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Labor of Love:

⚒️ Wishing everyone a safe and restful Labor/Labour Day Weekend! ⚒️

I've been away the last few days on my annual end of summer vacation.  I've been taking the same trip, to the same place for over the last decade.  It's usually the same group of friends, although a couple of have moved away and few now bring along their kids.   Given the holiday weekend, I'm taking it easy and most of the posts were done before I left.  Over the next few days will be little lighter on text, but still hot and heavy with inspiring imagery.  

Jobs to be Done

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho It's home from work we go!

Nude male models are always a great way to celebrate a holiday, but these sweaty shirtless hotties are more than enough to heat up my Labor (Labour) Day weekend.  Ahh, I had one of these guys as a neighbor, I'd spend much more time out in my backyard. 

They're Showing the Boss, Who's the BOSS!

He's a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot....
Getting even is a full time job!

When you think of work place comedies from the last few decades, 1980's 9 to 5 still holds up as one of the best.  I enjoyed it on VHS as a kid, and still watch a few minutes when I see it airing on TCM or another television channel.  Although during a recent re-watch, it dragged a little in the middle, it was saved by the actors, especially the brilliant Elizabeth Wilson who played Roz. 

In addition the heavy hitter female leads, the role of the boss, the sexist Franklin Hart Jr., was played perfectly by actor Dabney Coleman.   Hart wrapped up so many attributes so many women, and also so many men, have experienced with a lousy boss.  I started working, (sweeping floors at Sears) when I just 16, and haven't stopped since.  

At one point, the year after my University graduation, I juggled four jobs at one time.  One was full time, one was evenings, the other two were call-in shifts at schools and hospitals that I did on weekends and days off.  I was eager to get started paying off my student loans, and kept up the pace for about two years.  Finally, I got it down to just two jobs, which I juggled for another few years.  I've been fortunate that with all those jobs, I only had one bad boss, and she was really, really bad.  Thankfully, she eventually got the boot.

Modern  Problems (1991)

Coleman's role in 9 to 5, or most of his other roles, didn't exactly cause the actor to be put into the leading man role, or be viewed as a sex symbol.  I certainly didn't!  That was until seeing his nude scene in comedy Modern Problems.  The film was released in 1981, just a year after his turn as Mr. Hart. 

I don't think it was as much the nude scene, as the absolute surprise about how absolutely squeezable Coleman's cheeks looked. Coleman was about 50 when Modern Problems was filmed, and looked great, something all those suits he usually wore, didn't really show off.  I don't think Doralee would have changed her mind if she'd see her boss's buns, but I think Judy might have given him a second look...

Tool Belt: Kings by Studio1x

'If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.'

Over the past year or so, I've posted several sheets featuring Kings from Jim from Studio1x.  If you've checked out those previous pieces, (HERE:) you've seen Kings wet, you've seen him behind glass, stripping off his blue sweater, his blue jeans and lots and lost of Naked!  You've also seen him him wrestling in his underwear with Dom, then heading to the showers to clean off. (Pillow Fight)

Jim sent along so many different looks and themes, I had to separate them into different posts and this set, I tucked away for Labor Day.  Although work comes in so many varieties, when we think of Labor, we tend to think of physical work, and physical work often means tools.  I'm not sure there's any more universal symbol for manual work and physical labor than a tool belt.

Tool belts are easy have many tools at your disposal, and a way to keep what you need to grab close and handy.  They're meant to be work with pants, but as you can see, look much better without.  You can also check out King wearing, then stripping off, another symbol of physical labor on the NEXT PAGE HERE: