have all it's unique characteristics. There are a variety of skin colors and body types. You get the joyful plushness of youthful collagen as well as the glorious signs of age and weathering that happens to all men as they get older'
Christopher Harrity, The Advocate

Over the past year, I've given you a sneak peak of some of the incredible men photographer Anthony Timiraos exposes more of. Last month I featured Tanner and earlier featured David and Rixio, all three models featured in expose more, Anthony's visually powerful follow-up to last years expose.

Beyond ethnicity, one’s cultural background impacts the way lives are lived and how their ideas and passions are formed. For so many, this is often revealed on their bodies. It shows in their choice of piercings and body art and in the length of facial and body hair. It may most sharply show up in their comfort with being vulnerable, exposed and naked in front of the camera. Anthony’s imagery celebrates these diversities, and in doing so, gives his models the confidence to stare straight back into his lens knowing their bodies, as well as their unique features and personality traits, are being respectfully and beautifully spotlighted.

The men you see here are part of the over 30 models featured in the 200 plus follow up Anthony's first complication of classical nude photographers, expose  expose more continues the photographer's journey with capturing the unique beauty and desirability of a diverse collection of magnificent men. Check out more on Anthony's website HERE: and check out the Kindle edition on Amazon HERE: