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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 24th

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Significant Sag

George Platt Lynes: Soul of his Camera

'I’m the damned soul of my (damned) camera, and God, how it hates me sometimes.'
George Platt Lynes

I often say that my passion for an artist's work begins with a single image.  In the case of photographer George Platt Lynes, the image was the shot of model Bill Harris above.  I saw the shot on a message board and had to find out more about the artist. From the late 1920s until his death in 1955, George Platt Lynes was one of the world’s most successful commercial and fine art photographers.  

George Platt Lynes was also known for his incredible captures of the nude male form. Check out more of my favorites on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Collins Egege: Stunner

'Ups and downs are also there, but I'm happy that I even have this chance to see the world and work with the greatest designers'
Collins Egege 

Collins Egege
Height: 6'1
Chest: 40"
Waist: 32"
Shoes: 10.5
Hair: Dark Brown

For obvious reasons, reality shows often cast models, and the TV series Adam Sucht Eva really hit the jackpot by casting model Collins Egege.  There were a lot of hot naked guys on the last season of the German reality show, but Collins was really a stand out. 

In addition to modeling, the 34-year-old also has a passion for music.  Through his modeling, he's had the chance to work with many famous singers including Snoop Dog and Rihanna. Collins works hard to maintain his incredible physique.  In addition to regular trips to the gym, he also plays soccer and skates on the side.

Urban Nudist: Memorable Reactions

Of or relating to cities and the people who live in them

For Michalis, (The Urban Nudist), it the second piece of the definition of urban that's most crucial to his passion for public nudity.  There are plenty of nudists who take it off in quiet places, nude beaches, forests and locations mostly off the beaten path.  If there are other people around, they're usually also yanking off their skivvies.  Many of us have skinny dipped or streaked with a partner or group of close friends.

In these cases however, a degree of control is maintained.  We decide who we trust enough to see us naked.  Even models who pose naked, for photographers or for an art classes, rely on a level of trust. Even strippers and nude performers assume that the eyes upon them, are a willing part of a mutually planned, and predictable interaction.

For Michalis, with his naked urban visits, this predictability is thrown out the window.  For Michalis, part of the challenge, and a big part of the excitement is the response of others.  Will they smile, will they be welcoming, will they be angry, offended or even aroused.   Most of us don't expect to encounter a handsome naked man while at the market, or walking down street.  It's this element of surprise, that makes Michalis' nude walks both so risky, and so rewarding. 

When I first recently discovered Michalis's images, I was drawn to the vulnerablity of his beautiful  naked body in so many public spaces.  Although his nakedness was the focus, I also found myself drawn to the faces and reactions of those he encounters while nude.  There were many smiles and many uncomfortable faces.  

Most surprising to me were those faces with nonchalant expressions. They either didn't care, were in shock, or were trying hard to hide their real reactions beneath the surface of their skin. I was of course curious what inspired Michalis' passion for urban nudity, some of his experiences while naked in public, and about some of the many memorable reactions.

What first drew you to want to be nude in public? 
I've been a nudist since the age of 14. But what made me do it in public was a video I saw on the internet with a man naked at streets of Paris. I decided to do it to check the reactions. 

What was your first public nude appearance? 
In 2010 I walked 3 minutes at the streets outside my home. But it was at night, and not crowded. so it cannot be regarded as public. My first actual naked in public experience was in 2012, when I walked between café and bars in my city in Thessaloniki. Alone first, and with a clothed girl as company after. You can find the walks on video on Vimeo HERE: & HERE:

Did you plan it, or was it spontaneous? 
I planned it -Where are some of the places you've been naked? Streets of Thessaloniki, streets of Barcelona and Berlin. In Berlin I have done it at street, subway, shops.

What have been some of the most memorable reactions? 
My favorite reaction is when people take photos. This mean that they find the action memorable and nice to capture it. Or when people yell at me, how great the action is, or when they comment my physical appearance positively. 

Have you ever had any issues with the police? 
In Greece, yes. I was sent to the prosecutor, but she didn't send the case to court. In Berlin, whenever I met police, they just asked me to get clothed and they let me go

What is the reaction from your family / friends? 
My friends accept it. Unfortunately my family is not supportive to my actions. 

Has it ever impacted a job? 
Not yet. I am not sure if my colleagues know it and they just don't want to discuss it. 

Have you had any negative experiences while nude in public? 
One guy stopped me and my cameraman, he grabbed our camera, and held it until the police came. 

Do you try to get permission, or just go with it and take the chance? 
No permission. I always take the chance 

Have you ever had people get a little too' handsy' or grabby? 
Not very often. but it can happen 

What is the most common question your asked? 
Why are you naked? Where are your clothes? 

Do you get nervous? 
A little bit. It is a combination of excitement and vulnerability which makes me anxious. 

Some of my favorite shots featured Michalis on his many naked rides on the subway.  Check them out on the NEXT PAGE HERE: