Sunday, May 22, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 22nd

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Happy Birthday today May 22nd

Happy 31st Mr. Salvatore!

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Covers to Covet

Ahhh, 1981 problems...

'What does a guy do when he's straight, and finds out his best friend isn't....'  

Counter Play
by Anne Snyder (1981)

Favorite Click of the Week: Weekend In Madrid

Weekend In Madrid

Photography by Matt Hopkins | Madrid, Spain

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Craig Brown: Normal Is An Illusion....

'Seldom have a had the pleasure of working with a model with such raw athleticism, paired with complete defiance of gravity, and no fear of dirt or grime!'

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of profiling the work of model Craig Brown and his work with Studio MG Photography. (March Madness)  If you check back on that piece, you'll remember the gravity defying shots of Craig leaping into the air, and swinging his naked body up the 10 ft to be able to perch himself atop the basketball net.

Craig by Steven Yancy

Craig's athleticism, and Studio MG's quote about their work together, had me wanting to explore more of Craig's incredible imagery.  Craig has one of the most impressive, and extensive portfolio's of any model I have seen.  Run way shots, beautiful head and body captures, along with fitness and nudes.  Craig's skill in front of the camera, and his ability to bring to life the creative impulses of the artists who shoot him, generates a collection of visually strong, masculine and incredibly sexy, series of images.

Below: Craig by Chad Dutson 

For this piece, Craig not only indulged my curiosity by answering some questions, he also chose some of his favorite images from his favorite photographers.  I of course had to sneak in a few of my favorites into the mix.  I started putting together this feature over a week ago, but every day, Craig kept adding more images, I kept changing up which ones I wanted to use!

'Chad Dustson is one of my personal favorite photographer. He is one of the first photographers I worked with when I was starting out modeling. Because of his patient and his creativity, he helped me get to where I am today.'

Odd or Strange Stores from a shoot?

'I was in a hotel room in Portland Oregon getting ready to do a shoot with Humon Photography. At 1:00am in the morning I hear this cat crying and it just go's on and on.... I eventually called the manager and complained! I get a call back and he said no one there has a cat. At this point, it is like 2:30am.  I finally go and start looking around the room putting my ears to the walls under the bed every where finally I found this black cat in my dresser drawer. Long story short I found the cat a good home!'

Below: Craig by Humon Photography


'I love ModelMayhem. It has help me out a lot. Yes you meet people different people. it goes with saying Normal is an illusion. What is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly...'

Taking It All Off:

'I have always been an open minded free spirited person. I just did it. How I feel about shooting nude is that we're all human, so we all have a body. What's different besides our names? We may look different but it's still just a body.'

What was the best/funniest feedback you have gotten from a image?

'I get hit on by more older people, usually 50-60+ men and woman more than any age group.'

Strangest thing to run through your mind while doing a nude shoot?

'I hope I don't have to fart.'

Craig by Studio MG Photography

'Studio MG is a great photographer we got along right away the second we met . I have learned working through him about body tone, and how to show it, and use it better it in a photos.'

What part of your body are you most happy with? What part gets the most attention from others?

'My eyes get a lot attention and my upper body because of my strength, people are always shocked with how strong I am.'

Why do you think you like modeling?

'I always, always love art and photos, starting when I was a little boy. I feel at peace modeling. It make me happy that the photographer and I are taking something and making something beautiful out of it. That moment we capture to share as a story.'

'I am trying to get kids and pretty much anyone that's out there going through tough times to not give up . If I can do this, if I can make a name for myself or get my face out there, then there is NO reason they can't. I been put down, abused, jumped. Was in special ed, had a teacher telling me I was not going to be anything when I grow up, homeless! SO if I can do it so can they. They don't need to do drugs or join a gang. If I can live my dream and be a successful male model, actor or work towards it, then they can too. No matter how many mistakes I make or how slow I progress, I am still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying.'

Below: Craig by Pride Of Paradise 

'Pride of Paradise is another great photographer. He showed me to just be myself and not to be afraid of what others think.'