Friday, November 15, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 16th

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Happy Birthday November 16th

Thumb up to birthday boy Sean Lowe!

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Naked News!

Man Stripped By 7-Eleven Clerks While Allegedly Stealing Candy Bar Sues For Distress!

A YouTube video shows store clerks restraining David Golson who had allegedly stolen a Snickers bar. They eventually strip him to his boxers!

Witchy Women

The big news out of AHS Coven this week was that Stevie Nicks will be making an appearance, joining her doppelganger Misty Day (Lily Rabe) in an upcoming episode. Even better news to me, was that favorites Rabe and Evan Peters actually had some scenes this week! Evan being naked was sweet icing on the cake.

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Exemplar: Sean by DAVISICON

'With the right model, a photograph can make you do many things. it can make you think, laugh, smile, cry, want, need, and of course it can make you wanna be the "model" or even better "it can sell you something" you didn't know you wanted or needed!'

When I first featured the work of William from DAVISICON, (Recumbent) William shared that his love affair with photography began with the magazine covers he saw on the shelves when he was just a boy. The models chosen to grace the covers are usually the ones the editors have decided are the most likely to draw our attention and exude the most sexual appeal to have us stop, pick up the magazine and want to see more.

It was these specific cover shots, the iconic shots engrained in our memories that formed the basis for DAVISICON. Creating these shots, meant finding models; new talent, new face and new bodies strong enough to not only fill the pages on the inside, but strong enough to grace the cover and be that model that we all want to get to know a little more about...

It takes more than a pretty face and hot body to make the cover of a magazine. It also takes skill and brains to maneuver your way through the industry, agents, ModelMayhem, photographers and decisions about how to get started. Who to connect with, who to trust and whether to pose naked are just the beginning of all the questions that have to be answered. Besides shooting cover ready models, one of Williams passions has becoming helping them there. It was this passion that led to Male Modeling for Amateurs, which in which William includes basic common sense information and advice for amateurs looking to enter the modeling business.

I am not sure there could be a better example of what William can do, with both his advice, and his camera, that his new work with Sean, a 20 year old new model from San Antonio. William says he knew Sean had a very beautiful and special look that needed to be noticed in detail and in a special way. William had noticed him months earlier and saw that Sean did not seem to be receiving much attention with the photographs he had been using. When he contacted him, Sean explained that things had not gone that well with his first photo-shoot and photographer.

'Although I love the vibrant and expressive richness of color , I chose to begin this series with black/white and sepia because I felt that when you strip away color the eyes are first more attracted and compelled to the detail that might otherwise be overlooked, I felt it would be a fresh look for Sean and showcase his amazing smile, eyes, gorgeous lips, curly hair and body to a much better degree.'

William describes Sean as classically beautiful and a pleasure to work. Through his website DAVISICON, William spends time on Skype working with aspiring models offering advice and recommendations on modeling, body issues, attitude, and portfolios. He spent several hours speaking with Sean and felt it was a tremendous help with the shoot which Sean was appreciative for. Within hours of posting the photographs from their work together, positive comments flooded in from other models and photographers.

'It was instantly evident that I had "discovered" someone very special!, in less than a matter of days Sean began receiving information on modeling opportunities from others from all over!'