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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 18th

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That time of Year...

Did I really have to strip to my undies for my annual flu shot?

True, I talk of dreams..

'If love be rough with you, be rough with love; Prick love for pricking, and you beat love down.' Mercutio 1.4.

Last month, I found and posted some shots of a ballet dancer. (HERE:)  I didn't know who he was, only that the images were from a production of Romeo & Juliet.   Thanks to some FH readers, and some posters on Instagram, I was able to identify Jake Roxander as the tight wearing Mercutio.  

Roxander began dance training at the age of eight, studying with his parents at their dance school, Studio Roxander, in his hometown in Oregon. In addition to studying dance, Roxander also took gymnastics and voice lessons and performed in musical theatre productions.

Roxander joined the American Ballet School Studio Company in September 2020 and became an apprentice with the main Company in May 2022, The images of Roxander as Mercutio are from a production of Romeo and Juliet staged last year. 

Tom McBride: The Few Following Fridays

'You'd see him and go 'Oh My God'.  That sexual energy was powerful.'

Tom McBride
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'2
Born: October 7th 1952
Died September 24th, 1995 (Age 42)
Birthplace: Charleston, West Virginia

Actor Tom McBride's turn as Mark in Friday the 13th Part 2 marked his first feature film role, and first professional credit.  It's also just one of seven credits in the sadly short career of the talented and incredibly handsome young actor.  After the film, McBride appeared mostly on television with guest shots on shows including; Gimme A Break, Highway to Heaven and the daytime soap As The World Turns.  His last role was a small role in the 1997 film, White Lies.

On the Friday the 13th Part 2 set with Bill Randolph and Russell Todd

McBride also appeared briefly on Broadway, co-starring in the play, Fifth of July near the end of the plays run.  The play was written by Landford Wilson, who also wrote Prelude to a Kiss and The Three Sisters.  The play is part of the Talley Trilogy, a series of Wilson plays revolving around the Talley family of Lebanon, Missouri. Kenneth Talley Jr. is a gay double amputee Vietnam veteran living in his childhood home with his boyfriend, botanist Jed Jenkins.

In a TV Ad with Dana Delany 

McBride took over the role of Jed Jenkins who was originally played by actor Jeff Daniels.  Daniels wasn't the only big name who appeared in the show, during the plays run, it also featured actors; Christopher Reeve, woozie Kurtz, Michael O'Keefe, Richard Thomas. Timothy and Joseph Bottoms and Larine Newman.  The play was nominated for a Tony for best best play in 1981.

Prior to acting, McBride was s model, and maybe most famous for appearing as one of the famous handsome hunks in Winston Cigarette billboard ads.  After his acting roles dried up, McBride went behind the camera, using his his experience as a model working as a photographer, shooting mostly hot, naked men.

I couldn't find out exactly when McBride came out, but in the last few years before his death from complications from AIDS, he was openly out. A documentary by director Jay Corcoran titled Life & Death on the A-List followed McBride in the final months of his life.

'He reminded me of Lil Abner, this big, strapping, male hormone stud muffin, but nice.  Big, and nice.  I just wanted to climb up his body.'

McBride didn't hold back in the documentary, exposing both his body, and his life.  One of the most interesting pieces to me, were some of the actors friends discussing how easily McBride seemed to have it playing straight in the acting world.   

There were certainly not many openly gay actors in the 1980's, especially those looking to play straight characters.  His friends discuss how easy it was for McBride to fake out casting directors in the still mostly straight world of theatre, television and film. 

There is so much more to the film, and to McBride, and I'm so glad I found and was able to learn more about him through Corcoran's film.  If you want to check it out for yourself, it's been uploaded on-line and you can find it out both Vimeo, (HERE:) and Youtube. (HERE:)  I think the quality is slightly better in the Vimeo upload. 

The two shots below feature McBride dressing after what appears to be a nude audition in front of producers and casting agents. 

The Escape Room: Kieran Kuntz by Elwood Photos

'We ended up shooting for 7 hours which is the longest I've ever spent on a single photoshoot, but it didn't feel like it because we were all having a lot of fun.'

Jason shares that since this was Kieran's first full photoshoot, that he brought a along a friend for support.  Sometimes a third party can impact the creative process, but Jason reports it actually worked out great. Because there were so many different pieces of the story, there were many different lighting changes and ensuring every scene was set up just right.  Kieran and his friend were able to keep themselves busy, talking and reconnecting between each setup. 

'Kieran and his friend particularly enjoyed reading the often cringy articles and personal ads in the vintage 80s gay porn mag that I got off of eBay. So many of those personal ads included the phrase "no fats no fems" which is so gross! Kieran and his friend were a delight to work with and I kind of suspect that Kieran enjoyed being naked in front of us for such a long time.'

Given my experience buying Playgirl magazine, and associated fear, I was curious if Jason had a similar experience which might have inspired the concept for the shoot.  Jason responded that he really hadn't thought about a similar experience or connection when he and Kieran were planning the shoot. When I asked him however,, one did come to mind.

'When I was 14, I lived in Florida but was on a camping trip with my family in North Carolina. Just as that trip was ending, my church youth group was starting a mission trip up to Indianapolis. I wasn't going to be able to make it back home by the time the youth group trip left, so it was decided that my parents would drop me off at a motel near the North Carolina/Tennessee border to spend the night by myself (aw, the 90s) and then the youth group van would pick me up the next morning on it's way north. 

I managed to sneak some gay porn that I secretly printed out at a friend's house as well as a Speedo catalog along with me. After having my first meal in a restaurant all by myself (a steak) I went back to my room, got naked, and spent the entire night enjoying a new kind of freedom. I don't think I got much sleep that night, haha!  Now that I think about it, that experience was probably quite an influence for this photoshoot!' 

Queries for Kieran:

What motivated you to begin modeling? 
I’ve recently started feeling this urge to be seen, so I started my Onlyfans back up after a multi-year hiatus. Through luck, Jason reached out to me about doing a photoshoot and the rest is history.

How nervous were you before your first nude shoot? 
I wasn’t too nervous. I’m quite comfortable nude as long as the setting is appropriate and the people don’t mind. 

How did you connect with Jason for this shoot? 
He reached out to me through Twitter after seeing some of my content online and seeing I was local. We met up for coffee so we could make sure we weren’t serial killers or crazy and then discussed the specifics of the photoshoot. (Side note: Wonderwood Springs Cafe is amazing.)

What was your initial reaction to the theme? 
I’m a huge fan of retro and vintage themes/aesthetics, so I was super excited about the idea of filming an 80s themed photoshoot. 

How was your first shooting experience?
I’ve never participated in a photoshoot before, but being the center of attention and being photographed/recorded has always been a small dream of mine. So when Jason approached me, I was excited almost instantly.

What is difficult getting into the character you created? 
Honestly, it wasn’t difficult getting into character. I related to the idea of “finally getting to be on your own” as that was a big reason I moved to Portland. 

What was it like to work with Jason? 
Jason was a fantastic photographer. As challenging as the Polaroid cameras were and the small room was to work in, he knew what he was going for and had me positioned exactly how he wanted me along with letting me decide on some poses too!

What was your favorite part of the shoot? 
My favorite part of the shoot was definitely the shower scene. I just looooove how those photos turn out and how…voyeuristic some of them are. But the bed scene was a close second

What can those who join your OF expect?
My Onlyfans has mostly solo stuff such as toys, anal, jerkoff scenes, etc, but will have collabs and more future photoshoots as they come in. Any suggestions, requests, etc are welcome in any DMs! I respond quickest on Twitter and Onlyfans, however.