Thursday, December 24, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day (2) for December 25th


Sprinkles TinselPants

Dear Santa, This year, all I want for Christmas is a copy of your list of naughty boys...

As I mentioned on the previous page, one of the signs that Elves deserved their own theme this Christmas, were Roy Johnson's (badsign769) naughty elf series that I featured last Christmas. (Santa's Litte Secret).  Although Santa shared that many of his elves have impressively big tools, one of the secrets that he didn't share, were the names of the elves in his troupe.  

Although elves have 'human' names they use in the workshop, common names like Buddy, Joe and Frank, they're also all born with official Elf names they warned not never to say out loud.  If they do, they are assure to fall to the workshop floor in a fit of giggles. Given that  Glitterballs, SnowyBum and Cinnamonbuns are fairly common sur names, you understand why most elves only whisper their names late at night when they're completely alone.

If you don't know your ELF name, check out the chart below.  Although I'm known as Tye in the workshop, I'm proud to type, (not say) that my ELF name is Sprinkles TinselPants.  Don't worry, I let my parent know often how this impacted me when I was in school. 

badsign679 on Instagram

The Naughtiest of Elves? Abel by John Kale

'It's just nice to meet another human who shares my affinity for elf culture.'

I'm not sure Abel is really the naughtiest Elf, but he is the Elf, (model) whose name and images came up the most when I was scouring the naughty list.  By list, I mean the sites I usually check out when I'm looking for images for a particular theme.  These images of Abel Rey came from searching through the long list images with the #naughtylist on Instagram.

A few minutes into my search, I began to notice one particular ELF seemed to come up more than others.  Now in part, it might because this particular ELF is so damned photogenic.  It also could be that Abel's worked some of my favorite photographers.  Some of you might remember my previous piece from last year featuring Abel's work with Richard Rothstein. (Up, Up & Away)

In addition to the shots of Abel you enjoyed on the previous page, there were also a collection images from Connecticut based photographer John Kale.  John's two favorite subjects to shoot are landscapes and people, and he when he can, John loves to shoot outside against interesting landscapes.  

I spent quite a bit of time enjoying John's Instagram portfolio and although I love his location work, I was particularly taken with his approach to shooting models within the studio.  Although John utilizes props and fashion, and often utilizes unique creative concepts and holiday themes, John always ensures the  model is front and center and with their look and personality in focus. John's images don't just capture Abel's potent physique, but also his mischievous elfish side and the twinkle and sense of fun within his eyes.

Frisky Frolic: Indulge YourElf

'Wanna Scrooge?'

If you check out FH earlier this week, you were introduced to the adorable Ezra photographed by JayBee from Frisky Frolic.  (It's Beginning....)  You may remember that although Ezra looked as sweet pie, he was not that innocent...  Ezra was waiting, not so patiently for his late night Christmas hook-up to arrive.

Ezra's patience paid off when Jeff finally arrived.  They didn't waste any time getting frisky, and also didn't mind having JayBee capture their meat and greet. When it was time to head to the bedroom however, they chose to leave JayBee on the other side of the door.  Well, to be honest, I'm not exactly sure if JayBee remaned on the outside of the door, but unfortunately for us, his camera did.

Buddy: Actors & Skin

'Then I traveled through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, past the sea of twirly-swirly gum drops, and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel'                                                                                 

Sooo, not all Christmas stories have happy endings.  2003's ELF ended on a high note with Buddy helping Santa get his sleigh back in the air, saving Christmas for all the children in the word.  Unfortunately, things went down hill shortly after.  Yes, Buddy and Jovie did marry and have a child, but a few months after their visit to Papa Elf, the relationship hit the skids. 

Buddy wanted wanted to move back in with his father and Emily, but they were angry Buddy wasn't putting more effort into saving his marriage.  Divorce is also a no-no for elves, meaning Buddy wasn't welcome back at the North Pole.  With family to take him in, no job or no money, Buddy began a downward spiral of drugs and alcohol and late night partying in his underwear.  

After one particularly crazy December night Buddy landed in jail.  A visit from his younger brother, and ghosts from the past, present and future had him looking for ways to turn his life around.  After a short stint (below) working for a shirtless Bible selling company, Buddy used his earning to rent a small room and enroll in a community college acting class.

The class wasn't know for producing working thespians, but it did have a reputation in some area's of the industry.  The class was often audited by adult film producers on the look out for students in need of fast cash to cast in their latest releases.  Buddy of course said yes right away, but when it came time to film his first scene, became shy about exposing his north pole, especially as he was struggling with an elf erection.

With porn off the table, the producers sent Buddy to a local casting agent who thought his personality and off beat looks might fit for non-frontal nudity in low budget, straight to digital release comedies.  Over the next few years, Buddy yanked off his tights, exposing his Christmas hams in a string of low budget flicks through the 2000's.  Here are a few highlights. 

Night At The Roxbury (1998)

Old School (2003)

Get Hard (2015)