Sunday, April 2, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 2nd

In View by JDT Photography
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Happy Birthday today April 2nd

Happy 56th to actor Kevin Bernhardt!

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The Spanish translation of Hermoso is beautiful, an adjective that more than describes photographer Joseph Lally's work with model Daniel Jensen. FH featured Daniel's work twice last month, but if you're like me, and are still craving more, check out his lay out, featuring more of his work with Joseph, in the new issue #7 of Hermoso Magazine.

Signs of Spring by JDT Photography

Spring: The end of equality.
No more equal light and equal dark.
Light at last triumphant!

Regular readers of FH know how much I like to link the images that I post to the calendar. That doesn't just mean holiday posts, it means images that represent the seasons, and the changes that we are all experiencing. I know that not everyone gets the snow I get. (another storm due Tuesday) I know not everyone gets the colors that I get to enjoy in the fall, but everyone experiences calendar change, even if their more subtle than a mid March nor'easter.

There are certain artists that I look to at different times of the year. It's funny, it's not always those with the most predictable weather that go out and shoot in it. I rarely get images from Canadian photographers shooting out in the snow in winter. They're either taking down time, or sticking to working in studio. Except for New York's Richard Rothstein, who will not be stopped by the elements, most of my snow themed shoots are from photographers in Europe, or the US North West, places where snow is not as frequent, nor as severe.

When it comes to documenting the seasons, especially a seasons beginnings, one of the photographers I have come to rely on is Jesse from JDT Photography. The very first post I did featuring Jesse's work was about this time three years ago and was a visual salute to spring. (The Spring Suspension) Jesse always manages to capture not just the visual signs of spring, but the feel and smells as well.

Early spring isn't a time of immense color, that comes later. Color is just beginning to peak out, with greens the first to burst, then color low to the ground, being the first color to ask for attention. The sun is strong all year long, but it always seems that the light from the sun workers harder in the spring, as if finding it's strength after a long winter.

Jess finds his strength shooting outside in the woods. Weaving the beauty of the male form with the beauty of his surrounding environment. Jesse insists his subjects interact, which means you can almost feel the wood, the water, the coolness of the grass, and heat from that spring sun. Jesse recently sent on some of his new images, work from the previous months shooting. Spring is the the beginning, but more seasons, and incredible men, in the sun to follow.,

Around the Dial:

Several of my favorite actors have been baring their buns on TV shows all across the dial. Thankfully some of my favorite cappers have been there to freeze and share the action. ABC's Time After Time,(which looks to have run out of time...) features not one, but two of my favorite hunks, Josh Bowman and Freddie Stroma. Freddie's FH 4 3 2 1 post remains one of the most popular posts on the site.



Big Little Lies

It took me awhile to get into Big Little Lies, the story relational without a ton of action. I have been fully pulled in however, by both the story and the actors. In addition to Nicole Kidman who is baring skin almost weekly, her on screen husband Alexander SkarsgÄrd never fails to deliver. I am curious to where this story line is heading and it's realistic look at the complexities of domestic violence.

A welcome surprise was the brief butt baring from actor Jeffrey Nordling. Many of us found Nordling incredibly sexy on Once & Again and he hasn't lost any of his appeal.

Sun Records

Chad Michael Murray took his shirt off, a lot, while working on One Tree Hill. He didn't drop the pants however until 2015 in Other People's Children. Thankfully he didn't wait that long to drop them again for CMT's Sun Records


I went into a mini morning when Game of Thrones killed off Robb Stark. (Starked) Richard Madden however is alive and well and back on television in the Amazon shot Oasis. I haven't watched yet, but am hoping to catch it soon.

13 Reasons Why

I was first introduced to, and crushed over actor Justin Prentice on the short lived Reba McEntire/Lily Tomlin sit-com Malibu Country. (Inexplicably) Justin is back on the new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. Thanks to xander7, we certainly know 1.