Saturday, September 12, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 13th


Happy Birthday today September 13th

Happy 40th to actor Jason Cook!

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Jason on Days of our Lives

Jason with Jay Kenneth Johnson.  Jason also played Shawn Douglas, the same character played by Brandon Beemer on Days.

Succulent Selfies

FaVorites: Brandon Beemer

FaVorites: Brandon Beemer

Some early 'new to Hollywood' shots.

Brandon Beemer is an actor I know more from his photos than I do from his work on television.  Although I've watched Days of our Lives off and on over the years, Beemer's a recurring character and I haven't really seem much of him on the show.  I've also never really watched The Bold and the Beautiful, a soap which from all the caps I've seen, took full advantage of Beemer's sex appeal and smokin hot body.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Days of our Lives

Dirty Soap

I think I really took notice of Beemer when he and then girlfriend Nadia Bjorlin were featured in the Italian edition of Vanity Fair.  The duo's photo session sizzled off the pages, and in addition to Beemer's body, I was memorized by his piercing blue eyes.

Although it's two hetro couples, kudos to whoever in the publicity department got Brandon Beemer in bed with Jay Kenneth Johnson!

Paul Mescal in Normal People

'On paper, there’s nothing wrong with Connell. But in reality, that’s not the case, which is how depression happens for a lot of people.'

Although most bets would be on Mark Ruffalo, my vote for this year's best actor in a limited series at the EMMY's would be Paul Mescal.  Ruffalo was amazing in I Know This Must Be True, but Mescal's Connell had me at hello.  Connell's emotional break through scene in his therapists office was one of the best performances, and most impactful, I've seen in a long while.

'I felt objectified after Normal People, It's to be expected, given the intimacy of my scenes, but it doesn't make it easier.'

The nudity in Normal People got a lot of attention, on-screen nudity always does.  I long for the day when people don't care.  Not because the scenes weren't deserving of attention, but because of the attention nude scenes usually receive.  There is a juvenile response to nudity in film, from both audiences and the press that always irritates me.

They want to talk about it as 'titillating' and 'dirty' instead of sensual and part of the story.  I think the reaction from the media is one of the reasons so many actors avoid nudity, and are annoyed by having to constantly talk about it in the press.  So many of my thoughts were included in a great story on Digital Spy, I've included some of my favorites quotes below.

'The decision to lend as much attention to Connell's naked body as it does to Marianne's places them on an even playing field and is a stark contrast to what we see typically, where female characters are used as props to titillate.'

'In that moment, they are both as vulnerable as one another. There's no power play at work, their equal undress showcasing the level of ease and belonging that they feel around one another – the beating heart of this narrative.'

'But through sex and those moments of quiet that follow it, Normal People succeeds in doing what the book does so well, capturing that electricity which fizzes between them and beaming it through the pixels on your screen.. Edgar-Jones and Mescal both credit intimacy co-ordinator Ita O’Brien, who also worked on Sex Education and Gentleman Jack, in helping them to create that fine-tuned atmosphere.'

"She was in charge of choreographing those scenes in terms of physical beats, which was really brilliant because it meant that Paul and I were able to just concentrate on the acting part of it," Edgar Jones told Digital Spy and other press.'

"Obviously they're such an integral part of the book that we really wanted to do them justice in the series... They're really beautiful, and I also think they're incredibly accurate, especially the first-time scene where Marianne loses her virginity."