Sunday, October 31, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 31st

Aiden by FLYFOTO
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Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. Yeah, I know that is not earth shattering. If you have read FH for any length of time you know I go all ADD with the holiday graphics. Halloween is often called the 'great gay holiday' and I am sure many of you love it as well.

My love of the holiday is not just about the day it is more about the season. The time from mid September through mid December. Winter has not hit full force yet, it is cool, crisp, an energy in the air. Pumpkins, straw and apples. (can you tell I don't live in a city...). For many the summer is the time to be outside having fun. I find the muggy summer weather a bit much at times. From about mid September on I have been increasing my nightly runs, walking the dog longer than normal and heading the beach far more than I did in August. (The beach on a cool windy day is absolute Heaven to me).

Above: Photo by lens focus.

I think the reason I love Halloween is simple. It may also be a reason you do and don't even know it (I would be curious to know). When growing up knowing your different, family holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving can be stressful. When in the closet it means questions from dear Aunt Ruth about girlfriends, when Out of the closet it means whispers from cousin Miranda and scowls from Uncle Phil.

Halloween is not a family holiday. When I was a kid, after a certain age it was about leaving mom and dad at home to give out treats and running out of the house to meet your friends. As an adult it is still about gathering with people you want to be with instead of the stress of having to be with family who you may or may not get a long with. Families (and I love mine btw, most of them anyway) come with pressure. Halloween is pressure free, it is simply meant to be fun. At it core it is being exactly who the boy once pretended to be is not. Gay or straight, anyone who stresses over what 'family' holidays bring up can celebrate this day as it is for you, not them. I hope one day to incorporate this same feeling into my Christmas's as well, but until I become totally healthy, trick or treat!

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Special Thanks to Melissa for today's banner! In the spirit of the day, check out Melissa's great blog Edge Of Forever which celebrates the theme of the day beautifully!

Happy Birthday today October 31st to:

One of my favorites, actor Dermot Mulroney turns 37 today!

Although The Wedding Date was not really a memorable movie, but this scene certainly was.

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Just Because: The Addams Family.

This past September I profiled Broadway's Charlie Sutton. I really loved this performance of the cast on David Letterman. Fits the day!

Below: Charlie, as one of the Ancestors performing with Nathan Lane, Bebe Neuwirth and the cast of The Addams Family on Letterman.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

FLYFOTO Does Halloween!

The Photographer: FLYFOTO

Artist - One who is able by virtue of imagination, talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value.

I usually identify most photographers I profile as artists. Taking a great photograph is more than just the physical ability to perform the task. Great photographs, like art are often the result of forethought, imagination and knowing how to bring out the best, or something new from the subject in front of the lens.

It is not often however that I call a photographer a painter. In the case of Joey from Flyfoto I think the word fits. Not only because Joey uses make-up and color in the way many great painters do but as well because there is almost a feel in many of his photos, even when viewed on a computer screen that they were created on canvas, not on photo paper.

Although not as noticeable in this series due to the dark feel, Flyfoto combines light and color together in his work which helps creates the painting feel. His use of backlight is also a key element in setting a tone and feel for the subject. It is his use of color that has me going back to Flyfoto every time I am looking for shots for an upcoming holiday. If you search FH you will see some of his shots from this past Easter. His photos had exactly the same feel, color and even texture of a basket of Easter eggs.

Joey, who is based in Boston, has been documenting the masculinity of men for going on 20 years.

'To some, photography is a business. To me, it is a passion. It is through this amazingly creative process that I study my subjects, and always strive to find that elusive ‘precise moment’ which separates a great image, from one that captivates, enlightens, informs.'

You can see more of Joey's work by Checking out his Blog HERE:
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The Model: Boston Aiden

24 year old Boston Aiden says of working with FLYFOTO:

'Amazing photographer-creative, respectful — has a great eye and ability to make an incredible photograph. Has the ability to make anyone feel at ease and comfortable with him and themselves. Great experience! Highly recommended.'

Aiden also enjoys creating unique and edgy images, making him the perfect model to help bring to life (or death) FLYFOTO's vision of the macabre.

e many

Justin Hartley as The Green Arrow

Justin Hartley is without a doubt one of televisions hottest actors and Smallville has always known how to showcase it's male talent. I have not watched much of Smallville the last 2 seasons, but this scene (so wonderfully capped by Superherofan) might just drag me back!

Bound, naked, in the dark,vulnerable. I am sure to many a turn on, but to many a frightening thought. Yet...watching it can somehow a turn on.

Now I am not into anything that brings anyone harm, but.... when you have characters like The Green Arrow or James Bond in Casino Royale, who you know are going to be just fine the results can be quite erotic. Not sure where the idea of the 'straight' villain, tying up and stripping the 'straight' hero for information came from but it is a phenomenon which also shows up in comics (Thanks to Just Beautiful Men for the inset photos from Marvel comics: Hawkeye from New Avengers Annual #03 2010 edition)

Got to give it to the WB!

Thanks to Superhero fan, DarkJoey75 and Just Beautiful Men for the post concept!

Happy Birthday today October 30th to:

Happy Birthday today October 30th to:

Chris Kuriata. turns 21 today.

Paul Telfer turns 31 today.

Matthew Morrison who turns 32 today.

Gavin Rossdale turns 43 today.

Harry Hamlin turns 60 today.

The Fonz, Henry Winkler turns 65 today.