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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 26th

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Happy Birthday today March 26th

Happy 33rd to Jonathan Groff!

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Jonathan in Twelve Thirty (2010)

Room With A View

A Liberating Experience: Shane Le by YogaBear Studio

'It did take me a while to slowly get comfortable with the idea of doing full nudes. However, once I started doing nudes, it became a liberating experience. I have gained more confidence in the process.

One of my favorite shooting location used by David from YogaBear Studio is without a doubt the railroad, and old abandoned train cars located in Borrego Springs, San Diego. I have previously featured David's images from the location on FH with three other models. FH readers know how much I love images of the male form set in old, rundown and abandoned spaces. The train cars lay on a bed of sand, an incomplete burial, long forsaken, but not forgotten or ignored by hikers, and the odd model and photographer or two.

The theme of rebirth, even if just a temporary one, is one I love to explore with photographs. David's images at the location bring use and life back into the railroad and train, one that dropped off it's last passenger many decades ago. The location is also incredibly textured, with a mix of medal and wood, smooth and rough all flanked by the blue of the California sky. Blue isn't the only vibrant color, thanks to the many graffiti artists who left their mark on the train and wooden beams. It is also a location that beautifully lends itself in so many ways for interaction with the model in focus.

As soon as I saw David's images of Shane Le on the train I was eager to share them with FH readers. The remnants of the past are beautifully visible within Shane, almost as if he channeling the many souls and spirits who also at one time, spent time on the train. Through his soulful brown eyes, body and majestic poses, Shane embodies an elegant power and strength that beautifully emanates through in each of his images.

'I started modeling around 2009 under the encouragement of my friends. It did take me a while to slowly get comfortable with the idea of doing full nudes. However, once I started doing nudes, it became a liberating experience. I have gained more confidence in the process. David was one of the first photographers who contacted me for photoshoots, and he is still one of my favorites.'

'David and I communicate well. I can quickly grasp the concept he is trying to materialize, and we work together to put that into an image. Another great thing about working with David is that he is very open to new ideas, and he has the skills to turn some of the seemingly ridiculous ideas into realistic-looking photos.'

'One example would be the photo of me carving an sculpture of myself out of granite.(above) I came up with a vague idea of the shot, discussed it with David, we took some shots of me posing as the sculptor and the sculpture in front of a blank background, then David put his Photoshop magic to work, and voila! This is one of my favorite photos to date.'

As you can see from his tight, toned body, the San Diego model obviously works hard to stay in shape. Although proud to be able to show off his physique, and the countless hours working out, Shane shares it wasn't always that way. Growing up in a very very traditional Asian family, Shane says he was always somewhat of an introvert. Struggles with weight issues and body image took a toll and for a long time taking it all off for the camera wasn't something he could have ever imagined doing.

You can almost feel the liberation Shane's experiencing, losing not just his clothes, but the demons that previously weighed him down. One of the things I love so much about David's work is the spiritual and sensual freedom he is able to capture, and with this shoot with Shane, it feels a bit like the celebratory culmination of all that once was but is no longer. The sculpting image Shane discussed above seems almost a metaphor for some of the transformations in his life. By shedding both the protection of clothing and his insecurities, he's carved more than just his body, but a new sense of self.

FaVorite Clicks of the Week

I love me some Adam Devine (see my previous posts HERE:) but I'm not sure anyone quite expected this! Thanks to DreamCaps, Netfilx, we get a whole lot of Adam in Game Over, Man.

If you're a Days watcher, NBC has teased that next week the sexual chemistry between Will (Chandler Massey) and Paul (Christopher Sean) will finally result in some uninterrupted alone time.

Gewoon Vrienden

Restituda1's World of Male Nudity has a large selection of caps of Dutch actor Josha Stradowski (and his incredible eyes) in the TV movie Gewoon Vrienden (Just Friends)