Sunday, July 24, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 24th

Philip by Jon Seneca
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Happy Birthday today July 24th

Happy 60th Lynda Carter!

Happy Birthday also today to Paul Baily Boulon, Justin Clynes, Dhani Lennevald, Danny Dyer, Eric Szmanda, Geert Hunaerts, Rick Fox, Kristin Chenoweth & Jennifer Lopez. See more HERE:

Glee: Never As It Seems...

Seriously Ryan Murphy and Glee....

Get your press releases straight...

Favorite Clicks of the Day:

Some of my favorite clicks this week:

Above: FANTASTICS MAG has an incredibly hot shoot with Adam Miller by photographer Scott Teitler that will have you wanting a picnic stat!

Above: Thomas F by Jin Wang.
I love love the work of Jin Wang and have featured his work with Nick Ayler and Christopher Schram in the past. The shots above are from an amazing shoot with Thomas F from Orb Models. check out Jin's incredible blog for more of his work!

Alberto over at one of my favorite places to visit JustADream takes a look back to the 1980s with Leigh McCloskey and Matt McCoy in the sex comedy FRATERNITY VACATION, (1984)

Desert Ride by Jon Seneca

Desert Ride:
Philip by Jon Seneca

I knew instantly there was something unique about the work of Jon Seneca. Jon first introduced us to his work with Philip last month (No Beginning And No End)and followed it up with his incredible shots of Benjamin Godfre earlier this month. (The Series Case of Benjamin Godfre)My feature showcasing Jon's shots of Benjamin were quickly spread across various other sites and blogs (thanks to all those who gave credit to FH and especially to Jon).

Jon has shot Philip numerous times and this shoot, Desert Ride is one of Jon's favorites as well as one of his first ventures into editorial/story telling within his work. 'I love the soft focus, grain, and moody feel they have to them.' I too love the feel of the work. Philip has a brooding, soulful looks that contrasts beautifully with his surroundings.

                                               Jon Seneca on Model Mayhem: