Saturday, December 24, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 25th

Mr. Herzog by Gordon Nebeker
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One of the things that make each family's holiday unique is their individual traditions. What, when we eat, when gifts are open, how gifts are given, church? Tradition also plays a pivotal role in how I put together FH. There will be models frolicking on beaches in the summer, surrounded by fall foliage in Autumn and standing naked in the snow in winter. There will also be regular appearances by some of my favorite models and artists throughout the year, especially during the holidays.

New Manhattan Studio and Frisky Frolic have become a huge part of FH's Halloween tradition, and last year Gordon Nebeker, and Mr. Herzog, began a Christmas tradition I hope will continue. Last year on Christmas Day, FH presented three holiday features.  First off, Gordon's glorious shots of Mr. Herzog trimming the tree, Lights On Studio's hot holiday Hansel shoot, and a 12 Days piece featuring Jimmy Stewart. This year, I was fortunate to be able to continue with tradition.  Now... I just need an artist to take on Easter...

 I wish all FH readers a wonderful, peaceful and tradition filled Christmas and thank everyone who pops by to regularly check out a few of my favorite things!

Getting Our Christmas On! Mr. Herzog by Gordon Nebeker

His eyes-how they twinkled! his cheek dimples how merry!

Last Christmas morning, viewers who dropped into FH were gifted with the wondrous site of Mr. Herzog on a step latter, hanging an ornament high on the tree. Gordon Nebeker snapped a few holiday shots while he and Mr. Herzog were shooting earlier in December just in time to help FH celebrate the holiday.

Gordon is one of the kindest, and most generous of souls, and always supportive with a request or support for the site. So.... when he told me he was heading down to Florida for Christmas, and meeting again with Mr. Herzog along the way... I had to ask! Now I think I may have been pushing it to ask Gordon to stick that step latter in his trunk, but Gordon was fully aware of my love of both Mr. Herzog, and his penchant for decorating tree's while completely naked. The problem this year.... the Christmas tree was not in a toasty and comfortably heated living room.

'The forest we were in was 95% deciduous trees with their leaves now all over the ground. Finding a pine or fir tree was a more difficult task than I thought it would be, but 3/4’s into our shoot we found a small grove of young pine trees and that is where we got our “Christmas” on. It was a bright sunny day but the temperature was 43 degrees and there was a “high wind advisory” posted at the entrance to the forest and they were not kidding! The combination of strong wind gusts and low temps was almost too much, even for the Marine!'

'If you look close up and carefully, you can see the goose bumps on his legs in some of these photos. In total, I was only able to get about half the number of photos on this outing than I normally take but it was, as always, a fun and rewarding shoot. Mr. Herzog was flattered to be requested for a Christmas edition of Favorite Hunks for a second year!'

Special thanks to Gordon Nebeker and Mr. Herzog for baring the cold and wind to give everyone checking into FH this Christmas morning a surprise in their stocking. Check out all of Gordon's work with Mr. Herzog on FH HERE:

12 Days: Love Actually's Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Want to feel old...

Last year, my Classic Christmas day 12 Days post featured Jimmy Stewart (HERE:). Although I personally prefer Shop Around The Corner over It's A Wonderful Life, Stewart's films are synonymous with Christmas. Although Love Actually is not, nor may never be, the classic that It's A Wonderful Life is, It is one of my favorite holiday films and I have probably watched it 20 times since it's debut in theaters back in 2003.

I love everything about Love Actually from the music to the most manipulative romantic scenes. I love Hugh Grant dancing to the Pointer Sisters, Colin Firth's Jamie proposing to Aurelia, Rodrigo Santoro in his undies, trying to have sex with Laura Linney, and Andrew Lincoln showing his cards to Keira Knightley. No matter how many times I have watched, I never can stop a tear rolling down my cheek when Emma Thompson is alone in her bedroom listening to Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now. Joni is joined on the soundtrack by many other great artists, including The Bay City Rollers...

Bye Bye Baby plays as Daniel (Liam Neeson) says goodbye to his wife, and Sam (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) says good bye to his mom. I loved the relationship between Daniel and Sam, and although the final airport run and kiss was a little drawn out, Sam's kiss on Joanna still brings a smile. Thomas Brodie-Sangster was only 13 during the filming, but believe it or not, he is now 26. I never really thought of featuring Thomas before, I always thought he was that 'cute little kid' from the film. But.. after seeing the actor on Game Of Thrones a few years ago, and googling to find he was now 23, a post seemed in order.

I decided to wait for a Christmas piece, given that except for Game of Thrones, Love Actually was the only other project I had seen him in. I started reading Maze Runner the book a few years ago, but didn't realize until putting together this piece, that Thomas is also one of the films leads.

Thomas has been busy in both television and film, and had a small role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Thomas will also be seen in the next Maze Runner movie, The Death Cure, due out in 2018. Finding out that 'cute kid' was now 26 was a bit depressing, but nothing that a repeat viewing of Love Actually wouldn't cure!

Game of Thrones (2013-2014)

Maze Runner (2014)

Accused (2012)

Gift Wrapped: Antoine by Lights On Studio

My first post featuring the imagery of model Hansel Wellington was back in 2013. (The Point Of Convergence) I loved the creativity in his work, his beautiful brown eyes and great body and hairy chest. I also loved his complete confidence and relaxed attitude with nudity. I kept my eye on his portfolio for new work, and last December, after seeing an incredibly hot images of Hansel, naked and straddling a large Christmas wreath. I quickly got in touch with Hansel about featuring the shoot.

Hansel quickly connected me with the artist behind the holiday shoot, Tom Nakielski from Lights On Studio and (Cocks & Candy Canes,) posted exactly one year ago today, was the first of many posts featuring Tom's work over the last year. When starting to think about this Christmas, I was committed to featuring the work of the artists that I featured last December 25th. Tom didn't have any new holiday images at the time, but was about to shoot with Antoine, who had asked to do a Santa themed session.

Tom was on board, but voiced a bit of hesitation given the shoot hadn't yet occurred and Antoine was a bit older than most of the models featured on FH. He needn't have worried. Although I feature my fair share of young models, I have featured men from 18 through 70 and my criteria is not about age, but about my love of the images. I think you'll all agree Antoine makes the perfect sexy Santa!

Tom shares that Antoine is a hairstylist who has worked in a salon along side his wife in for almost 30 years. He loves to sing and dance as well as little modeling on the side. Antoine and his wife were also foster parents for many years, but now have twins of their own. When Tom suggested they do a shoot, it was Antoine who shared that he was wanting to a Santa themed session. Perfect timing for the season, and for FH!

Antoine has a great look, with his sexy and mischievous dark eyes, great smile and a body that even Santa would put on his wish list. I especially love the touch of grey in Antoine's beard which only adds to his sensual Santa appeal. Tom captured both the naughty and nice and my enjoyment was only strengthened by learning a bit about the man under the red hat, and the fun and enjoyment he seemed to be having during the shoot.