Friday, April 20, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 21st

Black Party by Hans Fahrmeyer
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Happy Birthday today April 21st

Happy 30th to actor Robbie Amell!

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Crack of Dawn

Saturday Morning Practice

Jay Alan Rickard: A Ross Reconnection

'I'm not using any sort of pseudonym anymore. I felt like I was hiding before, just putting myself out there with my entire name is kind of like peeling the curtain back but also it's indicative of my more comprehensive approach to art and subject matter these days.'

Many FH readers remember Jay Alan Rickard, and the many pieces I did featuring his work. Under the name LightWeaver, I featured Jay's work frequently between 2010 and 2015. The last time Jay's work appeared on FH was in a 2016 Quaternate piece I did featuring all of his work on the site. I had been hoping to feature Jay's work again and was happy to have connected with him earlier this year on Instagram.

Although Facebook and Model Mayhem used to be the sites most artists and photographers used to connect, these days, especially due to some of the crazy changes on MM, Instagram seems an easier place to connect. Without the fee's MM requires, and the social pressures often connected with FB, I have enjoyed the community of models and artists I follow on Instagram. Jay has ditched his pseudonym, but not his art, in fact he's expanded his canvas beyond LightWeaver's focus on male models.

Jay was always involved in every detail of his creations, last night in fact, he was up into the wee hours of the morning, sewing an entirely hand stitched gown of his own creation for a project he's working on for this weekend. One the hallmarks of Jay's images was always the hand made props, costumes and jewellery adorning his models. I always loved the glamour in Jay's work created from detail he included.

Although Jay and I are working on a new featuring, including his work with a new model and another photographer, I was impatient to have his work back on FH and asked about revisiting one of our previous subjects. You might recognize the image of Ross in his sneakers at the top of this post. I originally featured the image the first time I featured Jay's work with Ross back in 2013. (HERE:) In that set, there were a couple of shots of Ross, completely naked in just his sneakers, and they are two of my all time favorite images from Jay.

I remembered that after that first piece, Jay had sent on images from another shoot he and Ross had done a few months after the first shoot. Ross had bulked up a little and was looking to create images that pushed the envelope as he pursued work in the adult films. Some of the images are a bit too envelope pushing for FH, but I added a few extra images over on THE OVER-FLOW HERE: Hopefully we'll be seeing more of Jay's newer work on FHvery soon!

Black Party by Hans Fahrmeyer

'The Black Party is one of the most well-known fetish parties in the world, with boundary-pushing fetish performances delighting a notoriously game crowd.'

Although well known, when New York artist and photographer Hans Fahrmeyer recently sent on along a new series of images, I thought at first it read 'Block' party. I am still a bit naive to all things fetish related, although fascinated by the subject. Living in a small country town, I have been to a few block parties but have yet to squeeze into black leather for a wild weekend in New York. Maybe one day....

When I asked Hans for a bit of info, he sent on a link to help set me straight. Saint at Large is Celebrating 30 Years Since the Closing of The Saint Nightclub with Rites XXXIX: The Black Party, PIGTOPIA. If the title doesn't fill in the blanks, my googling informed me that the 39th edition promises high-flying aerial sex stunts, “strange” performances and an endless supply of leather.

'The Black Party in NYC is one of the best things to do in spring, and over 5,000 of the city’s most daring men will bring their wildest, skimpiest, and kinkiest looks. The Black Party is one of the most well-known fetish parties in the world, with boundary-pushing fetish performances delighting a notoriously game crowd. Faithful attendees (in previous years more than 5,000 men—and some adventurous women—attended) stick to a hush-hush mentality. Count on this year's "Pigtopia: I Want to Break Free" edition to be one of the most deliciously filthy Rites ever.'

This years Black Party begins Saturday night and runs though Sunday afternoon. If you want to know more details, or just learn more about the event, check out Saint At Large HERE:

BLACK PARTY from Hans Fahrmeyer on Vimeo.