Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 23rd

I am still on cloud nine from the shots I posted yesterday from photographer Dan Skinner. Had to add another one of his great shots! Not Dave this time, but still an amazing shot which certainly confirms his storytelling skills.

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Happy Wednesday!

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Happy Birthday Today September 23rd

Happy Birthday today September 23rd today to:

Actor Kp Pardue turns 33 today.

Jason Alexander turns 50 today.

This pic of Bruce Springsteen gets me every time! Bruce turns 60 today.

Favorite Clicks!

Around the Web was going to be a once a week thing, but I have changed it to 'Favorite Clicks' and decided to post it any time I want to. :)

One of my favorites, Guy Tang has his official site up and running! Give it a look. Photo below and Guy's site designer is the wonderful Don Pollard.

Oh La La has a hilarious post on a new toilet bowl cleaner Ambi Pur in Australia.

Major Models Blog has a great post on two of my favorites, Jason Morgan and Cory Bond for Attitude Magazine. Photographed by Brian Kaminski.

Anyone else but me looking forward to getting their weekly dose of Justin Chambers, Kevin McKidd and the cast of Grey's Anatomy tomorrow night?
Series creator and writer started a facebook page that is keeping fans up to date on the show!

Contributing Editor
does it again with an amazing layout 'The Night Is Young' featuring Doug Porter, Brian Shimansky and Jeff Tomsik, photographed by the great Greg Vaughan.

Just Because: Dylan Edrington in 2001 Maniacs

Just because one of my favorite guys asked me to post about the ultra hot model turned actor Dylan Edrington. Now I am sure there is not much new here, but enjoy!

Dylan Frome Fearless Tales:

'Dylan Edrington was born in Munster, Indiana. Soon thereafter, Dylan and his family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in where he attended Northgate High School. The son of Pete Edrington, a lawyer, and Pam Edrington, a paralegal, as well as having an older brother Adam, Dylan's love for acting did not hit him at a young age. In fact, he is quite a talented athlete and growing up Dylan heavily pursued sports, especially basketball. Aside from sports, he had a favorite hobby and that was hip-hop/pop dancing as well as choreographing. He was offered numerous athletic scholarships right out of high school for basketball but turned them all down due to his newly acquired love for performing. Dylan quickly landed modeling jobs with Abercrombie & Fitch, Levi Strauss, Georgio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger and many others as well as continuing to hip-hop/pop dance as a hobby. But it wasn't until watching a friend in a local production that made him fall in love with the art of acting. His acting career took off quickly as he was cast as Taylor Williams in the film Raspberry & Lavender (2004) about a rich boy who falls in love with a poor girl. Then, Dylan read for the role of Nelson Elliot in Tim Sullivan's horror comedy 2001 Maniacs (2005), landing the part after only his second audition ever.'

Above: Dylan and Producer Scott Spiegel.

My Caps from '2001 Maniacs'
You can watch the video of this scene at Snicks Video's. One of the funnest sites on the net!