Saturday, August 6, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 7th

Seamus O'Reilly by JW Johnson

Happy Birthday today August 7th

Happy 78th to actor John Glover!

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Love! Valour! Compassion! (1997)

Seasonal Sightings:

Sibling Sundays: The Martinez Twins

Photo by Alberto

What's better than one hot ginger, how about two.  I first spotted images of twins Julen and Iosu Martinez awhile ago, but it took me awhile to remember where I first spotted them.  It took me awhile, but then remembered it was a thread on Dreamcap, one of my favorite places on the web to visit. 

I couldn't find the brother right away until I remembered they go by the appropriate credit of Two In Red.  Although both brothers have day jobs, they use what spare time they have left to model and create content for their social media, and OnlyFans site.

As hot as most male models look wet, I have to say there's something special about a drenched ginger. Thankfully, the twins seems to enjoy swimming, showering, and hosing each other down.

2  + 2 = 4

Last two photos by Joan Crisol

Archives: Blast From The Past

Peter Barton

When I started FH, one of my goals was to only featured some of today's hottest and most talented hunks, but also feature men who impacted my, and others in the past.  So many sites are all about the men of the moment, the current and hottest bodies and moments.  As we all know however, it's hard to stay front burner for too long, at least not without burning out.

Blast From The Past began as my way of spotlighting some of the models, actors and singers who I grew u with.  It soon became so much more.   Although I had connections with many of the men that I featured, I also included actors who I discovered later in life.  There are many actors, who I either didn't like or didn't notice that I looked at differently when I got older.  

When I was a kid, I remember thinking that Tom Selleck was sort of 'gross'.  He seemed old, and I hated his moustache, and how hairy he was.  Then... when I hit my thirties, I started looking back on all those shirtless shots of Selleck with a different perspective...   There are also several classic stars from the 40's, 50's and 60's that I never heard of when I was a kid.  Thanks To TCM, I quickly began crushing over actors, many of whom are in their 80's, 90's or no longer with us at all.

This list includes most of those actors, performers, singers and models that I've blasted back to the past with.  I say most, as there are many former heart throbs who showed up in my birthdays or movie section that I have yet to include.  I hope to add them in once I have time to fully research the blog, but this list is a pretty good beginning.   Looking back at some of the posts, especially those from the site's early days, I realize many need an update.  Some were done before I had the ability to cap and create images on my own, and before learning how enlarge an image.  Hoping to update a few of my favorites soon.

Willie Aames | Bruce Abbott | Jeb Adams | Steve Antin | Richard Dean Anderson | Christopher Atkins | Scott Bakula  | Jimmy Baio | Scott BaioLajos Bal√°zsovits | Christopher Daniel Barnes | Doug Barr | Peter Barton | Steven Bauer | Randall Batinkoff | Warren Beatty | John Beck | Michael Beck | Dirk Benedict | Tom Berenger | Helmut Berger | Kevin Bernhardt | Michael Biehn | Hunt Block | Brian Bloom | Steve Bond | Jesse BorregoJoseph Bottoms | Timothy Bottoms | Bruce Boxleitner | Greg Bradford | Brady Boys | Beau Bridges | Woody BrownTom Byrd